Writ Sample Clauses

Writ. 74. The Union may challenge the decision of the Court, rejecting or modifying the arbitrator’s recommendation by filing a writ of mandamus pursuant to Section 1094.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure, in the appropriate court, and such review by that court shall be based on the entire record. In reviewing the disciplining court’s rejection or modification of the arbitrator’s recommendation, the reviewing court shall be bound by the arbitrator’s material factual findings that are supported by substantial evidence.
Writ. Any of Borrower’s properties or assets is attached, seized, subjected to a writ or distress warrant, or is levied upon, or comes into the possession of any third Person.

Related to Writ

  • No Injunctions No Governmental Entity of competent jurisdiction shall have enacted, issued, promulgated, enforced or entered any order, executive order, stay, decree, judgment or injunction (preliminary or permanent) or statute, rule or regulation which is in effect and which has the effect of making the Merger illegal or otherwise prohibiting consummation of the Merger or the other transactions contemplated by this Agreement.