Where Condition Sample Clauses

Where Condition. 3.6 applies We may reassign the relevant Debt to You. This will be begun by Us making the appropriate entries in the Records for its Notified Value. You will not own such Debt until We are paid in cleared funds for it and for all other Debts We are reassigning to You at such time.
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Where Condition. 8.4 applies, the Firm Scheme shall with effect from 1 April 2016 (or such other date as the Agency may in its absolute discretion notify to the Grant Recipient from time to time) no longer be treated as an Interim Grant Scheme and shall be treated as subject to all of the terms of this Agreement (mutatis mutandis) excluding those contained within Schedule 7". 9 Condition 9 shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:
Where Condition. 16.1 applies, XX XXXX or its nominee shall have the right to take over and complete the making of the Programme and for that purpose to use all physical properties, facilities, supplies, equipment, documents and materials relating to the Programme and in such event:-
Where Condition. 11.3.2 applies, the Contracting Body shall pay to the Contractor the greater of the written down value or the open market value of the Vehicle on the date of settlement and shall pay all Rent due under this Agreement until the Contractor has received the payment for the Vehicle.
Where Condition. 16.1 applies, the Grant Recipient shall submit to the GLA such details of the proposed Additional Project (the Additional Project Details) as the GLA may require through OPS or (where the submission occurs before the OPS Transition Date) in accordance with Condition 18.2. In submitting such the Additional Project Details, the Grant Recipient makes the same representations and warranties in relation to the proposed Additional Project as it makes to the GLA pursuant to Condition 7.1.

Related to Where Condition

  • Unsafe Conditions In accordance with 29 CFR § 1977, occasions might arise when an employee is confronted with a choice between not performing assigned tasks or subjecting himself/herself to serious injury or death arising from a hazardous condition at the workplace. If the employee, with no reasonable alternative, refuses in good faith to expose himself/herself to the dangerous condition, he/she would be protected against subsequent discrimination. The condition causing the employee's apprehension of death or injury must be of such a nature that a reasonable person, under the circumstances then confronting the employee, would conclude that there is a real danger of death or serious injury and that there is insufficient time, due to the urgency of the situation, to eliminate the danger by resorting to regular statutory enforcement channels. In addition, in such circumstances, the employee, where possible, must also have sought from his Employer, and been unable to obtain, a correction of the dangerous condition.

  • Safe Conditions Whenever an employee reports a condition which the employee feels represents a violation of safety or health rules and regulations or which is an unreasonable hazard to persons or property, such conditions shall be promptly investigated. The appropriate administrator shall reply to the concern, in writing, if the employee's concern is communicated in writing.

  • Room Condition The university agrees to provide and the resident agrees to maintain the assigned room and all public areas in and around the immediate building(s) accessible to the resident in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. Upon termination of this agreement, the student should leave the assigned room, its furnishings, and its equipment in as good an order and condition as the same were upon commencement of the student’s occupancy, ordinary wear and tear excepted. University staff will complete an inventory of furnishings and an assessment of damages; charges will be assessed to the responsible individual(s). Personal property left in a room following the termination of occupancy will be deemed abandoned. Students will be charged for the removal of such property.

  • Site Conditions A. Existing Site Conditions: Information with respect to the site of the Work given in drawings or specifications has been obtained by County's representatives and is believed to be reasonably correct, but the County does not warrant either the completeness or accuracy of such information, and it is the responsibility of the Contractor to verify all such information.

  • SUSPENSIVE CONDITION i) The contract only becomes binding and enforceable once:

  • Service Conditions Customer acknowledges that in the event of a service issue, Customer is responsible for on-site cooperative testing with LightEdge Technical Support to assist in the diagnosis of the trouble. Customer agrees to be bound to current terms of LightEdge Acceptable Use Policy. Terms of the Acceptable Use Policy are subject to change without notice. Current Acceptable Use Policy can be found here: xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx/legal Customer agrees that any service complaints including concerns regarding level of support, products, service reliability, or any other concerns related to LightEdge or Services being provided by LIghtEdge will be communicated to LightEdge by sending an email to xx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx.

  • Space Conditions All pipes passing through floors, walls, and ceilings shall be installed with sufficient space between them to permit installation of pipe insulation and floor, wall, and ceiling plates without cutting of insulation or plates. Roughed-in dimensions shall be prepared by the Contractor to accomplish this requirement. The Contractor shall locate all equipment that must be serviced, operated, or maintained in fully accessible positions. This provision includes but is not limited to valves, traps, cleanouts, motors, controllers, switchgear, drain points, filter, access doors, and fire dampers. If spaces, dimensions, or other design conditions do not permit compliance with the present article, the Contractor shall file a request in writing with the Design Professional for additional instructions, furnishing a copy to the Owner.

  • Termination Conditions This Agreement terminates upon the earlier of any of the following events: 18.1. Podmínky ukončení platnosti smlouvy Platnost této smlouvy skončí, jakmile nastane kterákoliv z následujících událostí:

  • SUSPENSIVE CONDITIONS 18.1 The Contract is subject to the suspensive condition that the Purchaser obtains a loan in the amount reflected in clause 7 of the SCHEDULE, forming part of the Purchase price payable by the Purchaser to the Seller for the Property, from a bank or other financial institution, against the security of a first mortgage bond over the Property in favour of such bank or financial institution, such loan to be approved in writing by such bank or financial institution within the period stipulated in clause 9 of the SCHEDULE.

  • Release Conditions As used in this Agreement, "Release Conditions" shall mean the following:

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