Vestibule Sample Clauses

Vestibule. The Vestibule floor mat material shall be “Supreme Nop” as manufactured by Mats, Inc. The material shall be 7/16” thick, laid for full coverage. The color shall be “Black Walnut”.
Vestibule. (b) Repair the outside wall in Karlene’s office that is separating from the interior wall.
Vestibule a. Walk-Off Matt
Vestibule. 1) There are double leaf doors leading from the vestibule into the Library; each has a clear opening width of 27 inches. Provide at least one active leaf with a minimum clear opening of 32 inches measured from the face of the door to the opposite door stop with the door open 90 degrees.§§ 4.13.4, 4.13.5. 2) The public telephone located in the vestibule has its highest operable part 67 inches above the finish floor and insufficient clear floor space because it is located within the swing of the door to the Library proper. Provide a public telephone that has its highest operable part no more than 48 inches above the finish floor for a forward reach, or, if that is not available, no more than 54 inches above the finish floor for a side reach, and provide clear floor space at the telephone that complies with the Standards. §§ 4.31.2 & Fig. 44, 4.31.3, 4.2.4, 4.2.5, 4.2.6.
Vestibule. The aisle side of the operator's barrier, the wheel housings, and when applicable the modesty panels shall be fitted with vertical passenger assists that are functionally continuous with the overhead assist and that extend to within 36.0 inches of the floor. These assists shall have sufficient clearance from the barrier to prevent inadvertent wedging of a passenger's arm. A horizontal passenger assist shall be located across the front of the Trolley and shall prevent passengers from sustaining injuries on the dash or windshield in the event of a sudden deceleration. Without restricting the vestibule space, the assist shall provide support for a boarding passenger. The assists at the front of the Trolley shall be arranged to permit a 5th percentile female passenger to easily reach from the door assist, to the front assist, to vertical assists on the operator's barrier, wheel housings, or front modesty panel.

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