Vessel Sample Clauses

Vessel. The Vessel (a) satisfies the criteria to conduct the business as described in Section 4.4, including the carriage of cargo under the Sub-COA and COA, (b) measures 11,462 light ship tons and 66,916 deadweight tons, (c) is in class +A1, BULK CARRIER, (E), +AMS of American Bureau of Shipping, and is so certified, without any outstanding exceptions or recommendations, except for recommendations, exceptions or Statutory Deficiencies noted by American Bureau of Shipping in its report issued on May 9, 2011, and (d) has, and Borrower has possession of, all required national and international certificates of financial responsibility, and all other Permits that are required to conduct the business described in Section 4.4, including all Permits required under the laws of Panama, Jamaica, and the United States for the carriage of cargo under the Sub-COA and COA.
Vessel. (i) Oil relating to this Agreement shall be Supplied on Vessels acceptable to Buyer. Buyer shall accept such nominated Vessel, and such acceptance shall not be unreasonably withheld. Buyer shall, within one Business Day after having received Seller’s nomination of a Vessel, notify Seller of:
Vessel. The term “Vessel” or “Vessels” shall include any river barge, ocean-going barge, or Ocean Vessel.
Vessel. (a) The Vessel is currently documented with the United States Coast Guard. Seller has good and merchantable title to the Vessel free and clear of all Encumbrances except Permitted Encumbrances. The Seller does not make any representations or warranties as to the condition or seaworthiness of the Vessel.
Vessel. Borrower will be the registered owner of an ultra-deepwater dynamically positioned drill ship named [•] with hull number [•] (“Vessel”) to be built by Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (“Shipbuilder”) pursuant to a contract for the construction and sale of a drillship dated [•] between Borrower and Shipbuilder (the “Shipbuilding Contract”).
Vessel. 1.1 The Vessel must be kept in a sound, safe, secure, watertight and seaworthy condition.