Variables Sample Clauses

Variables. One of stewed prunes, stewed rhubarb, stewed tomatoes, 1/2 grapefruit or other fruits.
Variables. Whilst performing the tests described in part B of this annex, the following variables shall be measured:
Variables. Same as lunch except canned fruit three times per week and ice cream twice per week.
Variables. If Customer elects to use certain variables including, without limitation, Ticketing and Invoice/Itinerary functions or Microfiche, Customer shall pay all Charges for much variables based an TSG's then prevailing rate.
Variables. This Section 1 includes those provisions that vary from the standard lease of Tenant as set forth beginning with Section 2 below. Exhibit A also includes provisions that may vary from the standard lease and from this Section 1.
Variables. (a) Premises: The premises consist of a vacant commercial lot of approximately 1.18 acres located at 000 X. Xxxxxx Avenue, Durham, NC 27701 in the County of Durham, and described as Parcel Number 111319. The premises are as identified and shown on Exhibit A attached hereto.
Variables. (a) Premises: Approximately 3,400 square feet of indoor space in the shopping center located at 0000-X Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, a portion xx xxxxxx # 000000, xx Xxxxxx, XX. The Premises includes exclusive use of the existing twenty (20) marked, paved parking spaces on the north side of the building.
Variables. Certain provisions of this Section 1 shall supersede and replace provisions elsewhere in the Lease. In the event of a conflict in this Section 1 and any other provision in the Lease, this Section shall govern and control.