Unless otherwise provided Sample Clauses

Unless otherwise provided in the BDS, the following persons shall be eligible to participate in this bidding:
Unless otherwise provided. (a) a reference to a defined term which is not defined in this Appendix, shall have the meaning given to it in the Agreement; and
Unless otherwise provided. (8) shall be 15% of the Contract Sum (to allow for demolition, fees, etc.) unless otherwise provided.

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  • Construction; References; Captions Since the Parties or their agents have participated fully in the preparation of this Agreement, the language of this Agreement shall be construed simply, according to its fair meaning, and not strictly for or against any Party. Any term referencing time, days or period for performance shall be deemed calendar days and not work days. All references to Consultant include all personnel, employees, agents, and subconsultants of Consultant, except as otherwise specified in this Agreement. All references to City include its elected officials, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers except as otherwise specified in this Agreement. The captions of the various articles and paragraphs are for convenience and ease of reference only, and do not define, limit, augment, or describe the scope, content or intent of this Agreement.

  • References to Agreements Unless otherwise stated, any reference in this Agreement to any agreement or document (including any reference to this Agreement) shall be construed as a reference to:

  • Section References All section references, unless otherwise indicated, shall be to Sections in this Agreement.

  • Taxes Other Than Income Taxes Upon the timely request by Developer, and at Developer’s sole expense, Connecting Transmission Owner shall appeal, protest, seek abatement of, or otherwise contest any tax (other than federal or state income tax) asserted or assessed against Connecting Transmission Owner for which Developer may be required to reimburse Connecting Transmission Owner under the terms of this Agreement. Developer shall pay to Connecting Transmission Owner on a periodic basis, as invoiced by Connecting Transmission Owner, Connecting Transmission Owner’s documented reasonable costs of prosecuting such appeal, protest, abatement, or other contest. Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall cooperate in good faith with respect to any such contest. Unless the payment of such taxes is a prerequisite to an appeal or abatement or cannot be deferred, no amount shall be payable by Developer to Connecting Transmission Owner for such taxes until they are assessed by a final, non-appealable order by any court or agency of competent jurisdiction. In the event that a tax payment is withheld and ultimately due and payable after appeal, Developer will be responsible for all taxes, interest and penalties, other than penalties attributable to any delay caused by Connecting Transmission Owner.

  • 200 Domestic Preferences for Procurements As appropriate and to the extent consistent with law, the non-Federal entity should, to the greatest extent practicable under a Federal award, provide a preference for the purchase, acquisition, or use of goods, products, or materials produced in the United States (including but not limited to iron, aluminum, steel, cement, and other manufactured products). The requirements of this section must be included in all subawards including all contracts and purchase orders for work or products under this award. For purposes of 2 CFR Part 200.322, “Produced in the United States” means, for iron and steel products, that all manufacturing processes, from the initial melting stag through the application of coatings, occurred in the United States. Moreover, for purposes of 2 CFR Part 200.322, “Manufactured products” means items and construction materials composed in whole or in part of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, plastics and polymer-based products such as polyvinyl chloride pipe, aggregates such as concrete, glass, including optical fiber, and lumber. Pursuant to the above, when federal funds are expended by ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members, Vendor certifies that to the greatest extent practicable Vendor will provide a preference for the purchase, acquisition, or use of goods, products, or materials produced in the United States (including but not limited to iron, aluminum, steel, cement, and other manufactured products). Does vendor agree? Yes

  • DOMESTIC PREFERENCES FOR PROCUREMENTS To the extent applicable, Supplier certifies that during the term of this Contract will comply with applicable requirements of 2 C.F.R. § 200.322.