TWC Sample Clauses

TWC. If a preliminary order is issued by the Texas Workforce Commission against any Borrower for an aggregate amount of at least Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000);

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  • Parent A parent, legal guardian or person in parental relation to the Student.

  • Newco Parent will take all action necessary (a) to cause Newco to perform its obligations under this Agreement and to consummate the Merger on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and (b) to ensure that, prior to the Effective Time, Newco shall not conduct any business or make any investments other than as specifically contemplated by this Agreement and will not have any assets (other than cash paid to Newco for the issuance of its stock to Parent).

  • HORIZONR Gateway HORIZONR Gateway provides customers with the ability to (i) generate reports using information maintained on the Multicurrency HORIZONR Accounting System which may be viewed or printed at the customer’s location; (ii) extract and download data from the Multicurrency HORIZONR Accounting System; and (iii) access previous day and historical data. The following information which may be accessed for these purposes: 1) holdings; 2) holdings pricing; 3) transactions, 4) open trades; 5) income; 6) general ledger and 7) cash.

  • GROUP COMPANIES Guangzhou Yatsen Pet Products Co., Ltd. (广州逸仙宠物用品有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxx Name: XXXX Xxxxx (陈宇文) Title: Legal Representative Perfect Diary Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (完美日记科技(广州)有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Name: XXXXX Xxxxxxx (黄锦峰) Title: Legal Representative Yiyan (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (逸妍(上海)化妆品有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxx Name: XXX Xxxxxxx (吕建华) Title: Legal Representative Guangzhou Yatsen Logistics Co., Ltd. (广州逸仙物流有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxx Name: XXX Xxxxxxx (吕建华) Title: Legal Representative

  • Operations Prior to the Closing Date (a) Seller shall operate and carry on the Business only in the ordinary course and substantially as presently operated. Consistent with the foregoing, Seller shall keep and maintain the Purchased Assets in their present condition and repair (fair wear and tear excepted) and shall use all reasonable efforts consistent with good business practice to maintain the business organization of Seller intact and to preserve the goodwill of the suppliers, contractors, licensors, employees, distributors and others having business relations with the Business. In connection therewith, Seller shall not, without the prior written approval of Buyer (i) transfer or cause to be transferred from Seller any employee, or (ii) offer employment after the Closing Date to any employee of the Seller other than the Remaining Employees without the prior written consent of Buyer (iii) otherwise attempt to persuade any such person to terminate his or her relationship with Seller, other than for cause in the ordinary course of business.

  • Level 3 If the grievant is not satisfied with the written answer from Xxxxx 0, the grievant may, within seven (7) days from the receipt of such answer, file a written appeal to the City Manager. Within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the written appeal, the City Manager, or his/her designee, shall investigate the grievance which may include a meeting with the concerned parties, and thereafter give written answer to the grievant within seven (7) days, which answer shall be final and binding, unless for matters subject to arbitration the Association notifies the City Manager within ten (10) days of its intention to appeal the matter to arbitration.

  • Dark Fiber Loop Dark Fiber Loop is an unused optical transmission facility, without attached signal regeneration, multiplexing, aggregation or other electronics, from the demarcation point at an End User’s premises to the End User’s serving wire center. Dark Fiber Loops may be strands of optical fiber existing in aerial or underground structure. BellSouth will not provide line terminating elements, regeneration or other electronics necessary for AFN to utilize Dark Fiber Loops.

  • Acquisition Services (i) Serve as the Company’s investment and financial advisor and provide relevant market research and economic and statistical data in connection with the Company’s assets and investment objectives and policies;

  • Wire Unbundled DS1 Digital Loop This is a designed 4-wire Loop that is provisioned according to industry standards for DS1 or Primary Rate ISDN services and will come standard with a test point, OC, and a DLR. A DS1 Loop may be provisioned over a variety of loop transmission technologies including copper, HDSL-based technology or fiber optic transport systems. It will include a 4-Wire DS1 Network Interface at the End User’s location.

  • Transactional Services The Service Provider shall communicate to its Customers, as to shares of the Fund, purchase, redemption and exchange orders reflecting the orders it receives from its Customers or from any brokers and banks for their Customers. The Service Provider shall also communicate to beneficial owners holding through it, and to any brokers or banks for beneficial owners holding through them, as to shares of the Fund, mergers, splits and other reorganization activities, and require any broker or bank to communicate such information to its Customers.