Transaction Records Sample Clauses

Transaction Records. The Network shall record all financial transactions in general, appropriations, and revenue and expenditures records. Appropriate entries from the adopted budgets shall be made in the records for the respective funds. Separate accounts shall be maintained for each of the funds.
Transaction Records. You shall keep all Transaction Records for two years, even if such time period expires following the termination of this Agreement, or longer if required by applicable law. You shall provide PSiGate with copies of Transaction Records upon request. The terms set forth in this Section 16 shall survive termination of this Agreement.
Transaction Records. You must:
Transaction Records. 13.1 Cardholders should keep all receipts and transaction records given to them when using a Card. The Account Owner can use these to verify the transactions on the account.
Transaction Records. A. POS or ATM Xxxxxxxx.Xxx should receive a receipt at the time you complete a transaction in excess of $15.00 at a POS or an ATM xxxxxxxx.Xxx may be given a choice as to whether you want the receipt printed or not except for withdrawal transactions in the form of a check request; the check stub serves as a record of the transaction.
Transaction Records. You will get a record -------------------------- ----------------------- each time you use an ATM or POS; (b)
Transaction Records. 22.1 All Transaction Records authenticated through your Shop Account shall be binding and conclusive evidence of your Transaction(s). Any Instruction(s), action(s), information, and/or confirmation sent from your Device(s) via your Shop Account shall be deemed to have been issued by you notwithstanding that such Instruction(s), action(s), information, and/or confirmation may have been issued by a third party, whether authorised or otherwise. We shall deem that the Services has been accessed legitimately and the Transaction(s) conducted shall be valid and binding upon you. We shall not entertain any request to reverse any authorised and authenticated Transaction(s).
Transaction Records. Each of BWF, the Borrower and the Subservicer shall, at their own cost and expense, maintain satisfactory and complete records of the Loans, including a record of all payments received and all credits granted with respect to the Loans and all other dealings with the Loans for such period as may be required by law, from the date on which any Loan arose. Each of BWF, the Borrower and the Subservicer will xxxx conspicuously with appropriate legends, in form and substance satisfactory to the Lender, its Records, Computer Tapes and computer disks pertaining to the Loans to evidence the interests of the Lender therein and the assignment and security interest granted by Section 5.1.
Transaction Records. 16.8 You will ensure that any Transaction Record that you issue is legible.
Transaction Records. The Custodian shall furnish the Managing Owner and the Trust (on behalf of each Fund), with a list of daily transactions and a monthly summary of all transfers to or from each account maintained by the Custodian or a Subcustodian on behalf of a Fund.