THIRTIETH Sample Clauses

THIRTIETH. The Tenant agrees that it will not require, permit, suffer, nor allow the cleaning of any windows, or windows, in the demised premises from the outside (within the meaning of Section 202 of the Labor Law) unless the equipment and safety devices required by law, ordinance, regulation or rule, including, without limitation, Section 202 of the New York Labor Law, are provided and used, and unless the rules, or any supplemental rules of the Industrial Board of the State of New York are fully completed with; and the Tenant hereby agrees to indemnify the Landlord, Owner, Agent, Manager and/or Superintendent, as a result of the Tenant's requiring, permitting, suffering, or allowing any window, or windows in the demised premises to be cleaned from the outside in violation of the requirements of the aforesaid laws, ordinances, regulations and/or rules. VALIDITY THIRTY-FIRST.--The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this lease shall in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision hereof.
THIRTIETH. Should Lessee hold over and remain in possession of the Premises at the expiration of any term hereby created, Lessee shall, by virtue of this paragraph, become a Lessee by the month at ***** the Rent per month of the last monthly installment of Rent above provided to be paid, which said monthly tenancy shall be subject to all the conditions and covenants of this Lease as though the same had been a monthly tenancy instead of a tenancy as provided herein, and Lessee shall give to Lessor at least thirty (30) days’ written notice of any intention to remove from the Premises, and shall be entitled to thirty (30) days’ notice from Lessor in the event Lessor desires possession of the Premises: provided, however, that said Lessee by the month shall not be entitled to thirty (30) days’ notice in the event the said Rent is not paid in advance without demand, the usual thirty (30) days’ written notice being hereby expressly waived. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Xxxxxxxxx 00, Xxxxxx has the right to holdover at the holdover rental rate described above for up to six (6) months following the expiration of the then current term.
THIRTIETH. (a) The Tenant shall pay for all hot and cold water used on the premises and the Tenant's proportionate share of the cost of such water used for lavatory purposes in any lavatories used by the Tenant in common with other tenants at the Landlord's standard rates. In the event that the Tenant shall use water for any industrial purpose or any purpose other than usual lavatory purposes, the Tenant shall, at its own expense, install a meter or meters for the measurement of the quantify of water thus consumed and keep the same in good working order. With respect to water used for lavatory purposes, whether on the premises or in lavatories used by the Tenant in common with other tenants, if the quantity of water so used is measured by a meter which measures the consumption of water by other tenants, the Tenant shall pay its proportionate share of all water so consumed. Such proportionate part shall be fixed in accord with the number of persons occupying the premises and the number of persons occupying all premises using water which is measured by such meter. In the event that there shall be a separate meter which measures the use of water by the Tenant for lavatory purposes, the Tenant will pay for the water so shown to have been used and the cost of maintenance of such meter. All payments for water shall be due when billed to the Tenant. In the event that the Tenant defaults in the payment for any water, the amount not paid shall forthwith be payable as additional rent and the Landlord may also, without incurring any liability or disability thereby or constituting a constructive eviction, discontinue the Tenant's supply of water. The Landlord is not under obligation to supply hot water and. if hot water is supplied, the Landlord may at any time without notice discontinue such supply without constituting an eviction or without incurring any liability or disability therefor.
THIRTIETH. The General Director and all of the Directors and Directors, in its case, shall have the powers that were conferred on them at the time of their designation as such and which from time to time may be broadened or restricted by express resolution of the General Shareholders Meeting or the Board of Directors. TRIGÉSIMA. El Director General y el o los Directores y Gerentes, en su caso, tendrán las facultades que se les confieran al ser designados, mismas que en todo caso podrán ser ampliadas o restringidas por acuerdo expreso de la Asamblea General de Accionistas o del Consejo de Administración.
THIRTIETH. The Landlord shall replace at the expense of the Tenant any and all broken glass in the skylights, doors and walls in and about the demised premises. The Landlord may insure and keep insured all plate glass in the skylights, doors and walls in the demised premises, for and in the name of the Landlord and bills for the premiums therefor shall be rendered by the Landlord to the Tenant at such times as the Landlord may elect, and shall be due from and payable by the Tenant when rendered, and the amount thereof shall be deemed to be, and shall be paid as additional rent.
THIRTIETH. If any vault space is adjacent to the VAULTS demised premises, the same shall not be or be deemed to be part of the demised premises or its appurtenances. Landlord may permit Tenant to use such vault space gratuitously, but such permission may be revoked by Landlord at any time on two (2) days" notice. Landlord shall have the right at any time to cause a wall to be erected for the purpose of sealing off such vault space from the demised premises. Said wall may be erected wholly or partly on that portion of the demised premises which abuts such vault space. Landlord and its designees shall have the right from time to time to enter and remain upon the demised premises, with men and materials, for the purpose of erecting such wall. Tenant shall not be entitled to any compensation, abatement of rent, or other claim by reason of any action taken under this paragraph by or on behalf of Landlord. Any fee or license charge or tax of municipal authorities for such vault shall be paid by Tenant. THIRTY-FIRST:--Landlord or its agents shall not be LIABILITY OF liable for any damage to property of Tenant or of others LANDLORD. entrusted to employees of the building, nor for the loss PROPERTY of or damage to any property of Tenant by theft or LOSS. otherwise. Landlord or its agents shall not be liable for DAMAGE any injury or damage to persons or property resulting from fire, explosion, falling ceilings, falling plaster, steam, gas. electricity, water, rain or snow or leaks from any part of said building or from the pipes, appliances or plumbing works or from the roof, street or subsurface or from any other place or by dampness or by any other cause of whatsoever nature, including but not limited to the making of repairs and improvements, unless caused by or due to the negligence of Landlord, its agents, servants or employees: nor shall Landlord or us agents be liable for any such damage caused by other tenants or persons in said building or caused by operations in construction of any private, public or quasi public work; nor shall Landlord be liable for any latent defect in the demised premises or in the building of which they form a part. Tenant shall give immediate notice to Landlord in case of fire or accidents in the demised premises or in the building or of defects therein or in any fixtures or equipment. THIRTY-SECOND:--Tenant shall, throughout the term INDEMNITY and thereafter, indemnify Landlord and save it harmless and free from damages, liabilities, penalties...
THIRTIETH. Lessee shall obtain, at Lessee's sole expense, comprehensive public liability and property damage insurance in limits of not less than $300,000.00 - $500,000.00. All insurance policies shall name Lessor as ADDITIONAL INSURED AND/OR LOSS PAYEE, and keep such insurance in force and effect throughout the Lease term. Lessee shall provide Lessor with certificates of insurance certifying that such insurance is in full force and effect within seven (7) days of the date of written demand and that the policies shall not be canceled or changed without at least fifteen (15) days prior written notice to the Lessor. If Lessee falls to abide by this provision and/or if Lessee's acts or omissions increase any hazard insurance premium, then Lessor, in Lessor's sole discretion, may purchase such insurance for the benefit of Lessee and/or pay any such increase in hazard insurance premium and such expense shall be deemed additional rent and be due with the next monthly rental payment.
THIRTIETH. STAMP TAX. For purposes of stamp tax, the value of this contract is estimated in the amount of $414.000, so the corresponding tax to the rate of 0.6% amounts to $2.484, which shall be paid by the Parties in a 50% each.
THIRTIETH. Assignment/Delegation/Subcontracting Except as herein specifically provided otherwise, the duties and obligations of the Contractor arising hereunder cannot be assigned, delegated nor subcontracted except with the express prior written consent of the Administrator. The subcontracts permitted by the Administrator shall be subject to the requirements of this contract, and the Contractor is responsible for all subcontracting arrangements and the delivery of services as set forth in this contract. The Contractor shall be responsible for the performance of any sub-Contractor. Failure of the sub-Contractor to provide services in accordance with the requirements of this contract shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor warrants and agrees that any subcontract resulting from its performance under the terms and conditions of this contract, shall include a provision that the said sub-Contractor shall abide by the terms and conditions hereof, as well as all other applicable federal and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico laws, and rules and regulations pertinent hereto that have been or may hereafter be established. Also, the Contractor warrants and agrees that all subcontracts shall include a provision that the sub-Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Administrator. The sub-Contractors must be certified to work on any equipment for which their services are obtained.
THIRTIETH. In the case that the repurchased Securities correspond to the capitals market and their issuer decree an exchange during the term of the Repo, the Customer will be bound to deliver Securities from the same issuer equivalent to those originally received under Repo to the Brokerage Firm; furthermore, in the case that the Securities confer options to be exercised during the term of the Repo, the Customer, following the provision of funds at least two Days in advance, will be bound to exercise such option on behalf of the Brokerage Firm. In the case that the Securities are traded "at a discount", a) the price agreed in the Repo will be that resulting from applying the annual discount rate of purchase-sale transactions between brokerage firms performed in the BMV corresponding to the date on which the Repo transaction has been established to the par value of the Securities, and b) the sum of the price plus the established premium should not exceed the par value of the instruments subjects to the Repo. In the case of Securities traded "at price", a) the agreed price may not differ from the result of adding the price that corresponds to Securities of the same issue as the repurchased ones covered by the last purchase-sale transactions performed between brokerage firms in the BMV except for those called "same day value" to the accrued and unpaid interest of the instruments subject to the Repo, and b) the sum of the price plus the established premium should not exceed the result of adding the interest corresponding to the term of the transaction to the par value of the Securities subject to the Repo, considering for these effects, the interest rate on the date of their performance. If the Securities are denominated in a foreign currency, and the price is established in US dollars, in order to calculate the price, the selling exchange rate published by the BMV in the "daily movement of the stock market" on the second Day prior to the date on which the transaction is performed will be used. The Customer should pay the Brokerage Firm the price of the Repo and the Brokerage Firm will transfer the respective Securities to the Account of the Customer, on the same value date, which may not be later than the fourth Day following the date on which the transaction is established, except for the provisions of the Circulars depending on the Securities subject to the Repo. Upon maturity, the aforementioned transfers should be performed on the same maturity date.