Things Sample Clauses

Things. In this Amended and Restated Security Agreement, reference to a thing (including a right or obligation) includes a part of that thing, but nothing in this section 1.8 implies that performance of part of an obligation constitutes performance of the obligation.

Related to Things

  • Further Acts In addition to the acts, deeds, instruments and agreements recited herein and contemplated to be performed, executed and delivered by Buyer and Seller, Buyer and Seller shall perform, execute and deliver or cause to be performed, executed and delivered at the Closing or after the Closing, any and all further acts, deeds, instruments and agreements and provide such further assurances as the other party or the Title Company may reasonably require to consummate the transaction contemplated hereunder.

  • Additional Documents On or prior to the Closing Date or the Additional Closing Date, as the case may be, the Company shall have furnished to the Representatives such further certificates and documents as the Representatives may reasonably request. All opinions, letters, certificates and evidence mentioned above or elsewhere in this Agreement shall be deemed to be in compliance with the provisions hereof only if they are in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to counsel for the Underwriters.

  • Other Acts The Indemnitor and the Indemnitee agree that they shall do all such further acts, deeds or things and execute and deliver all such further documents, instruments or certificates as may be necessary or advisable for the purpose of assuring and confirming unto the Indemnitee the rights hereby created or intended, and of giving effect to and carrying out the intention or facilitating the performance of the terms of this Agreement.

  • Further Agreements The Seller and the Servicer each agree to execute and deliver to the other such reasonable and appropriate additional documents, instruments or agreements as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement.

  • Further Acts and Documents On request of the Indenture Trustee, the Issuer will take action and execute and deliver additional documents reasonably required to perform and carry out the purposes of this Indenture.

  • Further Agreements of the Parties Each of the Enterprise Parties covenants and agrees with the Underwriters:

  • Further Acts, etc Borrower will, at the cost of Borrower, and without expense to Lender, do, execute, acknowledge and deliver all and every further acts, deeds, conveyances, deeds of trust, mortgages, assignments, security agreements, control agreements, notices of assignments, transfers and assurances as Lender shall, from time to time, reasonably require, for the better assuring, conveying, assigning, transferring, and confirming unto Lender the property and rights hereby mortgaged, deeded, granted, bargained, sold, conveyed, confirmed, pledged, assigned, warranted and transferred or intended now or hereafter so to be, or which Borrower may be or may hereafter become bound to convey or assign to Lender, or for carrying out the intention or facilitating the performance of the terms of this Agreement or for filing, registering or recording the Mortgage, or for complying with all Legal Requirements. Borrower, on demand, will execute and deliver, and in the event it shall fail to so execute and deliver, hereby authorizes Lender to execute in the name of Borrower or without the signature of Borrower to the extent Lender may lawfully do so, one or more financing statements and financing statement amendments to evidence more effectively, perfect and maintain the priority of the security interest of Lender in the Property. Borrower grants to Lender an irrevocable power of attorney coupled with an interest for the purpose of exercising and perfecting any and all rights and remedies available to Lender at law and in equity, including without limitation, such rights and remedies available to Lender pursuant to this Section 17.3.

  • Further Agreements of the Company The Company covenants and agrees with each Underwriter that:

  • Further Assurances and Additional Acts Each Obligor shall execute, acknowledge, deliver, file, notarize, and register at its own expense all such further agreements, instruments, certificates, financing statements, documents, and assurances, and perform such acts as Agent reasonably shall deem necessary or appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement, and promptly provide Agent with evidence of the foregoing reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to Agent.

  • Instruments If any Grantor shall at any time hold or acquire any Instruments constituting Collateral and evidencing an amount equal to or in excess of $5,000,000 (or, in the case of ABL Priority Collateral, $2,000,000) such Grantor shall promptly endorse, assign and deliver the same to the Collateral Agent for the benefit of the applicable Secured Parties, accompanied by such undated instruments of transfer or assignment duly executed in blank as the Collateral Agent may from time to time reasonably request.