Theme Sample Clauses

Theme. In keeping with the high aesthetic standards of quality established at the Compson Financial Center, the purpose of this Exhibit is to illustrate the Landlord’s intention to maintain a homogeneous signage and graphics program. The importance of maintaining the theme of Compson Financial Center is paramount and required absolute cooperation on behalf of all parties to the Lease Agreement. It is in view of this effort to preserve the Center’s theme that the mutual interests of the Landlord and the Tenant will be maintained. Signage will not be limited to trade names only. If the Tenant requires additional identification due to an affiliation with other companies, etc., the Tenant will not be permitted without the express prior written consent of Landlord. Signage will include: Suite number as determined by Landlord. Tenant’s primary trade name and additional information as approved by Landlord. One (1) sign treatment will be permitted for each Tenant. Signs will be located solely as determined by Landlord. Any sign(s), lettering or logos placed inside the office suite which are visible from the exterior of the suite must be approved by Landlord. Tenant agrees to pay all costs associated with signage, including directory strips and wood plaques.
Theme. A Grand re-opening of Corel's E-Store. Much like when a brick and mortar store has a Grand Opening, this launch campaign should focus on driving traffic to the Store.
Theme music which may be utilized for programme openings/closings and intros/extros to and from commercials, for branding for a series and for each episode in a specific series and for station IDs.
Theme. Licensee shall use the NASCAR Marks and NASCAR Trade Dress only in connection with a NASCAR stock car or NASCAR stock truck racing theme.
Theme. Licensee shall use the Marks only in connection with a Stock Car or Truck Racing Theme. Additionally, Licensee shall not create, host, perform, operate, or conduct, directly or indirectly, any Esports competition with a Stock Car and/or Truck Theme that do not bear the Marks without Licensor’s prior written approval. In the event Licensee creates, hosts, performs, operates, or conducts, directly or indirectly, any Esports competition with a Stock Car and/or Truck Theme that do not bear the Marks, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that it is still obligated to pay Licensor Royalty Payments as set forth as if the Marks had been used.
Theme. Design guidelines will be enforced to maintain ------------------- the integrity of the architectural theme of the Common Area.
Theme. Music, visual art, and video accepted into this Contest must be informed by a particular set of Bible verses — Ephesians 6:10-20. You will have the opportunity to explain how your Materials respond to these verses as part of your submission.
Theme. Seasonal Toppers, Shelf Talkers and Banners Topper (#4, #5) [3 samples of Sports Authority store banners here] Shelf Talker [sample of Sports Authority shelf talker here] In-Store Banner with tagline [sample of Sports Authority store banners here]
Theme. (8) a Desire to Learn New Things, (Children’s Health or Other Topics of Interest). The final aspect of attending the social support groups that the women mentioned frequently was their desire to learn new things. From the Community Ten Seed Activity, of the 21 women who participated in both of the activities 13 women stated that even though the social support meetings are difficult to attend due to time constraints, they continue to go because they “want to learn more.” When asked if the women attend the social support groups to learn new information and skills 19 out of 21 women saidyes, because it’s important to learn what we don’t know”. The skills and desired behaviors that will be targeted in the mother-to- mother-support groups are knowledge and skills surrounding infant and young child feeding practices, and therefore our effort to understand the extent to which these skills and behaviors might have been taught or learned was paramount to our discussions. Yet, more so than not, the responses the women gave us concerning the desire to ‘learn new things’ was very general. During the Community Ten Seed Activity, when the women were asked “Do you like to participate in the support groups even though in some cases you don’t receive money or food?” a majority (12/21) of the women said yes. When asked why, the common response was, “ it is important that we listen and learn things that we do not already know”. Fourteen of the 21 women felt that they ‘lost information’ if they did not attend the social support groups. When asked if the women learned specific skill sets related to proper infant and young child feeding practices, more so than not, they listed very general topics, such as what foods are good foods, nutrition, or to get good advice. A majority (16/21) of the women stated that they like to get most of their information about nutrition and infant feeding from their rural health post, more than any other place. The following participant response demonstrates how the women are drawn to continue to learn, although it is very general: