The JSC Sample Clauses

The JSC. 3.2.1 shall hold meetings in person as frequently as the members of the JSC may agree shall be necessary and otherwise by teleconference or a video-conference but in any event no less frequently than four times a Calendar Year, with the first such meeting occurring not later than 31 March and the third such meeting not later than 31 October in such Calendar Year. Dates of meetings shall be agreed by the Parties not less than thirty (30) days beforehand; responsibility for arranging the meetings, including, at least, providing notice and an agenda, shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson for that meeting; the first meeting of the JSC will take place as soon as practicable after the Effective Date and will be organised by GW Pharma;
The JSC. As soon as practicable after the Effective Date, the Parties shall establish a Joint Steering Committee (the “JSC”). The JSC shall have review and oversight responsibilities for all research and development activities performed under this Agreement during the Research Term, as more specifically provided herein; provided, however, that the JSC shall have no authority to amend this Agreement. Each Party agrees to keep the JSC reasonably informed of its progress and activities during the Research Term. If GSK elects to exercise one of its Options pursuant to Article 4 with respect to a Pharmacopeia Development Compound, the JSC (and any applicable Subcommittee including, but not limited to, the Patent Subcommittee) shall continue as a vehicle to maintain information flow between GSK and Pharmacopeia regarding the progression of such compound as a GSK Development Compound, including by administering Patent matters pursuant to Article 8. Notwithstanding the above, all decisions with respect to the development, progression or commercialization of any such GSK Development Compound after GSK has exercised one of its Options with respect to such compound shall be at the sole discretion of GSK as the Party responsible under this Agreement for developing such compound, subject to GSK’s obligations of diligence as set forth in this Agreement.

Related to The JSC

  • The Joint Committee (a) shall be composed of representatives of the Governments of the Parties; and

  • Steering Committee The Project Manager shall set up a Steering Committee for the Project, consisting of representatives from the Department, the Contractor, and any other key organisations whom the project will impact on, to be agreed between the parties. The function of the Steering Committee shall be to review the scope and direction of the Project against its aims and objectives, monitor progress and efficiency, and assess, manage and review expected impact and use of the findings from the Project. The Committee shall meet at times and dates agreed by the parties, or in the absence of agreement, specified by the Department. The Contractor’s representatives on the Steering Committee shall report their views on the progress of the Project to the Steering Committee in writing if requested by the Department. The Contractor’s representatives on the Steering Committee shall attend all meetings of the Steering Committee unless otherwise agreed by the Department.

  • Advisory Committee The Settling State shall designate an Opioid Settlement Remediation Advisory Committee (the “Advisory Committee”) to provide input and recommendations regarding remediation spending from that Settling State’s Abatement Accounts Fund. A Settling State may elect to use an existing advisory committee or similar entity (created outside of a State-Subdivision Agreement or Allocation Statute); provided, however, the Advisory Committee or similar entity shall meet the following requirements:

  • Development Committee The PARTIES agree to work together in good faith in the collaboration under this Agreement and to keep each other reasonably informed of its activities hereunder. Additionally, and in support of the foregoing, promptly after the Effective Date, the PARTIES will form a four-member committee (the “Development Committee”), equally represented by EAGLE and SCIDOSE, for the management of the development of the PRODUCTS, which will consist of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of each of EAGLE and SCIDOSE. Each Party shall have the right, from time to time, to substitute new members, on a permanent or temporary basis, for any of its previously designated members of the Development Committee. Each Party shall bear its own costs associated with participation in the Development Committee.

  • Joint Research Committee The Parties hereby establish a committee to facilitate the Research Program as follows:

  • Procedures of the Joint Committee 1. For the proper implementation of this Agreement, the Joint Committee shall meet at an appropriate level whenever necessary upon request but at least once a year. Either Party may request a meeting be held.

  • Joint Steering Committee Within fifteen (15) days after the Effective Date, or as mutually agreed to by the Parties, the Parties shall establish a joint steering committee (the “Joint Steering Committee” or “JSC”). The JSC shall consist of two (2) representatives from each of the Parties, each with the requisite experience and seniority to enable such person to make decisions on behalf of the Parties with respect to the issues falling within the jurisdiction of the JSC. From time to time, each Party may substitute one (1) or more of its representatives to the JSC subject to providing prior written confirmation (which may be by email) to the other Party. The chairman of the JSC shall alternate on an annual basis between a representative selected by Licensor and a representative selected by Denali, with the first JSC chairman selected by Licensor. From time to time, Denali or Licensor may change the representative who will serve as chairperson on written notice to the other Party.

  • Project Team To accomplish Owner’s objectives, Owner intends to employ a team concept in connection with the construction of the Project. The basic roles and general responsibilities of team members are set forth in general terms below but are more fully set forth in the Design Professional Contract with respect to the Design Professional, in the Program Management Agreement with any Program Manager, and in this Contract with respect to the Contractor.

  • Negotiating Committee The Hospital agrees to recognize a Negotiating Committee comprised of representatives of the Association for the purpose of negotiating a renewal agreement. The number of nurses on the Negotiating Committee is set out in the Appendix of Local Provisions. The Hospital agrees to pay members of the Negotiating Committee for time spent during regular working hours in negotiations with the Hospital for a renewal agreement up to, but not including, arbitration.

  • Oversight Committee The Oversight Committee will resolve all issues arising out of the implementation of the wage structure and any unresolved issues arising out of the implementation committee review of the collective agreement and any other agreements between the parties. This committee will be comprised of two (2) senior level representatives from the Company and two (2) senior level representatives from the PWU. Should the Oversight Committee reach an impasse on an issue the matter may be remitted to mediation/arbitration using the same mediator/arbitrator as agreed to in Article 8.4.4.