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The Collection. The Collection provides administrative and contextual information about the set of resources which your 3D model forms part. The recommended information includes:  Title of the collection, e.g., STARC 3D collection  Source, this is the organisation which holds the collection  Contacts for the collection  Language of the metadata recordsCoverage of the collection, e.g. spatial (Cyprus) and temporal coverage (Hellenistic-Roman)  Rights associated with the collection as a whole.
The Collection. 3.1 The Collection will include the following:
The Collection 

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The Collection Account The initial Servicer, for the benefit of the Secured Parties, shall establish and the Servicer shall maintain the Collection Account in the state of New York or in the city in which the Corporate Trust Office is located, with a Qualified Institution in the name of the Trustee, on behalf of the Secured Parties as designee of the Receivables Trust, a non-interest bearing segregated account bearing a designation clearly indicating that the funds deposited therein are held in trust for the benefit of the Secured Parties. Pursuant to authority granted to it pursuant to subsection 2.02(a), the Servicer shall have the revocable power to cause to be withdrawn funds from the Collection Account for the purposes of carrying out its duties hereunder and under the Indenture.
Income Collection Unless otherwise directed by Instruction, the Custodian shall collect any amount due and payable to the Fund with respect to Investments and promptly credit the amount collected to a Principal or Agency Account; provided, however, that the Custodian shall not be responsible for: (a) the collection of amounts due and payable with respect to Investments that are in default or (b) the collection of cash or share entitlements with respect to Investments that are not registered in the name of the Custodian or its Subcustodians. The Custodian is hereby authorized to endorse and deliver any instrument required to be so endorsed and delivered to effect collection of any amount due and payable to the Fund with respect to Investments.
Data Collection NMC agrees all data to be provided to Amgen pursuant to this Agreement shall be in a form that does not disclose the identity of any patient or any other patient-identifying information such as name, address, telephone number, birth date, all or part of a social security number, medical record number or prescription number. NMC and Amgen agree to use and accept only those patient identifiers compliant with HIPAA. Amgen and NMC acknowledge and agree that the data to be supplied to Amgen pursuant to this Agreement shall be used by Amgen solely to support verification of the discounts and incentives referenced herein, as well as for Amgen-sponsored research concerning the role of EPOGEN(R) in improving treatment outcomes and quality of life of dialysis patients. Notwithstanding the foregoing or any other provision of this Agreement, Amgen shall not obtain hereby any legal title to any NMC data and shall not sell or sublicense any data obtained hereunder. Any use by Amgen of such data shall be in a format that will not identify NMC or any Affiliates as the source of such data. NMC shall consistently use a unique alpha-numeric code (which shall not be the same as part or all of the patient's social security number) as a "case identifier" to track the care rendered to each individual patient over time, and such case identifier shall be included in the data provided to Amgen. The key or list matching patient identities to their unique case identifiers shall not be provided to Amgen personnel. In furtherance of Amgen research, NMC may agree from time to time to use its key to update the patient care data by linking it with information concerning health outcomes, quality of life, and other pertinent data that may become available to Amgen from other sources. Any such linking of data sources shall not provide the identity of any patient to Amgen. Amgen agrees it will maintain data supplied under this Agreement in confidence and it will not use such data to identify or contact any patient. No reports by Amgen concerning analyses of the data or the results of such research shall disclose the identity of any patient. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit NMC's use of its patient data, including without limitation, any data to be supplied to Amgen hereunder. For purposes of this Agreement, including Appendix A, NMC shall only be obligated to provide Amgen data with respect to its "Permanent" patients, as such term is defined in NMC's database. Generally, Permanent patients are those patients for whom NMC is the primary provider of dialysis services.
Application of Funds in the Collection Account The Master Servicer may, from time to time, make, or cause to be made, withdrawals from the Collection Account for the following purposes:
Investment of Funds in the Collection Account The Servicer may direct any depository institution which holds the Collection Account to invest the funds in the Collection Account in one or more Permitted Investments bearing interest. All such Permitted Investments shall be held to maturity, unless payable on demand. In the event amounts on deposit in the Collection Account are at any time invested in a Permitted Investment payable on demand, the Servicer shall:
Deposits to the Collection Account On behalf of the Trust Fund, the Master Servicer shall deposit or cause to be deposited in the clearing account (which account must be an Eligible Account) in which it customarily deposits payments and collections on mortgage loans in connection with its mortgage loan servicing activities on a daily basis, and in no event more than one Business Day after the Master Servicer's receipt thereof, and shall thereafter deposit in the Collection Account, in no event more than two Business Days after the deposit of such funds into the clearing account, as and when received or as otherwise required hereunder, and retain therein, the following payments and collections received or made by it subsequent to the Cut-off Date with respect to the Mortgage Loans, or payments (other than Principal Prepayments) received by it on or prior to the Cut-off Date but allocable to a Due Period subsequent thereto:
Allocations of Finance Charge Collections The Servicer shall allocate to the Series 1997-1 Certificateholders and retain in the Collection Account for application as provided herein an amount equal to the product of (A) the Floating Allocation Percentage and (B) the Series 1997-1 Allocation Percentage and (C) the aggregate amount of Collections of Finance Charge Receivables deposited in the Collection Account on such Deposit Date.
Deemed Collections If on any day the outstanding balance of a Receivable is reduced or cancelled as a result of any defective or rejected goods or services, any cash discount or adjustment (including any adjustment resulting from the application of any special refund or other discounts or any reconciliation), any setoff or credit (whether such claim or credit arises out of the same, a related, or an unrelated transaction) or other similar reason not arising from the financial inability of the Obligor to pay undisputed indebtedness, the Seller shall be deemed to have received on such day a Collection on such Receivable in the amount of such reduction or cancellation. If on any day any representation, warranty, covenant or other agreement of the Seller related to a Receivable is not true or is not satisfied, the Seller shall be deemed to have received on such day a Collection in the amount of the outstanding balance of such Receivable. All such Collections deemed received by the Seller under this Section 1.5(b) shall be remitted by the Seller to the Collection Agent in accordance with Section 5.1(i).
Remittance of Payments and Collections 13.18.1. All payments by any Lender to Agent shall be made not later than the time set forth elsewhere in this Agreement on the Business Day such payment is due; provided, however, that if such payment is due on demand by Agent and such demand is made on the paying Lender after 11:00 a.m. on such Business Day, then payment shall be made by 11:00 a.m. on the next Business Day. Payment by Agent to any Lender shall be made by wire transfer, promptly following Agent’s receipt of funds for the account of such Lender and in the type of funds received by Agent; provided, however, that if Agent receives such funds at or prior to 12:00 noon, Agent shall pay such funds to such Lender by 2:00 p.m. on such Business Day, but if Agent receives such funds after 12:00 noon, Agent shall pay such funds to such Lender by 2:00 p.m. on the next Business Day.
Payments and Collections All funds received by the Agent in respect of any payments made by the Borrower on the Revolving Notes or Revolving Commitment Fees shall be distributed forthwith by the Agent among the Banks, in like currency and funds as received, ratably according to each Bank's Revolving Percentage. After any Event of Default has occurred, all funds received by the Agent, whether as payments by the Borrower or as realization on collateral or on any guaranties, shall (except as may otherwise be required by law) be distributed by the Agent in the following order: (a) first to the Agent or any Bank who has incurred unreimbursed costs of collection with respect to any Obligations hereunder, ratably to the Agent and each Bank in the proportion that the costs incurred by the Agent or such Bank bear to the total of all such costs incurred by the Agent and all Banks; (b) next to the Agent for the account of the Banks (in accordance with their respective Revolving Percentages) for application on the Revolving Notes; and (c) last to the Agent for the account of the Banks (in accordance with their respective Revolving Percentages) for any unpaid Revolving Commitment Fees owing by the Borrower hereunder.