Designs Sample Clauses

Designs. The Parties shall ensure in their national laws adequate and effective protection of industrial designs by providing in particular, an adequate term of protection in accordance with internationally prevailing standards. The Parties shall seek to harmonise their respective term of protection.
Designs. (a) The Licensee and Jennicor shall work together in developing products for sale by the Licensee in the Territory; provided, however, that the final decision shall be made by Jennicor in all cases.
Designs. 6.1. At any time or from time to time Company shall provide PRLC with a list or lists setting forth those Licensed Products for which Company shall require designing by PRLC.
Designs. All designs and specifications shown in the Seller’s catalog are subject to change without notice.
Designs. Jones and Licensee shall cooperate in such manner as Jones may approve in the development and creation of designs, styles and design and style ideas for each collection of Jones Merchandise. All designs, styles, patterns, photographs or ideas for Jones Merchandise provided by Jones to Licensee or approved by Jones for purposes of this Agreement shall be the exclusive property of Jones, and Licensee shall not use any of the foregoing except for the manufacture, distribution and sale and advertising and promotion of Jones Merchandise in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Designs. Validated production room designs that meet GPP and Israeli Ministry of Health’s technical specifications. Applicable for flowering rooms, drying rooms, mother rooms and cloning rooms, designs are proven to meet the technical release criteria allowing for repetitive compliance and quick to market sale of products. ISO & GMP CertificationTikun Olam’s grow system, processes and workflow have been designed to meet ISO guidelines and ultimately GMP certification. Environmental systems – The implementation of our environmental systems ensure optimal temperature, humidity, CO2, odor control and air quality within the grow rooms. This system is designed to provide the perfect environment in all stages of production and processing. Centralized Irrigation Systems – Fully automated centralized irrigation systems to ensure consistent and ideal levels of water and nutrients. This system features water purification, sterilization and complete monitoring and control. Integrated Control Systems – The implementation of our control system integrates lighting, HVAC, irrigation and other components to control all aspects of the operation.
Designs. Subject to Paragraph 1.x below, the designs delivered to Finkel Law Firm via a package from Attorney Nicholson on or about September 27, 2021 are acceptable as shown and described, with the materials pictured. All colors on the color sheet are acceptable as well. Copies of said designs are attached as Exhibit A. A summary of the model names and square footage is provided as follows: Model name Square footage as presented by Defendants Winterset 2,832 Williamsburg 2,555 Richfield 1,961 Durham 3,023 Carlisle 2,705 Brinkly 2,112 Mansfield 2,294 Hamilton 1,824
Designs. All Designs and Registrable Designs shall be the property of the Employer and you shall, if and when required to do so by the Employer at any time before or after the termination of your employment [by the Employer], at the Employer’s expense:-