Designs Sample Clauses

Designs. The Parties shall ensure in their national laws adequate and effective protection of industrial designs by providing in particular, an adequate term of protection in accordance with internationally prevailing standards. The Parties shall seek to harmonise their respective term of protection.
Designs. Grantee agrees that the City shall have unrestricted rights to use the designs selected for participation in the GIGP for any future projects or purposes at no additional cost. Any patentable discovery or innovation arising out of this Agreement, as well as all information, designs, specifications, knowledge, data or findings shall be made available to the City, at no cost to the City, for use by the City or its agents, representatives or licensees.
Designs. (a) The Licensee and Jennicor shall work together in developing products for sale by the Licensee in the Territory; provided, however, that the final decision shall be made by Jennicor in all cases.
Designs. Xxxxx and Licensee shall cooperate in such manner as Xxxxx may approve in the development and creation of designs, styles and design and style ideas for each collection of Xxxxx Merchandise. All designs, styles, patterns, photographs or ideas for Xxxxx Merchandise provided by Xxxxx to Licensee or approved by Xxxxx for purposes of this Agreement shall be the exclusive property of Xxxxx, and Licensee shall not use any of the foregoing except for the manufacture, distribution and sale and advertising and promotion of Xxxxx Merchandise in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Designs. 6.1. At any time or from time to time Company shall provide PRLC with a list or lists setting forth those Licensed Products for which Company shall require designing by PRLC.
Designs. All designs and specifications shown in the Seller’s catalog are subject to change without notice.
Designs. 1. Each Party shall maintain protection for industrial designs that provides a right of presumptive validity and shall endeavour to simplify and streamline its administrative system for the benefit of users.
Designs. The Parties, in conformity with their legal and constitutional norms, shall make every effort to ensure in their national laws adequate and effective protection of industrial designs by providing, in particular, a period of protection of at least fifteen years in total from the date of application. The Parties may provide for a shorter period of protection for designs of component parts used for the purpose of the repair of a product.
Designs. Concepts, layouts, and color applications that are created for the outlined scope of work but not approved by the Client shall remain the exclusive property of the Designer, who will be free to use such designs in any way desired. No use of same shall be made except upon agreed to compensation.
Designs. 8.1. Where the Customer asks Spidertech to follow any designs or instructions, the customer hereby indemnifies Spidertech against all damages, penalties, costs and expenses arising from any infringement of a patent, trademark, registered design, copyright or common law right with respect to those designs or instructions.