The Base Sample Clauses

The Base. Salary shall thereafter be increased annually at the greater of (i) five percent (5%) or (ii) such other increase as may be approved by the Board of Directors. The Base Salary shall be payable to Employee on a bi-weekly basis, in accordance with the Company's standard policies for management personnel.
The Base. Rent for the first year of the second renewal term, as determined in this Paragraph 5.4, shall be adjusted September of each year of the second renewal term beginning with September 1, 2018, in the same manner as the Base Rent is adjusted in the Lease except that the denominator of the fraction used for adjusting the Base Rent during the second renewal term shall be the semi-annual CPI-U for the period ending June of 2017 for Seattle.

Related to The Base

  • Year 2000 Compatibility Take all actions reasonably necessary to assure that Borrower's computer based systems are able to operate and effectively process data which includes dates on and after January 1, 2000. At the request of the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall provide reasonable assurances satisfactory to the Administrative Agent of the Borrower's Year 2000 compatibility.

  • Minimum Adjustment The adjustments required by the preceding Sections of this Section 3 shall be made whenever and as often as any specified event requiring an adjustment pursuant to this Section 3 shall occur, except that no adjustment of the Exercise Price or the number of shares of Common Stock purchasable upon exercise of the Warrants that would otherwise be required shall be made (except in the case of a subdivision or combination of shares of Common Stock, as provided for in Section 3(a)) unless and until such adjustment either by itself or together with all other adjustments pursuant to this Section 3 not previously made as a result of this Section 3(i) increases or decreases by at least one percent (1%) the Exercise Price or the number of shares of Common Stock purchasable upon exercise of the Warrants immediately prior to the making of such adjustment. Any adjustment representing a change of less than such minimum amount shall be carried forward and made as soon as such adjustment, together with other adjustments required by this Section 3 and not previously made, would result in a minimum adjustment. For the purpose of any adjustment, any specified event shall be deemed to have occurred at the close of business on the date of its occurrence. In computing adjustments under this Section 3, fractional interests in Common Stock shall be taken into account to the nearest one-hundredth of a share.

  • Year 2000 Compliant Borrower shall perform all acts reasonably necessary to ensure that (a) Borrower and any business in which Borrower holds a substantial interest, and (b) all customers, suppliers and vendors whose compliance is likely to be material to Borrower's business, become Year 2000 Compliant in a timely manner. Such acts shall include, without limitation, performing a comprehensive review and assessment of all Borrower's systems and adopting a detailed plan, with itemized budget, for the remediation, monitoring and testing of such systems. As used in this paragraph, "Year 2000 Compliant" shall mean, in regard to any entity, that all software, hardware, firmware, equipment, goods or systems utilized by or material to the business operations or financial condition of such entity, will properly perform date sensitive functions before, during and after the year 2000. Borrower shall, immediately upon request, provide to Agent such certifications or other evidence of Borrower's compliance with the terms of this paragraph as Bank may from time to time require.

  • Year 2000 The cost to SEI and its Subsidiaries of reprogramming required to permit the proper functioning, in and following the year 2000, of (i) the Borrower's and its Subsidiaries' computer systems and (ii) equipment containing embedded microchips (including systems and equipment supplied by others) and the testing of all such systems and equipment, as so reprogrammed, and of the reasonably foreseeable consequences of year 2000 to SEI and its Subsidiaries would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. Except for such of the reprogramming referred to in the preceding sentence as may be necessary, the computer and management information systems of SEI and its Subsidiaries are and, with ordinary course upgrading and maintenance, will continue to be, sufficient to permit SEI and its Subsidiaries to conduct their business without Material Adverse Effect.

  • Year 2000 Problem The Company and its Subsidiaries have reviewed the areas within their business and operations which could be adversely affected by, and have developed or are developing a program to address on a timely basis, the "Year 2000 Problem" (that is, the risk that computer applications used by the Company and its Subsidiaries may be unable to recognize and perform properly date-sensitive functions involving certain dates prior to and any date after December 31, 1999). Based on such review and program, the Company reasonably believes that the "Year 2000 Problem" will not have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Performance Adjustment One-twelfth of the annual Performance Adjustment Rate will be applied to the average of the net assets of the Portfolio (computed in the manner set forth in the Fund's Declaration of Trust or other organizational document) determined as of the close of business on each business day throughout the month and the performance period.

  • Year-End Adjustment If necessary, on or before the last day of the first month of each fiscal year, an adjustment payment shall be made by the appropriate party in order that the amount of the investment advisory fees waived or reduced and other payments remitted by the Adviser to the Fund or Funds with respect to the previous fiscal year shall equal the Excess Amount.

  • Minimum Revenue Borrower and its Subsidiaries shall have annual Revenue from sales of the Product (for each respective calendar year, the “Minimum Required Revenue”):

  • Minimum EBITDA Section 9.23(c) of the Loan Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

  • Minimum Reporting Allowance If an employee reports for work at the regularly scheduled time for his or her shift and no work is available, such employee will be entitled to a minimum of four (4) hours pay at the employee's regular rate provided that: