• Regulatory Assistance Licensee shall be solely responsible for, and shall solely own, all applications for Regulatory Approval with respect to Licensed Products. Should Licensee desire to file an IND or an application for Regulatory Approval, or equivalents of the foregoing, for a Licensed Product, SGI will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide at Licensee’s request, technical information reasonably required for Licensee, including information relating to the chemical structure of the ADC, the toxin used to create such ADC, and the linker and chemistry used to create such ADC, as well as documents necessary to compile the Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls section of any application for Regulatory Approval, or to provide other toxicity and safety data for such filings, and any other relevant information as the Parties may mutually agree. Licensee shall reimburse SGI for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by SGI in providing any such information plus an amount equal to SGI’s then current FTE Fee for SGI’s personnel engaged in such activities, as set forth in Section 6.1.2. If SGI has a drug master file with the FDA or equivalent that contains information related to Drug Conjugation Materials that is useful to support an IND or application for Regulatory Approval, Licensee shall have a right of reference or access to the contents of such drug master file on mutually agreeable terms.

  • Directory Assistance Service shall provide up to two listing requests per call, if available and if requested by Lightyear's end user. BellSouth shall provide caller- optional directory assistance call completion service at rates contained in Exhibit E to one of the provided listings.

  • Emergency Assistance Both Parties shall exercise due diligence to avoid or mitigate an Emergency to the extent practical in accordance with applicable requirements imposed by the Standards Authority or contained in the PJM Tariffs and NYISO Tariffs. In avoiding or mitigating an Emergency, both Parties shall strive to allow for commercial remedies, but if commercial remedies are not successful or practical, the Parties agree to be the suppliers of last resort to maintain reliability on the system. For each hour during which Emergency conditions exist in a Party’s Balancing Authority Area, that Party (while still ensuring operations within applicable Reliability Standards) shall determine what commercial remedies are available and make use of those that are practical and needed to avoid or mitigate the Emergency before any Emergency Energy is scheduled in that hour.

  • Directory Assistance Service 8.3.1 Directory Assistance Service provides local end user telephone number listings with the option to complete the call at the caller's direction separate and distinct from local switching.

  • Transition Assistance If this contract is not renewed at the end of this term, if the contract is otherwise terminated before project completion, or if particular work on a project is terminated for any reason, Contractor shall provide transition assistance for a reasonable, mutually agreed period of time after the expiration or termination of this contract or particular work under this contract. The purpose of this assistance is to allow for the expired or terminated portion of the services to continue without interruption or adverse effect, and to facilitate the orderly transfer of such services to the Department or its designees. The parties agree that such transition assistance is governed by the terms and conditions of this contract, except for those terms or conditions that do not reasonably apply to such transition assistance. The Department shall pay Contractor for any resources utilized in performing such transition assistance at the most current contract rates. If the Department terminates a project or this contract for cause, then the Department may offset the cost of paying Contractor for the additional resources Contractor utilized in providing transition assistance with any damages the Department may have sustained as a result of Contractor’s breach.

  • Technical Assistance The State agrees to provide technical assistance regarding the State’s rules, regulations and policies to the Sub- Recipient and to assist in the correction of problem areas identified by the State’s monitoring activities.

  • Routing for Operator Services and Directory Assistance Traffic For a Verizon Telecommunications Service dial tone line purchased by CSTC for resale pursuant to the Resale Attachment, upon request by CSTC, Verizon will establish an arrangement that will permit CSTC to route the CSTC Customer’s calls for operator and directory assistance services to a provider of operator and directory assistance services selected by CSTC. Verizon will provide this routing arrangement in accordance with, but only to the extent required by, Applicable Law. Verizon will provide this routing arrangement pursuant to an appropriate written request submitted by CSTC and a mutually agreed-upon schedule. This routing arrangement will be implemented at CSTC's expense, with charges determined on an individual case basis. In addition to charges for initially establishing the routing arrangement, CSTC will be responsible for ongoing monthly and/or usage charges for the routing arrangement. CSTC shall arrange, at its own expense, the trunking and other facilities required to transport traffic to CSTC’s selected provider of operator and directory assistance services.

  • Directory Assistance Service Updates BellSouth shall update end user listings changes daily. These changes include:

  • Educational Assistance To qualify for reimbursement, an employee must be a regular employee upon enrollment. To be approved, the courses described below must be related to the employee's present position or career development:

  • Legal Assistance The parties hereto have each consulted with legal counsel or have had the opportunity to consult with legal counsel regarding the terms and conditions of this Agreement.