Template Sample Clauses

Template. That certain three well drilling template acquired, inter alia, by Seller for use in connection with the drilling of the OCS-G 7049 #5 Well.
Template. A software file containing all possible prize values for a Game Set to be created, indicating the number of prizes for each prize value that will appear in the Game Set.
Template. This is a framework for an Agreement, in that it contains a number of statements that could be used. However these should be modified or deleted according to the individual circumstances of the particular Scout Group and Unit. It should also be modified where the agreement is with another Scouting body, for example, an Activity Centre. This partnership agreement should be reviewed annually, or whenever one or more of the signatories to the Agreement changes.
Template. The Parties agree on a template for requests to be used by a requesting Party. The Focal Points can anytime agree bilaterally or multilaterally to change the template, which is annexed to the present Treaty.
Template. The purpose of this appendix is to establish standard, uniform procedures for the implementation and oversight of the 287(g) delegation of authority program within the Special Agent in Charge (SAC)/Field Office Director (FOD) area of responsibility. This appendix can be modified only in writing and by mutual acceptance of both the SAC/FOD and the [designated AGENCY level]. There are two models for the 287(g) program, a Task Force Officer (TFO) model or a Detention model. Pursuant to this MOA, AGENCY has been delegated authorities under the [TFO/Detention] model as outlined below.
Template. The Sample Funding Opportunity Announcement in Appendix B, below, is a standard format that may be used for announcements. Some sections contain boiler plate language, but others should be tailored according to specific program requirements, type of award (fixed amount or cost reimbursable), and type of Recipient (Government, IHE, nonprofit, etc).Sections that should be edited are highlighted in gray or yellow. The announcement should be written specific to the needs of each requirement.
Template thegxxxx.xxx xxxeby grants to Lowestfare a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide royalty-free license (without the right to grant sublicenses) to install the object code version of the software ("Template") described in EXHIBIT E ("Template") solely at the Co-Branded Site, and solely to use and to permit End Users to use the Template pursuant to the use of such Co-Branded Site. The Template shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of thegxxxx.xxx, xxbject only to the licenses expressly granted herein. Lowestfare understands and agrees that thegxxxx.xxx xxx, from time to time and in thegxxxx.xxx'x xiscretion, provide modified, updated, correct or enhanced versions of the Template to Lowestfare, and Lowestfare shall replace the prior version with such new version within a reasonable amount of time. In the event the Template is modified, updated, corrected or enhanced within six months from the Effective Date, theglobe shall reimburse Lowestfare for any costs incurred in implementing such Template.
Template. The Observatory issues four publications per year (one for each season) and, at present, includes four types of contributions: • Focus: an event that editors want to emphasise and discuss. It may regard the launch of a new critical AI application, the introduction of a new law or regulation, a controversial fact, and so forth. For the OSAI demonstrator, editors chose to focus on the HLEG-AI’s ethics guidelines and the related assessment activities.