TELECOM Sample Clauses

TELECOM. Tenant understands and agrees that Landlord expressly reserves the right to grant or deny access (to the Building or any portion thereof, including without limitation, any tenant’s premises) to any telecommunications service provider whatsoever, and that Tenant shall not have the right to demand or require Landlord to grant such access to any such telecommunications service provider. Further, Xxxxxx expressly understands and agrees that except as otherwise provided herein notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Tenant shall not have the right to use the risers, raceways, conduits, or mechanical rooms in the Building for telecom purposes without Landlord’s express written consent, which consent Landlord may withhold or condition in its sole discretion.
TELECOM. Lessor shall provide DLC from Bharti or BSNL in the building at no extra cost to the Lessee. SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED BY THE PARTIES: FOR SYNTEL LTD. FOR ARIHANT FOUNDATIONS & HOUSING LTD. Signature: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxx 1. Signature: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx --------------- ----------------- NAME: XXXXX XXXXX NAME: XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX HEAD LEGAL MANAGING DIRECTOR Date: 23/09/2004 Date: 23/09/2004 IN THE PRESENCE OF: IN THE PRESENCE OF:
TELECOM. Upon restoration of the End User's service, restoral charges will apply and will be the responsibility of D.S.L. Telecom.
TELECOM. 6.6 BellSouth reserves the right to secure the account with a suitable form of security deposit, unless satisfactory credit has already been established.
TELECOM. Neither Party shall interfere with the right of any person or entity to obtain service directly from the other Party.
TELECOM. A raceway from the base Building main panel to a coordinated tenant IDF location within the Premises will be dedicated for Tenant’s use.
TELECOM. Telephone/data will be provided by the landlord to the MPOE room at the first floor. In addition, pathways from the MPOE room to the tenant suites will be provided. Tenants are responsible for bringing telephone and data cables to the tenant suite. Fiber optic service is available in the street, and the landlord will provide a pathway to the MPOE room. Fiber optic service to the MPOE room can be provided by AT&T at the election of the tenant.
TELECOM. 12.1 Monitor and resolve Voice Network alerts and events [console monitoring] x x x
TELECOM. 1. The Lessor will co-operate with the Lessee through documentation in obtaining voice telephone connections. ISDN lines and International Private Leased Circuit for the Demised Premises, subject to such service provider agreeing to terms as may be required by the Lessor.
TELECOM. The subscriber or client agrees to pay all Telecom rental charges (and toll charges) and other direct costs incurred by the company in order to provide the service.