TAC Sample Clauses

TAC. However, a student who is granted a TSI waiver to take dual credit courses while still in high school based on eligible scores is not exempt from TSI or TCC course prerequisite requirements. Some TCC course prerequisites could require a higher cut score than those outlined by the THECB TSI state minimum requirements.
TAC. Total Annual financing Cost expressed as annual percentage which, for information and comparison purposes, includes all the costs and expenses inherent to credits, credits or financing granted by financial entities, in accordance with the provisions issued by Banco de Mexico for this purpose.
TAC. Part 1, Chapter 415, Subchapter A, in its entirety;
TAC. The TAC will be a working group of qualified technical professionals with specific operational, system planning, and management responsibilities that will provide for monitoring of the utilities' compliance with the Reliability Standards and make recommendations to the BoD as appropriate. The bylaws shall prescribe the method for selecting and resourcing the efforts of the TAC.
TAC. The Technical Advisory Committee for the Legacy Project, comprised of non-elected staff from each of the parties and that reports to the Partners Group, as described further in Section 4, below.
TAC. As soon as practical and in any event within twenty (20) Months following the Effective Date, Seller shall install a TAC System or comparable equipment, and associated up-to-date skimming equipment, for use in the production of all molten primary
TAC. Chapter 301, Subchapter G, Division 2, §301.327(e) concerning Access to Mental Health Community Services;
TAC. Vendor shall respond to MCI’s support requests in accordance with the response times set forth in Section 4.1.4 hereof. ANDA will comply.
TAC. Tempus Acquisition, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.