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TAC. However, a student who is granted a TSI waiver to take dual credit courses while still in high school based on eligible scores is not exempt from TSI or TCC course prerequisite requirements. Some TCC course prerequisites could require a higher cut score than those outlined by the THECB TSI state minimum requirements.
TAC. City Council and Board Discussions: Present findings and recommendations to the TAC, City Councils and Board. Provide briefings to other boards and commissions as needed. Consultant will be available for up to two presentations. Washington County will seek to build consensus around the transit vision. Consultant Deliverables: ▪ Develop a technical memo with a transit vision that includes route-level proposals, sketch maps showing proposed route-level modifications and the rationale supporting the near-, mid- and long-term recommendations (e.g., system simplicity, directness, convenience, reliability) along with performance metrics about the overall positive net benefit for transit customers and use of resources (e.g., cost implications, efficiencies realized, anticipated productivity gains) responsive to a range of potential financial scenarios. ▪ Prepare for and attend up to three workshops and two TAC and/or Board discussions that layout findings from previous tasks, sharing recommended transit vision and offering meeting facilitation. ▪ Provide input into presentations, surveys, and other interactive materials. Attachment ARespond to one round of comments from the PMT for this technical memorandum and slide presentation. Task 4 Capital Element
TAC. As soon as practical and in any event within twenty (20) Months following the Effective Date, Seller shall install a TAC System or comparable equipment, and associated up-to-date skimming equipment, for use in the production of all molten primary

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  • Ambulance Escort Where a nurse is assigned to provide patient care for a patient in transit, the following provisions shall apply: