SUPPLEMENTAL TO. (i) a Deed Poll dated 2003 entered into between the Transferor and Regus Group; and
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SUPPLEMENTAL TO. A secured loan agreement dated 18 August 2008 (the "Loan Agreement") made between the Borrower and the Lender, on the terms and subject to the conditions of which the Lender agreed to advance to the Borrower an aggregate amount not exceeding thirty nine million Dollars ($39,000,000) (the "Loan").
SUPPLEMENTAL TO. 1. A settlement of trust dated 6 February 1990 and made between Berkeley Govett & Company Limited and Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx and Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx and known as the Berkeley Govett & Company Limited 1990 Employee Share Option Trust (the "Settlement").
SUPPLEMENTAL TO. (A) The declaration of trust dated 25 April 2006 (“the Declaration of Trust”); and


  • Supplemental Terms Certain of our Services are subject to additional terms and you agree to be bound by those additional terms to the extent you access such Services, a l of which sha l form a part of this XXXX with respect to those Services. If the supplemental terms applicable to a particular Service conflict with this XXXX, the supplemental terms sha l control in the event of any conflict with this XXXX.

  • Supplemental Terms and Conditions The following Supplemental Terms and Conditions hereby amend, modify and supersede in the event of a conflict the terms of the Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions attached thereto as Exhibit A.

  • Supplemental 1. This Project Contract is supplemental to the terms and conditions of the Master Contract as if the Master Contract was fully set forth herein. Failure to include any provision of the Master Contract in this Project Contract is not an agreement to omit the provision. All defined terms herein shall be used in the Master Contract and all defined terms in the Master Contract shall be used in this Project Contract.

  • Fundamental Transaction If, at any time while this Warrant is outstanding, (A) the Company effects any merger or consolidation of the Company with or into another Person, (B) the Company effects any sale of all or substantially all of its assets in one or a series of related transactions, (C) any tender offer or exchange offer (whether by the Company or another Person) is completed pursuant to which holders of Common Stock are permitted to tender or exchange their shares for other securities, cash or property, or (D) the Company effects any reclassification of the Common Stock or any compulsory share exchange pursuant to which the Common Stock is effectively converted into or exchanged for other securities, cash or property (in any such case, a “Fundamental Transaction”), then, upon any subsequent exercise of this Warrant, the Holder shall have the right to receive, for each Warrant Share that would have been issuable upon such exercise immediately prior to the occurrence of such Fundamental Transaction, at the option of the Holder, (a) upon exercise of this Warrant, the number of shares of Common Stock of the successor or acquiring corporation or of the Company, if it is the surviving corporation, and any additional consideration (the “Alternate Consideration”) receivable upon or as a result of such reorganization, reclassification, merger, consolidation or disposition of assets by a Holder of the number of shares of Common Stock for which this Warrant is exercisable immediately prior to such event or (b) if the Company is acquired in an all cash transaction, cash equal to the value of this Warrant as determined in accordance with the Black-Scholes option pricing formula. For purposes of any such exercise, the determination of the Exercise Price shall be appropriately adjusted to apply to such Alternate Consideration based on the amount of Alternate Consideration issuable in respect of one share of Common Stock in such Fundamental Transaction, and the Company shall apportion the Exercise Price among the Alternate Consideration in a reasonable manner reflecting the relative value of any different components of the Alternate Consideration. If holders of Common Stock are given any choice as to the securities, cash or property to be received in a Fundamental Transaction, then the Holder shall be given the same choice as to the Alternate Consideration it receives upon any exercise of this Warrant following such Fundamental Transaction. To the extent necessary to effectuate the foregoing provisions, any successor to the Company or surviving entity in such Fundamental Transaction shall issue to the Holder a new warrant consistent with the foregoing provisions and evidencing the Holder’s right to exercise such warrant into Alternate Consideration. The terms of any agreement pursuant to which a Fundamental Transaction is effected shall include terms requiring any such successor or surviving entity to comply with the provisions of this Section 3(d) and insuring that this Warrant (or any such replacement security) will be similarly adjusted upon any subsequent transaction analogous to a Fundamental Transaction.

  • Supplemental Funding Unless otherwise defined by program rules, Supplemental Funding is the award of additional funds to provide for an increase in costs due to unforeseen circumstances. The State will comply with all Federal program agency policies and procedures for requesting supplemental grant funding. The State will comply with the following guidelines when requesting supplemental funding for the Medical Assistance Program and associated administrative payments (CFDA 93.778): The State must submit a revised Medicaid Program Budget Report (CMS-37) to request supplemental funding. The CMS guidelines and instructions for completing the CMS-37 are provided in Section 2600F of the State Medicaid Manual (SMM). The CMS/CO must receive the revised Form CMS-37 through the Medicaid Budget Expenditure System/Children's Budget Expenditure System (MBES/CBES) no later than 10 calendar days before the end of the quarter for which the supplemental grant award is being requested. Additional guidance on this policy is available from the respective CMS Regional Office, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The State will comply with the following guidelines when requesting supplemental funding for TANF (CFDA 93.558), CCDF (CFDA 93.575), CSE (93.563), and the FC/AA (CFDA 93.658 and CFDA 93.659) programs administered by the U.S. Department of Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (HHS/ACF):

  • Supplemental Retirement Plan During the Contract Period, if the Executive was entitled to benefits under any supplemental retirement plan prior to the Change in Control, the Executive shall be entitled to continued benefits under such plan after the Change in Control and such plan may not be modified to reduce or eliminate such benefits during the Contract Period.

  • Supplemental Retirement Benefit In addition to the foregoing, Executive shall be eligible to participate in the Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan maintained by Cleco Utility Group Inc. or such other supplemental retirement benefit plans which the Company or its Affiliates may adopt, from time to time, for similarly situated executives (the "Supplemental Plan").

  • Supplemental Pay 1. Percent To Be of Individual Step

  • Supplemental Disclosure From time to time as may be reasonably requested by Agent (which request will not be made more frequently than once each year absent the occurrence and continuance of a Default or an Event of Default), the Credit Parties shall supplement each Disclosure Schedule hereto, or any representation herein or in any other Loan Document, with respect to any matter hereafter arising that, if existing or occurring at the date of this Agreement, would have been required to be set forth or described in such Disclosure Schedule or as an exception to such representation or that is necessary to correct any information in such Disclosure Schedule or representation which has been rendered inaccurate thereby (and, in the case of any supplements to any Disclosure Schedule, such Disclosure Schedule shall be appropriately marked to show the changes made therein); provided that (a) no such supplement to any such Disclosure Schedule or representation shall amend, supplement or otherwise modify any Disclosure Schedule or representation, or be or be deemed a waiver of any Default or Event of Default resulting from the matters disclosed therein, except as consented to by Agent and Requisite Lenders in writing, and (b) no supplement shall be required or permitted as to representations and warranties that relate solely to the Closing Date.

  • Supplemental Life Insurance In addition to the life insurance benefits provided by this agreement, employees may subscribe voluntarily and at their own expense for supplemental life insurance. Employees may subscribe for an amount not to exceed five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), of which one hundred thousand ($100,000) is a guaranteed issue, provided the election is made within the required enrollment periods.