Specialties Sample Clauses

Specialties. A. Visual Display Surfaces: Marker boards are to be porcelain enamel faced for liquid‐type markers with core material and backing with an aluminum tray.
Specialties. Provider agrees not to refuse admission of Aarogyasri patient in any specialty where it has consultants and equipment. A minimum of 25% of overall bed capacity and of beds in each specialty have to be made available to Aarogyasri patients in network hospital.
Specialties. A. Fireplaces (if applicable) A properly designed and constructed fireplace and chimney should function as intended. It is normal to expect that high winds can cause temporary negative draft situations. Similar negative draft situations can also be caused by obstructions such as large branches of trees too close to the chimney. The Builder will determine the cause of negative draft and correct the problem only if it is one of design and construction.
Specialties. Existing blinds to remain and shall be in good and operable condition. Install three (3) Building standard skylights, the final design, sizing and specifications therefor to be included on Tenant’s Layout Plan. Install Building standard butt-glazed glass wall measuring approximately 9’ x 7’2” with low profile metal channel at floor and soffit head all as shown on Tenant’s Layout Plan. All electric fixtures (lighting, switches and receptacles), HVAC system(s) and blinds within and/or servicing the Premises shall be in good operating condition on the Term Commencement Date. Notwithstanding anything set forth herein to the contrary, to the extent of any inconsistency between the Tenant’s Layout Plan and the Specifications, Tenant’s Layout Plan shall prevail, provided, however, Landlord’s Work shall not include any work shown on Tenant’s Layout Plan as “alternate” or “add alternate” (or words of similar import) unless and until Tenant Landlord Initial Tenant Initial has delivered a written change order for such work and has paid the cost thereof in advance (within three (3) business days after invoice by Landlord), which cost shall include a six and one-half percent (6.5%) supervision fee to Landlord. In the event clarifications are required with respect to Tenant’s Layout Plan or the Specifications, Landlord’s architect shall be the determining party. Landlord shall substantially complete Landlord’s Work prior to the Term Commencement Date. All Landlord’s Work shall be subject to delays on account of delays in permitting, adverse weather conditions, delays caused by Tenant and reasonable construction delays. Landlord’s Work shall be performed materially in accordance with the specifications set forth in this Exhibit B, subject to such changes or modifications as may be reasonably required to comply with Applicable Laws and/or to accommodate building systems and mechanics, to expedite completion of Landlord’s Work, to accommodate unavailability of materials and supplies, and to obtain necessary building permits, provided such changes and modifications do not adversely affect, in any material respect, the utility, quality, or appearance of Landlord’s Work. Tenant shall provide Landlord with its finish selections (flooring and paint) within five (5) days after Landlord’s request therefor.
Specialties. 1. All specialties will be priced in the Core & Shell GMP.
Specialties. Landlord will supply and install Building Standard ceramic tile in the file rooms, storage areas, computer room, file areas, ADA bathroom (as further described below),and utility areas. Landlord will supply and install Building Standard ceramic tile in the non-ADA restroom (subject to the terms described in Section 11(vii) (Specialties) herein, the pantry area and the waiting/reception area. One (1) tile (color and style) for entire areas to receive ceramic tile and one (1) tile (color and style)for entire areas to received ceramic tile.
Specialties. All architectural specialties (i.e., toilet room accessories, toilet partitions, grab bars, lockers, and display cases) and millwork (i.e., cabinetry and counters) shall be accurately depicted with the necessary intelligence to produce accurate plans, elevations, sections and schedules in which such design elements are referenced.
Specialties. 1. Landlord will furnish and install core area signage on all floors. 1. Tenant is responsible for all Tenant specific identification signs, directories, etc. within the Tenant’s demised premise.
Specialties. Stainless steel, bumper guards will be provided in the vivarium corridor • Stainless steel corner guards will be provided on the exterior corners of the Lab and Lab Support areas • Drying racks and paper towel dispensers will be provided at the Lab and Lab Support sinks • Dishwasher and garbage disposal in main lunch room FIRE PROTECTION Fire Sprinklers • Spacing and number of heads shall comply with recommendations of NFPA 13 for type of occupancy • Ceiling mounted high temperature heads (pendant, natural brass with chrome finish, semi-recessed with matching adjustable metal escutcheon) shall be used in those areas required by tenant such as the Server Room • Semi-Recessed, stainless steel fire extinguisher cabinets with dry chemical fire extinguisher bottles as required by code: Sentry 5 or equivalent • Concealed recessed pendants shall be provided at all hard lid / gypsum board ceiling areas. Cap to be white or chrome dependent on application and as approved by Landlord Fire Alarm • Improvements to include all devices required by code and must be connected to the building fire alarm system PLUMBING – TENANT IMPROVEMENT MINIMUM CRITERIA CODE COMPLIANCE • All work shall be in strict conformance with the following codes & standards • CA Plumbing Code • CA Building Code • CA Fire Code • Local Fire Department RegulationsNational Fire Protection Association • All other Authorities Having Jurisdiction • All water fixtures used in general office space including restrooms but not including Process Fixtures, shall exceed the minimum rating by 30% specified in the Energy Policy Act of 1992, in accordance with LEED calculations • Adhesives shall comply: VOC content shall be less than the current VOC content limits of SCAQMD Rule #1168, AND all sealants used as fillers must meet to exceed the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Regulation 8, Rule 51 PRINCIPAL SYSTEMS Principal Systems that may be Included in the DesignSanitary sewer drain, waste & vent - all spaces above ground level drain by gravity to the public sewer. To be field verified by new building layout. • Industrial (Lab) waste – connect to public sewer through sample port • Compressed Air (CA) Compressor fed (Clean Dry Air to be confirmed by tenant needs) • Specialty gases, (N2, CO2) Bottle fed • Lab Vacuum System • Water Systems (ICW, IHW, DCW, DHW) • Purified water systems (DI) • Pad and enclosure with underground piping to building from Tenant-provided bulk nitrogen ...
Specialties. The Contractor shall furnish and install miscellaneous mechanical specialties including, but not limited to, the following: - Expansion joints - Strainers - Safety and relief valves EXPANSION JOINTS. Expansion joints shall be suitable for the pressure, temperature and axial/lateral movements required by the system design. All joints shall be designed for full vacuum. End connections, size and material shall be compatible with adjacent piping or equipment. Metal expansion joints shall have stainless steel bellows and carbon or alloy steel pipe ends. Bellows shall be ASTM A-316 stainless steel. Joints shall be supplied with internal liners, protective outer shrouds and restraining rods. Metal expansion joints shall conform with Expansion Joint Manufacturer's Association (EJMA), ASME, and ANSI standards. Rubber expansion joints shall be constructed of multiple layers of fabric duck impregnated with rubber and reinforced with steel as required. Expansion joints shall be furnished with tie rods. Rubber expansion joints shall be in accordance with Rubber Expansion Joint Division of the Fluid Sealing Association.