Software Materials Sample Clauses

Software Materials. Empire shall own the remainder of the Non-Software Materials ("Empire Non-Software Materials").
Software Materials. As further described in the Support and Development Agreement, TALi will provide access to the Products and any software and documentation necessary for Akili’s Commercialization of the Products for the purposes of this Agreement and any other Transaction Agreement (collectively, the “Product Software”) during the Term, and a non-exclusive license for the Term to use the Product Software to the extent necessary for the purpose of performing activities related to the Commercialization of the Products. The Product Software is licensed (as part of the Product Technology) not sold.
Software Materials. 39 Section 4.20 Internet Web Site....................................40 Section 4.21 Real Property........................................41 Section 4.22
Software Materials the Licensor’s technical release notes or other similar instructions posted by the Licensor on its website that describes the functionality of the Licensed Software and any Maintenance Release
Software Materials. The terms and conditions of this PART B and PART A and PART D apply to the Licensing of the Software.

Related to Software Materials

  • Licensed Software Computer program(s) provided by Contractor in connection with the Deliverables, subject to Section 14 of this Contract.

  • Licensed Materials The materials (the "Licensed Materials") that are the subject of this Agreement are set forth in Appendix A.

  • Customer Materials Subject to Section 4(a), all right, title and interest (including all Intellectual Property Rights) in and to the Customer Materials are owned by Customer or Customer’s suppliers.

  • Software Updates WSIPC agrees to keep current with software licensed from Skyward and will install new versions on a timeline approved by WSIPC governance. This timeline will be communicated by NWRDC to the Districts. School District Workstations Configuration requirements for devices and their software that school district personnel use to access WSIPC’s software modules can be found on our website:‐team/. State Reports WSIPC will provide, at no additional fee, all data reports required by the state that impact 50% or more of the school districts in the state. WSIPC and NWRDC will work with state agencies to gather requirements on the required data. WSIPC will inform NWRDC staff of any mandated changes to state reports and NWRDC will communicate the information to the District. Appendix B NWRDC FTE Fees Fiscal Only NWRDC Software Support Services WSIPC Software Licensing Total FTE Fee $13.63 $20.34 $33.97 $15.56 $13.08 $28.64 $24.52 $20.34 $44.86 Student Only Full Service

  • Antivirus software All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or 18 store PHI COUNTY discloses to CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or 19 transmits on behalf of COUNTY must have installed and actively use comprehensive anti-virus software 20 solution with automatic updates scheduled at least daily.

  • Software Products Save as otherwise set forth in the Agreement, the right to use any Software Product is personal to the Licensee, for its own internal use, and is non-transferable, except with the Licensor’s prior written consent, in which case the Licensee shall cause the assignee or sub-licensee to agree to the terms of this Software License.

  • Software Warranty We warrant that the Tyler Software will perform without Defects during the term of this Agreement. If the Tyler Software does not perform as warranted, we will use all reasonable efforts, consistent with industry standards, to cure the Defect in accordance with the maintenance and support process set forth in Section C(8), below, the SLA and our then current Support Call Process.

  • Software Inclusions  Software Licenses for Contractor’s proprietary product line, including o Perpetual licenses o Term licenses  Pre-Packaged Software Maintenance/Support for Contractor’s proprietary product line  Pre-Packaged Software Installation for Contractor’s proprietary product line  Configuration Services (Limited in amount to 10% of the net NYS Contract Price for the total Products being procured not to exceed $25,000 total.)  Pre-Packaged Software Training Packages, Remote and On-Site that are standardized for Contractor’s proprietary product line  Fleet management (management of software license inventory)  Electronic Health Records Software  Software Bundles, including: o Software Third Party Products o Maintenance  Enterprise Software Purchases  Legacy Software Maintenance Restrictions  On Premise Software Only  Third Party Products are allowed as part of a Software Bundle only if they are required to facilitate the provision of the Software solution.

  • Product Information (a) The Parties recognize that by reason of, among other things, the requirement that Sanofi exercises the Option to Continue prior to the license grant under Section 2.2 becoming effective, and Ardelyx’s grant of the exclusive Option to Continue to Sanofi, both Parties have an interest in the retention in confidence of certain information relating to the Program Compounds and Program Products. Accordingly, except as set forth in this Section 7.1(a), Section 7.3 or Section 7.5 or expressly authorized elsewhere in this Agreement, until such time as Sanofi exercises the Option to Continue and pays the Continuation Milestone in accordance with the terms hereof, Ardelyx and Sanofi shall, and shall each cause its respective Affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents to, keep confidential, and not publish or otherwise disclose, and not use directly or indirectly for any purpose other than to perform its obligations under this Agreement, (i) any information that is Controlled by Ardelyx relating to the Ardelyx Compounds or Licensed Patents or constituting Licensed Know-How or Joint Technology, or (ii) any information that is Controlled by Sanofi constituting Sole Program Know-How owned by Sanofi or Joint Technology, or relating to Sanofi Sole Invention Patents or Program Compounds (collectively, (i) and (ii) “Product Information”) except in each case, to the extent the Product Information is in the public domain prior to the Effective Date, or through no fault of either Party, its Affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees or agents enters the public domain after the Effective Date. For clarification, the disclosure or transfer by Ardelyx to Sanofi or by Sanofi to Ardelyx of any Product Information shall not cause such information to cease to be subject to the provisions of this Section 7.1. Notwithstanding anything herein, Sanofi shall not be restricted from using its own Product Information for any purpose, to the extent that such use would not constitute an infringement of the Program Patents.

  • Third Party Software Certain Third-Party Software may be provided with the Products or used in the Cloud Services that is subject to the accompanying license(s), if any, of its respective owner(s). To the extent portions of the Products or Cloud Services are subject to open source licenses obligating LogRhythm to make the source code for such portions publicly available (such as the GNU General Public License ("GPL") or the GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL")), LogRhythm will make such source code portions (including LogRhythm modifications, as appropriate) available upon request for a period of up to three (3) years from the date of distribution. Such request can be made in writing to 4780 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301: Attn: Legal Department. Customer may obtain a copy of the GPL at, and a copy of the LGPL at Subject to the terms of any applicable open source license(s), Third Party Software is licensed solely for use as embedded or integrated with the Products or Cloud Service.