Shell Sample Clauses

Shell. Landlord shall construct the building shell (building structure, insulated roof and exterior walls) in which the Leased Premises are to be located. It is expressly agreed and understood that the Leased Premises shall constitute a portion of a covered mall building.
Shell. The shell shall be water tight. Exterior doors as required by Code. Fire riser and complete shell system. Steel framework shall be designed to accommodate shaft and elevator openings. Includes penthouse structure. Insulation at underside or above the roof deck will be provided. Fireproofing and fire safing insulation as required by Code.
Shell. Tenant shall furnish to Landlord complete detailed plans and specifications for all plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning that affect the construction of the "shell" of the building, as well as any other items that are required to construct the shell without modification being required at a later time, not later than February 14, 2000.
Shell. All work required to obtain a shell permit final inspection (not a TCO for occupancy). All work shall conform to local building codes, ADA and Title 24 for the shell. Exterior doors to have electronic hardware (system provided by Tenant). Stairs for access and egress with one set to the roof. Interior walls to be furred out above and below windows. Fire riser and complete shell system, including “up heads” with capped tees for Tenant improvements at all floors and roof, monitors and PIV (monitoring system by Tenant). Provided shaft locations and HVAC equipment are determined prior to steel fabrication, steel framework shall be designed to accommodate shaft and elevator openings and mechanical support and leveling pads at no cost to Tenant. Complete sewer “gut line” under podium slab connecting restroom cores to site utility.
Shell. In consideration of the covenants contained herein, Shell agrees to the following:
Shell a. The shell is made from material conforming to SANS 1431 Grade 300WA.
Shell. Although the existing tenant operates a “Shell” gasoline station, Seller makes no representations about whether the Buyer would be permitted to operate as a Shell station. Buyer shall be solely responsible for any burdens or expenses associated with transitioning from the existing Shell-branded operation to any other operation.
Shell. The shell shall include exterior walls, canopy, roofing, flashing, and roof drains. The roof/ceiling shall be insulated and consist of built-up roofing.