Setting Sample Clauses

Setting. Any suitable means of setting of the AS is allowed, provided that such means does not inadvertently cause false alarms.
Setting. The particular value at which a variable function is fixed for a given solution. Example: For February 2006, the base constraint setting for ANC MD-11 CAP was 217 CH/day.
Setting. Odisha has a population of 42 million people and is one of the poorest districts in India (33% of the population lives in poverty) (WB, 2016a, 2016b). Ninety percent of households do not have piped water and 65% of the population does not use a sanitation facility (IIPS & ICF, 2017). The state has high gender disparities, including less access to economic opportunities for women compared to other low-income states, and in most households, males hold the power for sanitation-related decisions (IIPS & ICF, 2017; Routray et al., 2017; WB, 2016a, 2016b). In Odisha, menstrual hygiene methods vary by level of schooling and religion. For women aged 15- 24, 47% use some method ofhygienic menstrual protection” (e.g. locally prepared napkins, sanitary napkins, and tampons) (IIPS & ICF, 2017). Of those, 69% use cloth as menstrual protection, 34% use sanitary napkins, 12% use locally prepared napkins, and 2% use tampons (IIPS & ICF, 2017). It has been reported that the use of hygienic menstrual protection methods increases with levels of schooling (IIPS & ICF, 2017). There is variation in hygienic menstrual protection use by religion: 41% of Christian women, 47% of Hindu women, and 63% of Muslim women (IIPS & ICF, 2017). According to a systematic review, only half of girls in India reported being informed about menstruation prior to menarche and a quarter of girls reported missing school during menstruation (van Eijk et al., 2016). Participants Participants come from 12 communities, which were previously involved in a cluster randomized trial evaluating the impact of a rural sanitation intervention and were purposively selected for variation in previous intervention status, toilet coverage, water access, and seasonal conditions (Clasen et al., 2012). Participants were selected from either a community that received the intervention or a community that served as a control. Individuals (min. age of 18) were purposively sampled for variation in life stage: (1) unmarried women (UMW) living with their parents, (2) women who had recently (past 3 years) married (RMW), (3) women married (MW) over 3 years, and (4) women older than 49 years (OW). Sampling across these categories was believed to capture diversity of MHM experience, based on life stage. Recruitment of participants was facilitated through contacts in the communities. This specific study uses data from 68 interviews, from the original 69 collected (one OW was excluded because she did not complete the portion of th...
Setting. The District retains its authority to establish minimum number of hours of assignment for individuals employed in its ECFE Program. The District will establish the calendar for its ECFE program in consultation with ECFE employees and based on the needs of students.
Setting. The terms under which an employee is originally assigned to work when hired into a 17 new position.
Setting. If you have custom-installed the “Penpower Email Touchpad” com- ponent, the email icon would be displayed on the task bar when the windows start-up. Double-click the icon or right-click the icon to open the menu, and then select “setting”. It will invoke the setting dialog. Enable ON/OFF line incoming mails checking : Enable/dis- able the function of auto mails checking. Enable LED Indicator : Blink the LED of touch-pad to hint the incoming emails. Enable Favorite Sound Play : Change the wav file of music to hint the incoming emails. Show Notified Window: Show pop-up window to hint the incoming emails.
Setting. In Mouse mode click on the “Setting” button or in Handwriting mode choose the “Setting…” from the menu to open the settings page. You can configure the recognition engine, output format or writing inkings here.
Setting. The APP will function within the following settings: Inpatient Outpatient Both inpatient and outpatient