Serious Misconduct Sample Clauses

Serious Misconduct. In the case of serious misconduct, or for disqualifying crimes as defined in statutes applied to the licensed provision of home care services, each Employer may in its sole discretion, for reasonable cause, bypass any one or all of the steps of progressive discipline.In the case of any form of discipline less than termination, the employee’s disciplinary action shall include a description of the conduct that is the basis for the disciplinary action(s). Each Employer will strive to identify specific corrective action(s) that the employee is expected to take to improve his/her performance.
Serious Misconduct is as defined under the Act and is both wilful and deliberate. Currently the Act defines serious misconduct, in part, as:
Serious Misconduct eLoyalty may terminate Employee's employment immediately upon written notice and with no continuation of salary, benefits or option vesting if Employee engages in "Serious Misconduct." For purposes of this Agreement, "Serious Misconduct" means embezzlement or misappropriation of corporate funds, conviction of a felony, material breach of this Agreement or willful and continued failure to substantially perform his duties or responsibilities. Prior to any termination for Serious Misconduct, eLoyalty shall provide the Employee with fifteen days' notice and an opportunity to be heard at a meeting of the Board of Directors and, in the case of a willful failure to perform his duties and responsibilities, an opportunity to cure.
Serious Misconduct. ANZ may terminate your employment at any time, without notice, because of your serious misconduct, serious neglect of duty, or serious breach of any of the terms of this employment agreement. In such circumstances, you will only be entitled to payment of TEC up to the date of termination.
Serious Misconduct. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect any legal right of the Employer to dismiss without notice any Employee, whether on tour or away from the place of employment or not, for malingering, neglect of duty or misconduct; and in the case of such dismissal wages shall be payable for the employment up to but not after the time of dismissal. In the event of any such Employee being away from his/her place of engagement the Employer shall pay the fare of the Employee back to the Employee's place of residence and the Employer shall ensure that the Employee is provided with transport back to the place of his/her residence as expeditiously as possible.
Serious Misconduct shall include (but not be limited to):
Serious Misconduct. Immediately following a serious incident, the employee in the presence of the employee shop steward will be advised that he/she is being suspended (removed from site) with pay, pending termination proceedings being implemented, as per paragraph (c)(ii) of subclause (2) of this clause. 40. - COMMUNICATIONS PROCESS (1) SAFETY
Serious Misconduct. Nothing in this Agreement affects the employer’s right to dismiss an employee without notice for serious misconduct and an employee so dismissed shall only be entitled to be paid for the time worked up to the time of dismissal. As per clause 1.07 or the Fair Work Regulations 2009, conduct that is serious misconduct includes: