Send Sample Clauses

Send. 11.1 The Local Authority must strategically plan support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) to meet the needs of all children in their local area as per the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years (January 2015).
Send. Upon receiving (send, sid, Pi, Pj, m) where m ∈ {0, 1}A, send (sent, sid) to Pi and (receipt, sid, m) to Pj and X. In this setting, we are interested in key agreement protocols with an additional property that we call emulatability. A key agreement protocol π is emulatable if, 1 In the remainder of this section, we interchangeably call the parties Alice, Bob, Xxx or respectively P1, P2, A. F in addition to implementing the key agreement functionality as it should, the role of Bob can be simulated by some entity E , the emulator, that learns no information about the messages transmitted through C, other than their lengths, and neither Xxxxx nor Xxx can distinguish whether Xxxxx is interacting with Bob or with E . We formalize this below. We first define a functionality DC that models a dummy channel whose task is to erase every information sent through the channel FC except for the length of the messages. Functionality FDC (Dummy channel) FDC runs with message size l and parties P1, P2 as follows: Send: Upon receiving (send, sid, m) from P1 where m ∈ {0, 1}A: If no such command has already been sent, send (sent, sid, |1|A) to P2. Otherwise, ignore the command.
Send. The SEN policy sets out class teachers’ responsibilities for meeting the needs of all learners (Section 4.2 of the SEND Policy 2018). Class teachers are responsible for the progress and development of every child in their class and class teachers should work closely with teaching assistants or specialist staff to plan and assess the impact of support and interventions and how they can be linked to classroom teaching. The curriculum should be differentiated by input, by task and by outcome and Individual Inclusion Passports, Support Plans and Class Intervention Plans should clearly identify barriers to learning, what good progress will look like/ desired learning outcomes and detailed strategies and interventions in place which demonstrate effective planning for pupil progress and attainment. Planning, Preparation & Assessment (PPA) Time Staff are given their contractual and statutory right to planning, preparation and assessment time. The Federation recognises fully that the purpose of guaranteed PPA time is to enable teachers to raise standards through a combination of individual or collaborative professional activities, including planning. It is also intended to improve teachers’ work/life balance and to ensure that they are best able to concentrate on their core professional activities. All staff with teaching commitments are therefore given full access to at least their statutory minimum entitlement to PPA time in a way that respects their ability to use their professional judgement to determine how best this time is used. The operation of PPA time in the school is fully compliant with the provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) as demonstrated by:  Its inclusion in the timetable.  Its organisation into time every week.  Robust arrangements that ensure that teachers’ rights to their full entitlement of PPA times are guaranteed.  Equating it to at least 10% of timetabled teaching time for each teacher (see appendix for calculations).  Typically, we aim for PPA to always be allocated a single block of the total time each week thus enabling staff to maximise the use of an extended period of time.  Staff have the right to request/suggest how grouping PPA allocations might facilitate best use of their time. The Federation commits to do it’s very best to accommodate all reasonable requests.  To assist with achieving effective work/home life balance PPA time is taken in school.  Neither school ever reduces PPA allocation...
Send. When Customer sends a file using Adobe Send, the file will be automatically uploaded to Adobe's server, and Adobe will notify Customer’s Participants when the file is ready for access and/or download. Customer’s recipients can access and/or download the file by clicking on a link within the email Adobe sends to recipients. Adobe may collect information regarding the receipt and use by a recipient of an Adobe Send file, and Adobe may share that information with Customer. It is Customer’s sole responsibility to notify Participants of the collection and sharing of that information.
Send in each round r, 1 ≤ r ≤ φ + 1, for every σ Σr−1, such that z/ σ, and the branch σ is not closed send the message σ, z, (σ) to every process.
Send. The Local Authority must strategically plan support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) to meet the needs of all children in their local area as per the Special Educational Needs and Disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years (January 2015). • The Provider must ensure owners and all staff members are aware of their duties in relation to the SEND Code of Practice and the Equality Xxx 0000. • The Local Authority must be clear and transparent about the support on offer in their area, through their Local Offer at, so parents and providers can access that support. • The Provider should be clear and transparent about the SEND support on offer at their setting and have a clear approach to identifying and responding to SEND. The Provider must adopt the Graduated Approach to supporting children with additional needs, and make information available about their offer to support parents to choose the right setting for their child with SEND. (see appendix 3) xxxxx:// • The Provider must attend and participate in the local Early Years Consortia meetings and if appropriate DIPTAC (Developing Inclusive Practice Team around the Child) meetings. Providers should utilise specialised advice and support available through the Early Years Consortia, which is funded by the SEN Inclusion fund. xxxxx:// • Where appropriate Providers may apply to the Early Years High Needs panel for High Needs funding for children whose development/learning and or behaviour needs require support that is significantly “additional to” or “different from” the differentiated curriculum and educational provision made generally for children in their early years setting. For further information on how to access High Needs Funding please email • The Provider must make contact and work with the local Children’s Centre SEN/Disability Link Worker. • The Disability Access Fund (DAF) supports 3 and 4 year old children with SEND. This does not include 4 year olds in reception class. The DAF aids access to early years places by, for example, supporting Providers in making reasonable adjustments to their settings and/or helping with building capacity (be that for the child in question or for the benefit of children as a whole attending the setting). • 3 and 4-year...
Send. All gathered data is stored in the EU. Further use of this data is between the Controller and any 3rd party Processor Controller may choose to use. Typical examples are MailChimp and SalesForce or similar products for CRM and communication. Sub-processors Processor will use no other sub-processors other that the earlier stated: - 24SevenSocial BG EOOD (part of this agreement) - Any Social media 24SevenSocial Platform can handle upon Controllers request - Google (servers and storage) Customer relations, access and rights 24SevenSocial employees have no direct access to any part of the customers service and personal data. In order to provide technical help or support demanded and/or requested by the customer, the customer can either: ● Grant a specific 24SevenSocial employee access for 1 hour (automatically terminated). ○ The 24SevenSocial employee will have read-only access to all gathered data, and write access to 24SevenSocial functionalities. ○ The 24SevenSocial employee will not get any access to the customers social channels. ● Grant a specific 24SevenSocial employee access to the customers account. ○ The 24SevenSocial employee will get access and rights as stated by the customer. Liability Each party has the liability to follow the any laws or regulations stated in the GDPR act, local laws, and terms set by the Social Media, including gathering Data Subjects specific consent to send data for the stated purpose(s) and provide valid Privacy Policy. Processor is not liable for any breach Controller does to the above stated. Term, termination and deletion This Data Processing Agreement is valid for as long as Processor is in control of Controllers data. Deletion of data for Controllers who has entered this agreement will be done on the following terms: Current customers: Gathered data: 10 years, or by Controller demand Social data: 10 years, or on Data Subjects demand directly on social media Upon termination of 24SevenSocial Platform agreement: All stored data: 6 months after contract expiry, or by Controller demand * Deleting social data will not delete any data from social media, just from Processors 24SevenSocial Platform. Governing law Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Data Processing Agreement shall be finally decided by the courts of Norway, with Oslo City Court as agreed venue. This agreement is valid at login and use of the 24SevenSocial Platform.
Send. (ID(k),ID(l), m): This query models the ability of an adversary to perform active attacks, i.e., to i j intercept all communication, send, receive, alter, delete and reschedule messages. It sends a message m to ID(k) on behalf of ID(l) and returns ID(k)’s response to this message to the adversary. If m = 0,
Send. 2SM-Send takes a state σ and a plaintext message m, and outputs a new state σj and a ciphertext
Send. If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, then we will imbed the EHCP outcomes within the PEN Portrait and communicate regularly with you through either your child’s Key Worker, the Assistant SENDCo or the SENDCo.