Send Sample Clauses

Send portal invitation emails to partner portal users to enable them to log in to the partner portal and participate in the partner program. The procedure for sending portal invitation is available in the “Send portal invitationsarticle. As a result, users with the “Partner portal users” functional role will be able to access the [ Partner program ] section (Fig. 1), which stores all conditions and the current status of each partnership.
Send local leader bag >) toq
Send. (ID(k),ID(l), m): This query models the ability of an adversary to perform active attacks, i.e., to i j intercept all communication, send, receive, alter, delete and reschedule messages. It sends a message m to ID(k) on behalf of ID(l) and returns ID(k)’s response to this message to the adversary. If m = 0,
Send. PP to Peter] [NP books which contain many pictures]] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8For the following considerations, it is assumed that a phrase is recognized on encountering its head. For (47a), where the NP precedes the PP, it takes seven words to recognize VP and its two immediate constituents NP and PP; note that the NP complement of P is not counted because the head P is sufficient for the recognition of PP. When the NP is put behind the PP, as in (47b), four words suffice to identify VP, NP and PP. Thus, in a head-initial language the preferred order is short before long.For a strictly head-final language, the opposite is true. This is is illustrated in (48) (for the sake of simplicity, we stick to English wording).
Send. NP books which contain many pictures] [PP to Peter]] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8