SCHEMES Sample Clauses

SCHEMES. 5.3.1 The Director shall be entitled to participate as from the date of this Agreement in The Peptide Therapeutics 1996 Unapproved Share Option Scheme and The Peptide Therapeutics 1995 Savings-Related Share Option Scheme and The Peptide Therapeutics 1996 Approved Share Option Scheme (together the "Scheme") for the time being in force subject to the rules applicable to the Schemes as amended or varied from time to time at the Company's discretion and subject always in the case of the Peptide Therapeutics 1995 Unapproved Share Option Scheme to the exercise by the Remuneration Committee of its discretion to grant options under that scheme.
SCHEMES. 8.1 The Franchisee may propose to undertake an Alternative Scheme in place of a Specimen Scheme. Any such Alternative Scheme must:
SCHEMES. (i) Other than the Employee Benefit Arrangements and the State Schemes there are no arrangements in existence at the date of this Agreement (or in respect of which any proposal or announcement has been made) for the payment of, provision for, or contribution towards, any pensions, allowances, lump sums or other like benefits on retirement, death, disability or voluntary withdrawal from, or involuntary termination of, employment which are for the benefit of any Employee or any past employee of a Group Company or for the benefit of persons dependent on any such Employee or past employee.
SCHEMES i. The schemes that the NWH shall service are
SCHEMES. The Prime Minister Formalization of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (PM FME) scheme - was launched on 29th June 2020, as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan ✓ The scheme was launched by Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Union Food Processing Industries Minister ✓ The scheme was already approved by the Union Cabinet on 20th May 2020 ✓ It is expected to provide employment to around 9 lakh skilled and semi-skilled persons ✓ The scheme will generate around Rs. 35000 crore of the total investment ✓ Further, 8 lakh micro food processing units across the country will be benefited under the scheme. ✓ The objective of the scheme is to support local unorganized food processing units and their ‘seamless’ transition into formal sector units. ✓ The total outlay for the scheme will be Rs 10,000 crore. ✓ The scheme will be implemented over the next five years from 2020-21 to 2024- 25 ✓ The Central and State Governments will share the overall expenditure in the ratio of 60:40 ✓ In Union Territories, the scheme will be 100% funded by the Central Government. ✓ In the Himalayan and North Eastern States, the share will be in the ratio of 90% by Central Government and 10% by the States. STATES ⮚ The World’s largest trial-cum-treatment project of Convalescent Plasma titled ‘Project Platina’ - was launched on 29th June 2020 by the Maharashtra State Government. ✓ The project was virtually launched by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx at Nagpur government medical college. ✓ The project will be governed by the Maharashtra Medical Education and Drugs Department. ✓ For this trial project, the Indian Council of Medical Research has given the approval to conduct plasma therapy in around 500 Covid-19 positive patients admitted in the 21 hospitals of the Maharashtra State Government ✓ A total of 13 plasma banks have been set up for the purpose ✓ The project will also help in establishing a data-based infrastructure for plasma treatment in the state. ✓ Of late, Convalescent Plasma Therapy has shown encouraging results on treating critical Covid-19 patients across the world. ✓ The total costs of Plasma Therapy trials under the project will be borne entirely by the State Government of Maharashtra. ✓ From Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Rs 16.85 crores have been sanctioned for the project, making it a government-sponsored trial without any private funding. ✓ Under this therapy, antibodies from the blood of recovered Covid-19 patients will be used to treat severely ill Covid-19 infected...
SCHEMES. There shall be three (3) FAP schemes and BHE shall make FAPs available for Sub-projects under each scheme as follows:
SCHEMES. 3.1 The Discount Fares Schemes listed in paragraph 4 of the Appendix (List of Transport, Travel and Other Schemes) to Schedule 2.5 (Transport, Travel and Other Schemes) of the Franchise Agreement.
SCHEMES. The CBEC vide present Notification amended various notifications to include Hazira (Surat) port in the list of port mentioned in export promotion scheme. - [Notification Xx. 00/0000 - Xxxxxxx, xxxxx 00xx Xxxxx, 0000]
SCHEMES. 4.1 This Agreement shall include such schemes as shall be agreed from time to time by the Partners.
SCHEMES. Both parties will abide with Publication 118 (FLSA)