Routine Sample Clauses

Routine. The teacher uses minimum class time for noninstructional routines thus maximizing time on task.
Routine. Request for support that can be scheduled or does not have a major impact on operations, or routine questions Response:
Routine. Transfers for health service needs of a routine nature shall be transported by FDC on regularly scheduled transport runs to arrive at their destination within the time- frame indicated in the applicable Health Services' Bulletins.
Routine. “Inputting data into a spreadsheet without formatting or creation of formulae” includes creating a simple spreadsheet. Moderate: “Careful observation to discern “relevant information” includes visual inspections. Driving is moderate because it requires visual / auditory attention. High:
Routine. 1. In regard to each negotiation, the parties will mutually agree on the method of bargaining (traditional or interest based) to be utilized. If the parties cannot agree, the traditional method will be used.
Routine. Target Response Time: Within 2 hours if the issue is reported during Business Hours or within the first four hours of the next Business Day (by 1:00PM EST) if the issue is reported during Extended Hours. Target Resolution Time: Restore to Full Capacity as soon as possible. Unless otherwise directed, Routine issues will be addressed by the service team as “low impact”, and make a best effort to solve the challenges with the resources and information at his or her disposal. Permission will be obtained from Client for expenses such as out of warranty or non-warranty parts. Permission will be obtained for expenses such as labour hours to solve problems not covered under any warranty or support contract. EXCLUSIONS & LIMITATIONS Service Provider will use best efforts to provide service to Client for all service calls and service issues. However, Services described in this agreement are limited or excluded as follows: • Support Services under this agreement do not apply to software or services licensed to Client by third parties other than Service Provider or Digital Dining. • Resolution times under this agreement cannot be guaranteed on hardware, software, or systems not purchased from Service Provider or are out of the control of Service Provider. • Product defects, abnormal operation of the Product or inability to operate the Product resulting from Customer’s misuse or improper use of the Product, use of the Product by untrained personnel or personnel who require additional training from Customer, improper entry of data in connection with the Product or from combining or merging the Product with any computer equipment or computer programs not supplied by Service Provider (or not approved in writing by Service Provider to be combined or merged with the Product) will not be considered by Service Provider as qualifying for Support Services under this agreement. • Service Provider shall not be responsible for providing Support Services under this agreement if the request for technical assistance arises solely from the inability of Client personnel to competently operate the Product in conformity with store or Client operational procedures including, but not limited to, product pricing and cash management policies. • Customer training and re-training services are not covered under this agreement. Over the phone feature reviews, application question and answer, and support related to topics covered in new system training services may be provided under this agreemen...
Routine. The contractor shall arrive at the agency location within eight working hours of notification of a request for routine remedial maintenance service. The trouble shall be resolved within 24 continuous hours after arrival. The priority of a maintenance action will be established by the mutual consent of the customer and the contractor.
Routine. (CLASS III) - means a Spare required in Seller's normal lead time.
Routine. 10 The teacher uses minimum class time for non-instructional routines, thus 11 maximizing time on task.