Revocation of Authority Sample Clauses

Revocation of Authority. Executive agrees and acknowledges that as of the Termination Date Executive shall no longer be empowered to bind SUB in any agreement, whether verbal or written, and that Executive shall have no authority to execute any documents, deeds, leases, or other contracts on behalf of SUB. To the extent not effected by termination of Executive under the Contracts, Executive resigns from all offices and positions with SUB.
Revocation of Authority. Merchant shall cease the initiation of Card activity immediately upon receipt of actual or constructive notice of a customer’s termination or revocation of Merchant’s authorization to do so.
Revocation of Authority a) The Applicant acknowledges that the GBCA and its employees, agents, successors, and assigns will continue to rely on the representation of authority provided by this Confirmation unless and until the GBCA receives written notice from the Owner that the authority of the Agent to act on its behalf has been revoked, and the GBCA provides notice to the Applicant of the receipt and acceptance of the termination of authority.
Revocation of Authority. If any Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Shipowner may revoke the appointment and authorization of the Charterers to accept the Vessels by Notice to the Charterers.
Revocation of Authority. If the Client shall revoke any authority given to any Authorized Representative, the Broker may continue to rely on the instructions of such Authorized Representative until actual receipt by the Broker of such revocation of authority.
Revocation of Authority. The Required Banks may at any time revoke or limit the amount of the Agent's authorization contained in this Section
Revocation of Authority. 61. A vote given in accordance with the terms of an instrument of proxy or attorney shall be valid notwithstanding the previous death or unsoundness of mind of the principal or revocation of the instrument or of the authority under which the instrument was executed, or the transfer of the share in respect of which the instrument is given, if no intimation in writing of such death, unsoundness of mind, revocation or transfer as aforesaid has been received by the company at the registered office before the commencement of the meeting or adjourned meeting at which the instrument is used.
Revocation of Authority. Xxxxxxxx may revoke, by giving written notice of such revocation to Distributor, the non-exclusive, non-assignable authorization granted to Distributor under this Section 16. Xxxxxxxx may, in its sole discretion make any such revocation effective as to Distributor and all of Distributor's Dealers, or as to a specific Dealer or Dealers. Any revocation shall become effective upon any date set forth by Xxxxxxxx in such notice, provided, such date may not be less than sixty (60) days after the date upon which the notice is given.
Revocation of Authority. You must ensure that all of your Representatives are aware of, and comply with, these QR Gift Corp T&Cs. If any Representative is no longer authorised to access and/or use the Services, you must ensure that the appointment of such Representative is revoked and DBS is notified immediately.
Revocation of Authority. Any authority ceded to the Manchester Community Joint Planning Commission by virtue of the Joint Planning Commission Agreement is revoked and all authority granted to the Township by virtue of the Planning Enabling Act, Public Act 33 of 2008 (MCL 123.39801 et seq.) shall be vested in the Bridgewater Township Planning Commission.