Revert Sample Clauses

Revert. To return an employee who has not successfully completed his/her trial service period to a vacant position in the same class and former department (if applicable) from which he/she was appointed.
Revert. To return an employee who has not successfully completed their trial service period to a vacant position in the same class and former department (if applicable) from which they were appointed.

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  • No Rights to Service Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as giving Participant any right to be retained, in any position, as an employee, consultant or director of the Company or its Affiliates or shall interfere with or restrict in any way the right of the Company or its Affiliates, which is hereby expressly reserved, to remove, terminate or discharge Participant at any time for any reason whatsoever.

  • No Right to Cancel You do not have the right to cancel your subscription or change your mind. Once you sign this Investment Agreement, you are obligated to purchase the Note, no matter what, even if the ORering is over-subscribed and the amount of your Note is reduced.

  • No Right to Future Awards This award of Restricted Stock and all other equity-based awards under the Plan are discretionary. This award does not confer on the Participant any right or entitlement to receive another award of Restricted Stock or any other equity-based award at any time in the future or in respect of any future period.

  • Veto rights A Member which can show that its own work, time for performance, costs, liabilities, intellectual property rights or other legitimate interests would be severely affected by a decision of a Consortium Body may exercise a veto with respect to the corresponding decision or relevant part of the decision.

  • Right to Transfer The Purchaser shall have the right to sell or otherwise transfer the Subject Shares at any time in its sole discretion, subject to the transfer restrictions contained in Section 2.1 of the Purchase Agreement. Upon the transfer of the Subject Shares by the Purchaser to any third party (other than a transfer to an Affiliate of the Purchaser in which case such Subject Shares shall remain subject to this Agreement) such Subject Shares shall no longer be subject to this Agreement; provided, however, in connection with an Excluded Transfer:

  • No Rights Granted Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any rights under any patent, copyright or other intellectual property right of the Company, nor shall this Agreement grant Advisor any rights in or to the Company’s Confidential Information, except the limited right to use the Confidential Information in connection with the Services.

  • Grants Charter School is authorized to apply for grants. Charter School may not apply for or receive any grant or other monies that, in the judgment of MPS, compromises the ability of MPS to apply for or to receive said grant. Charter School shall contact the MPS-Grant Office for information regarding possible grant conflicts. Charter School shall expend any grant monies it may receive in a manner consistent with the terms of this Contract as well as the grant. Any grant money received by Charter School shall not reduce the per pupil revenue to be received by Charter School from MPS. Notwithstanding any language in this paragraph, the 501(c)(3) organization may seek grant funds separate from MPS.

  • Option Nontransferable Optionee may not transfer or assign all or any part of the Option other than by will or by the laws of descent and distribution. This Option may be exercised, during the lifetime of Optionee, only by Optionee, or in the event of Optionee’s legal incapacity, by Optionee’s guardian or legal representative acting on behalf of Optionee in a fiduciary capacity under state law and court supervision.

  • Xxxxxx’s Right to Transfer If all of the Shares proposed in the Notice to be transferred to a given Proposed Transferee are not purchased by the Company and/or its assignee(s) as provided in this Section 5, then the Holder may sell or otherwise transfer such Shares to that Proposed Transferee at the Offered Price or at a higher price, provided that such sale or other transfer is consummated within one hundred and twenty (120) days after the date of the Notice, that any such sale or other transfer is effected in accordance with any applicable securities laws and that the Proposed Transferee agrees in writing that the provisions of this Section 5 shall continue to apply to the Shares in the hands of such Proposed Transferee. If the Shares described in the Notice are not transferred to the Proposed Transferee within such period, a new Notice shall be given to the Company, and the Company and/or its assignees shall again be offered the Right of First Refusal before any Shares held by the Holder may be sold or otherwise transferred.

  • Nontransferable The CVRs shall not be sold, assigned, transferred, pledged, encumbered or in any other manner transferred or disposed of, in whole or in part, other than through a Permitted Transfer.