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  • Other Matters Relating to the Servicer The Servicer is hereby authorized and empowered to:

  • OBJECTING TO THE SETTLEMENT You can tell the Court that you do not agree with the Settlement or some part of it.

  • Information Relating to the Portfolios (a) No person is authorized to make any representations concerning shares of a Portfolio other than those contained in the Portfolio's Prospectus. In buying Portfolio shares from us under this Agreement, you will rely only on the representations contained in the Prospectus. Upon your request, we will furnish you with a reasonable number of copies of the Portfolios' current prospectuses or statements of additional information or both (including any stickers thereto). (b) Any printed or electronic information that we furnish you (other than the Portfolios' Prospectuses and periodic reports) is our sole responsibility and not the responsibility of the respective Portfolios. You agree that the Portfolios will have no liability or responsibility to you with respect to any such printed or electronic information. We or the respective Portfolio will bear the expense of qualifying its shares under the state securities laws. (c) You may not use any sales literature or advertising material (including material disseminated through radio, television, or other electronic media) concerning Portfolio shares, other than the printed or electronic information referred to in paragraph 6(b) above, in connection with the offer or sale of Portfolio shares without obtaining our prior written approval. You may not distribute or make available to investors any information that we furnish you marked "FOR DEALER USE ONLY" or that otherwise indicates that it is confidential or not intended to be distributed to investors. 7.

  • Amendments Relating to the Limited Guaranty Notwithstanding Sections 11.01 or 12.01: (i) the provisions of this Article XII may be amended, superseded or deleted, (ii) the Limited Guaranty or Subordinate Certificate Loss Obligation may be amended, reduced or canceled, and (iii) any other provision of this Agreement which is related or incidental to the matters described in this Article XII may be amended in any manner; in each case by written instrument executed or consented to by the Company and Residential Funding but without the consent of any Certificateholder and without the consent of the Master Servicer or the Trustee being required unless any such amendment would impose any additional obligation on, or otherwise adversely affect the interests of, the Master Servicer or the Trustee, as applicable; provided that the Company shall also obtain a letter from each nationally recognized credit rating agency that rated the Class B Certificates at the request of the Company to the effect that such amendment, reduction, deletion or cancellation will not lower the rating on the Class B Certificates below the lesser of (a) the then-current rating assigned to the Class B Certificates by such rating agency and (b) the original rating assigned to the Class B Certificates by such rating agency, unless (A) the Holder of 100% of the Class B Certificates is Residential Funding or an Affiliate of Residential Funding, or (B) such amendment, reduction, deletion or cancellation is made in accordance with Section 11.01(e) and, provided further that the Company obtains (subject to the provisions of Section 10.01(f) as if the Company was substituted for the Master Servicer solely for the purposes of such provision), in the case of a material amendment or supercession (but not a reduction, cancellation or deletion of the Limited Guaranty or the Subordinate Certificate Loss Obligation), an Opinion of Counsel (which need not be an opinion of Independent counsel) to the effect that any such amendment or supercession will not cause either (a) any federal tax to be imposed on the Trust Fund, including without limitation, any federal tax imposed on "prohibited transactions" under Section 860F(a)(1) of the Code or on "contributions after the startup date" under Section 860G(d)(1) of the Code or (b) the Trust Fund to fail to qualify as a REMIC at any time that any Certificate is outstanding. A copy of any such instrument shall be provided to the Trustee and the Master Servicer together with an Opinion of Counsel that such amendment complies with this Section 12.02. EXHIBIT L [FORM OF LIMITED GUARANTY] LIMITED GUARANTY RESIDENTIAL ACCREDIT LOANS, INC. Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series ____-___ ____________ , 200_ __________________ __________________ __________________ Attention: Residential Funding Corporation Series ____-___ Ladies and Gentlemen:

  • Determinations Relating to Collateral In the event (i) the Indenture Trustee shall receive any written request from the Issuer or any other obligor for consent or approval with respect to any matter or thing relating to any Collateral or the Issuer’s or any other obligor’s obligations with respect thereto or (ii) there shall be due to or from the Indenture Trustee under the provisions hereof any performance or the delivery of any instrument or (iii) the Indenture Trustee shall become aware of any nonperformance by the Issuer or any other obligor of any covenant or any breach of any representation or warranty of the Issuer or any other obligor set forth in this Indenture, then, in each such event, the Indenture Trustee shall be entitled to hire experts, consultants, agents and attorneys to advise the Indenture Trustee on the manner in which the Indenture Trustee should respond to such request or render any requested performance or response to such nonperformance or breach (the expenses of which will be reimbursed to the Indenture Trustee pursuant to Section 8.07). The Indenture Trustee will be fully protected in the taking of any action recommended or approved by any such expert, consultant, agent or attorney or agreed to by Holders of not less than 66-2/3% of the Outstanding Dollar Principal Amount of the Outstanding Notes.

  • Certain Rules Relating to the Payment of Additional Amounts (a) Upon the request, and at the expense of the Borrower, each Lender and Agent to which the Borrower is required to pay any additional amount pursuant to Subsection 4.10 or 4.11, and any Participant in respect of whose participation such payment is required, shall reasonably afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, and reasonably cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Tax giving rise to such payment; provided that (i) such Lender or Agent shall not be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to so contest unless the Borrower shall have confirmed in writing to such Lender or Agent its obligation to pay such amounts pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the Borrower shall reimburse such Lender or Agent for its reasonable attorneys’ and accountants’ fees and disbursements incurred in so cooperating with the Borrower in contesting the imposition of such Non-Excluded Tax; provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing no Lender or Agent shall be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, or cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Taxes, if such Lender or Agent in its sole discretion in good faith determines that to do so would have an adverse effect on it.

  • Obligations relating to Project Agreements 5.2.1 It is expressly agreed that the Concessionaire shall, at all times, be responsible and liable for all its obligations under this Agreement notwithstanding anything contained in the Project Agreements or any other agreement, and no default under any Project Agreement or agreement shall excuse the Concessionaire from its obligations or liability hereunder.

  • Other Provisions Relating to Credit Facilities 3.1 [Reserved].

  • Increased Costs and Taxes Relating to Letters of Credit Subject to the provisions of subsection 2.7B (which shall be controlling with respect to the matters covered thereby), in the event that any Issuing Lender or Lender shall determine (which determination shall, absent manifest error, be final and conclusive and binding upon all parties hereto) that any law, treaty or governmental rule, regulation or order, or any change therein or in the interpretation, administration or application thereof (including the introduction of any new law, treaty or governmental rule, regulation or order), or any determination of a court or governmental authority, in each case that becomes effective after the date hereof, or compliance by any Issuing Lender or Lender with any guideline, request or directive issued or made after the date hereof by any central bank or other governmental or quasi-governmental authority (whether or not having the force of law):

  • Obligations relating to Change in Ownership 5.3.1 The Concessionaire shall not undertake or permit any Change in Ownership, except with the prior approval of the Authority.