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  • Other Matters Relating to the Servicer Section 8.01. Liability of the Servicer....................................98 Section 8.02. Merger or Consolidation of, or Assumption of the Obligations of, the Servicer.......................98 Section 8.03. Limitation on Liability of the Servicer and Others................................................99 Section 8.04. Servicer Indemnification of the Trust and the Trustee...........................................99 Section 8.05.

  • Determinations Relating to Collateral In the event (i) the Indenture Trustee shall receive any written request from the Issuer or any other obligor for consent or approval with respect to any matter or thing relating to any Collateral or the Issuer’s or any other obligor’s obligations with respect thereto or (ii) there shall be due to or from the Indenture Trustee under the provisions hereof any performance or the delivery of any instrument or (iii) the Indenture Trustee shall become aware of any nonperformance by the Issuer or any other obligor of any covenant or any breach of any representation or warranty of the Issuer or any other obligor set forth in this Indenture, then, in each such event, the Indenture Trustee shall be entitled to hire experts, consultants, agents and attorneys to advise the Indenture Trustee on the manner in which the Indenture Trustee should respond to such request or render any requested performance or response to such nonperformance or breach (the expenses of which will be reimbursed to the Indenture Trustee pursuant to Section 8.07). The Indenture Trustee will be fully protected in the taking of any action recommended or approved by any such expert, consultant, agent or attorney or agreed to by Holders of not less than 66-2/3% of the Outstanding Dollar Principal Amount of the Outstanding Notes.

  • Certain Rules Relating to the Payment of Additional Amounts (a) Upon the request, and at the expense of the Borrower, each Lender and Agent to which the Borrower is required to pay any additional amount pursuant to Subsection 4.10 or 4.11, and any Participant in respect of whose participation such payment is required, shall reasonably afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, and reasonably cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Tax giving rise to such payment; provided that (i) such Lender or Agent shall not be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to so contest unless the Borrower shall have confirmed in writing to such Lender or Agent its obligation to pay such amounts pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the Borrower shall reimburse such Lender or Agent for its reasonable attorneys’ and accountants’ fees and disbursements incurred in so cooperating with the Borrower in contesting the imposition of such Non-Excluded Tax; provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing no Lender or Agent shall be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, or cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Taxes, if such Lender or Agent in its sole discretion in good faith determines that to do so would have an adverse effect on it.

  • Defenses of Borrower Waived To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, each Guarantor waives any defense based on or arising out of any defense of the Borrower or the unenforceability of the Obligations or any part thereof from any cause, or the cessation from any cause of the liability of the Borrower, other than the final and indefeasible payment in full in cash of the Obligations. The Administrative Agent and the Lenders may, at their election, foreclose on any security held by one or more of them by one or more judicial or nonjudicial sales, accept an assignment of any such security in lieu of foreclosure, compromise or adjust any part of the Obligations, make any other accommodation with the Borrower or any other guarantor, without affecting or impairing in any way the liability of any Guarantor hereunder except to the extent the Obligations have been fully, finally and indefeasibly paid in cash. Pursuant to applicable law, each Guarantor waives any defense arising out of any such election even though such election operates, pursuant to applicable law, to impair or to extinguish any right of reimbursement or subrogation or other right or remedy of such Guarantor against the Borrower or any other Guarantor or guarantor, as the case may be, or any security.

  • COMMUNICATIONS RELATING TO FOREIGN SECURITIES The Custodian shall transmit promptly to the Fund written information with respect to materials received by the Custodian via the Foreign Sub-Custodians from issuers of the foreign securities being held for the account of the Portfolios (including, without limitation, pendency of calls and maturities of foreign securities and expirations of rights in connection therewith). With respect to tender or exchange offers, the Custodian shall transmit promptly to the Fund written information with respect to materials so received by the Custodian from issuers of the foreign securities whose tender or exchange is sought or from the party (or its agents) making the tender or exchange offer. The Custodian shall not be liable for any untimely exercise of any tender, exchange or other right or power in connection with foreign securities or other property of the Portfolios at any time held by it unless (i) the Custodian or the respective Foreign Sub-Custodian is in actual possession of such foreign securities or property and (ii) the Custodian receives Proper Instructions with regard to the exercise of any such right or power, and both (i) and (ii) occur at least three business days prior to the date on which the Custodian is to take action to exercise such right or power.

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