Refundable Sample Clauses

Refundable. Some additional discussion will be needed if the Client will need to satisfy a retainer fee (as defined above). If this fee is considered refundable or will be subtracted from a total payment in the future then choose the “Refundable” definition (20)
Refundable. I understand that to discontinue my membership I must submit a letter of withdrawal to the CSEA President no later than the 2nd Friday in October. Date Employee Signature
Refundable. I will accept credit cards, money orders, or cashier’s checks for fees related to court appearances or deposition. NO
Refundable a. Engineering and design

Related to Refundable

  • Non-Refundable In the event that the fare purchased by the Passenger does not allow refunds, the ticket may be turned into a credit to be used as a payment method for future purchases for up to one year from the ticket’s original date of issuance. According to the conditions of the purchased fare or regulations established by the authorities of each country.

  • Fees Non-Refundable All fees set forth in this Section 2.8 shall be deemed to have been earned on the date payment is due in accordance with the provisions hereof and shall be non-refundable. The obligation of the Borrower to pay such fees in accordance with the provisions hereof shall be binding upon the Borrower and shall inure to the benefit of the Administrative Agent and the Banks regardless of whether any Loans are actually made.

  • License Issue Fee LICENSEE will pay to REGENTS a non-creditable, non- refundable license issue fee of [Written amount] ($ Number) due upon signing of this AGREEMENT. This fee is non-refundable and not an advance against royalties or other payments due under this AGREEMENT.

  • Upfront Fee The Borrower shall pay to the Arranger an upfront fee in the amount and at the times agreed in a Fee Letter.

  • Milestone Payments The Investment will be paid over time in accordance with the critical Milestones as set out in Schedule D. A Project may have one or more Milestones, to be disbursed throughout the Term of this Investment Agreement, unless an extension is agreed to by the Parties. Upon completion of a Milestone, the Applicant is required to submit a Progress Report or Final Report (as the case may be) to Alberta Innovates.

  • Amendment Fee The Borrower shall pay the Lender as of the date hereof a fully earned, non-refundable fee in the amount of $25,000 in consideration of the Lender’s execution and delivery of this Amendment.

  • Termination Fees It will take time for your local utility company to cancel your XOOM account. During that time you agree to pay for the Energy you consume that is supplied by XOOM. In addition, you must also pay us any outstanding payment obligations you have incurred under this Contract that remain unpaid, including related wire service, distribution and administration fees, and all applicable Taxes up to the termination date. If you do not pay us the amounts owing by the date indicated, we will charge you the Late Payment Charge.

  • License Maintenance Fee Beginning and each thereafter, ***** will pay Stanford a yearly license maintenance fee of $ . Yearly maintenance payments are nonrefundable.

  • License Fee The Licensee to shall make payment of the License Fee to Licensor on the date of this Agreement. All rights granted to Licensee by Producer in the Beat are conditional upon Licensee’s timely payment of the License Fee. The License Fee is a one-time payment for the rights granted to Licensee and this Agreement is not valid until the License Fee has been paid.

  • License Maintenance Fees Licensee will pay license fees in the amounts set forth in Sections 3.1(d) of the Patent & Technology License Agreement in accordance with the stated schedule.