RECOMMENDED Sample Clauses

RECOMMENDED to use only natural clothes when creating a costume. You must think the costume through, starting from the boots and ending with hat. Don’t forget that costume should look awesome while being comfortable, since it will be used in the xxxxx with different weather conditions. High shoes and interchangeable parts of costume can help You to feel more comfortable during the entire game. Don’t forget that characters are living in the World, which is on the edge of apocalypse. This means that costumes can’t be clean and ideal without traces of suffering or other damage. Forbidden to use obvious modern clothes elements and footwear. Any labels or brand logotypes and indications must be removed. Equipment Mandatory – all types of armor and any other military equipment should be prepared following real or fantasy analogues. For instance, if You want to play a warrior role, You must have appropriate armor or You are not a warrior. You can use any material for Your costume since for roleplaying game main criteria is accuracy and beauty. However, don’t forget about basic protection functions of armor. If the armor can’t protect from hits and dismantles upon touched – that is not an armor. Recommended – while preparing to the game to pay attention on how your race is distinguished from others according to other fantasy worlds or character archetypes. Forbidden – to wear unfinished armor. Not recessed rivets, not polished edges and other defects can be bad for You and other players, thus will not be allowed to be used in game by organizers. That also includes wearing armor, that does not suits chosen class, race, game world or fantasy canons, and might be a reason why character can’t choose a particular race. Pre-game check-up At the Baltic LARP Fest European LARP standards for equipment and entourage are followed. It means strictly evaluating every player’s preparation. All the questions about equipment must be resolved with organizers before the game via email. If the player’s equipment was rejected during registration, he can be transferred to play NPC role without refund. Controlling the game During the game in every major location Masters will be stationed as the oversee the roleplaying process. If rules were violated, Masters will give the MUTE card with actions that player should take immediately in complete silence. Mute is individual and is not affecting others. If the mute was ignored or the player continues to violate the rules, he will be removed from the gam...
RECOMMENDED. Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxx Date Signed and certified that a copy of this document has been delivered to the Chair of the Board per G.C. Sec. 25103, Reso 79-1535 Vice President for Administration Attest: Approved as to form: Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Orange, County, California Xxxxxxx Xxxx Date University Counsel Approved as to form: County Counsel By:
RECOMMENDED. PSTAT 5A - Statistics (5.00) ← MATH B22 - Elementary Probability and Statistics (4.00) ENGR 3 - Introduction to Programming (3.00) ← No Course Articulated CMPSC 8 - Introduction to Computer Science (4.00) ← Or COMP B10 - Introduction to Programming Methodologies using Python (3.00) CMPSC 16 - Problem Solving with Computers I (4.00) ← Or ENGR B19C - Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies for Engineers (3.00) END OF AGREEMENT Articulation Agreement by Major Effective during the 2017-2018 Academic Year To: University of California, Santa Xxxxxxx General Catalog, Quarter From: Bakersfield College General Catalog, Semester
RECOMMENDED. DCF DC FUSE 1 1 CONTROL CONTROL BOARD 1 1 HF MODULE HF POWER MODULE 1 TO 4 0 4.3 Spare Parts List Part Number Description Controls 046-0472 16 Button control 020-0461B Label/Keypad 472 control Fan 019-0352 Fan DC Fuse 011-0243 80A 150VDC Fuse 011-0045 150A 150VDC Fuse 011-0046 200A 150VDC Fuse 011-0047 250A 150VDC Fuse 011-0048 300A 150VDC Fuse 011-0113 350A 150VDC Fuse 011-0049 400A 150VDC Fuse 011-0062 500A 150VDC Fuse - + X0 X0 X0 XX 4 + - L1 L2 L3 GR 7 - + 2 L1 L2 L3 GR - + 1 L1 L2 L3 GR 5 6 L1 L2 L3 G 3 - + 3
RECOMMENDED. Dr. Xxxxx Xxxxxx Chair XxXxxx, Chair, Department of Communication APPROVED: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Interim Xxxx, College of Liberal Arts /<? xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxx of the^Gf; Jbate School Date RELATIONSHIP MAINTENANCE, DEMOCRATIC DECISION MAKING, AND DECISION AGREEMENT A THESIS Presented to the Faculty of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of MASTER OF ARTS By Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, B.S. Fairbanks, Alaska May 2012 Abstract Relationship maintenance uses different strategies to maintain a relationship at the desired level of intimacy. Democratic decision making is a practice through which each individual has equal rights in the decision-making process. The present study investigated connections among two areas of research. In particular, this study examined the correlations among relationship maintenance behaviors, democratic decision making, and decision agreement. Both hypotheses in the study were supported, which suggests relationship maintenance promotes democratic decision making, which in turn promotes decision agreement. Table of Contents Title Page ii Abstract iii Table of Contents iv List of Appendices vii List of Figures vii Acknowledgements viii Chapter 1: Theory and Research 1
RECOMMENDED. A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that generates and secures a Key Pair and that can document the Subscriber’s Private Key protection through a TPM key attestation; or a hardware cryptographic module certified as conforming to at least FIPS 140 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL4+, or equivalent; or
RECOMMENDED. Xxxxx Xxxxx Environmental Engineering Program Lead Alaska and Pacific Northwest Regions Date: 11/21/17_ Recommended: XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Digitally signed by XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Date: 2017.11.29 08:23:30 -09'00' Xxxx Xxxxxxxx District Ranger Xxxxx Ranger District Date: XXXXXX XXXXXXX Digitally signed by XXXXXX XXXXXXX Date: 2017.12.14 09:53:58 Recommended: -09'00' Xxxx Xxxxxxx Forest Supervisor Tongass National Forest Date: Approve: XXXXXX XXXXXXX Digitally signed by XXXXXX XXXXXXX Date: 2018.04.03 09:29:10 -08'00' Xxx Xxxxxxx Director Engineering and Information Management Alaska and Pacific Northwest Regions Date: Disapprove: Xxx Xxxxxxx Director Engineering and Information Management Alaska and Pacific Northwest Regions Date: SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTS‌
RECOMMENDED. 2 An Excellent or Very Good in either Teaching Effectiveness and Advising 3 or Scholarship and Professional Activities and no unsatisfactory ratings
RECOMMENDED. A personal touch can have a huge impact in terms of repeat sales so, if you have time, why not include a short hand-written note thanking the customer for their purchase.
RECOMMENDED. X. XXXXXXXXX County Administrative Officer Attachments: Agreement ADM-29 cc: County Fire Chief Xxxxxxxx County Fire Department Advisory Commission Santa Xxxx Consolidated Emergency Communication Center “51% COUNTY OF SANTA CRUL