Quote Sample Clauses

Quote. 1.1. The Seller shall sell and deliver and the Buyer shall buy and take delivery of one (1) A319-100 aircraft, eleven (11) A320-200 aircraft and fourteen (14) A321-200 aircraft (respectively the “2010 A319 Aircraft”, the “2010 A320 Aircraft” and the “2010 A321 Aircraft”) upon the terms and conditions contained in this Amendment No.9 (hereinafter for the purposes of this Amendment No.9 collectively the “2010 Incremental Aircraft”)
Quote. Overview
Quote. Any quotation given by CNG shall not constitute an offer, and is only valid on the date of issue.
Quote. 1.1 The Lender shall make available to the Borrower a loan in the lawful currency of the United States of America (“
Quote. The User must request KCSM a quote of the Rate of Service and, if any, of the Various Services Rate to which effect it must indicate at least the Specifications of the Freight, the Points of Origin and Destination, the Volume of the Freight, the Various Services required as well as the type of Railroad Equipment the User deems necessary for the rendering of the Service. The User may request that quote referred in this Section through (i) request through e-mail to the sales area of KCSM or through the Customer Solutions Center; or (ii) request through telephone or fax to the Customer Solutions Center of KCSM telephone number 00-00-0000-0000. Once KCSM receives the quote request, it will confirm to the User the availability of the Railroad Equipment and, if any, assign the Service Rate and/or Various Services Rate in question and will send it to the User for acceptance, together with the User code and password, by which the User may access My KCS via the site xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx in order to fill and send the relevant Service Request. KCSM will consider accepted the Service Rate and/or Various Services Rate at the time the User fills and sends the Service Request to KCSM through Internet or fax or e-mail to the Client Service Centre of KCSM, in which the User must make an express reference to the Service Rate and/or the Various Services Rate assigned previously by KCSM. At any time KCSM may change the Service Rate and/or Various Services Rate prior written notification made in such terms by KCSM to the User.
Quote. 5.1 On the Loan undrawn at any time the Borrower shall pay to the Lender a commitment fee at a rate of 0.75 % (in words: zero point seventy-five per cent) per annum payable in arrears quarterly from the date of conclusion of this Loan Agreement during the entire disbursement phase and shall be calculated on the basis of the unutilized amount of the aggregate of (i) Loan Part 1 as per Sub-Article 1.1 hereof and (ii) with regard to Loan Part 2 the “Amended Expected Amount of Loan Part 2” (being an amount of USD 38,191,253.92) UNQUOTE
Quote every quote and/or offer issued by GoodHabitz to the Client relating to the provision of any Service or product, including the provision of online services and associated matters.
Quote. 12.9.1 The Lessor warrants that each Leased Part will at the time of delivery thereof:
Quote the current price of a financial Asset. Information about Quotes is reflected in the Client’s Trading Terminal.