Pull Sample Clauses

Pull out operators who select only one (1) pull-out on Saturday or Sunday, will be paid time and one-half (1½) for work done in addition for such pullouts on Saturday or Sunday.
Pull. Time and Casual employees who are hired into full-time positions shall be considered on a trial period in their new position for the first ninety (90) calendar days following the date of appointment to the new position. During this trial period, the Employee may be returned to the former (part-time or casual) position if not considered capable, or may request to be returned to the former (part-time or casual) position, without loss of seniority and at the former rate of pay.

Related to Pull

  • System Timeout The system providing access to PHI COUNTY discloses to 11 CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY 12 must provide an automatic timeout, requiring re-authentication of the user session after no more than 13 twenty (20) minutes of inactivity.

  • Grievance Processing Union stewards or Union officials shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for the investigation and processing of grievances and arbitrations. Requests for such time off shall be made in advance and shall not be unreasonably denied. The Union will furnish the Employer with a list of Union stewards and their jurisdictions. The Union shall delineate the jurisdiction of Union stewards so that no xxxxxxx need travel between work locations or sub-divisions thereof while investigating grievances. Grievants shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for processing their grievances through the contractual grievance procedure, except that for class action grievances no more than three (3) grievants shall be granted such leave.

  • Shipments The Vendor shall ship, deliver or provide ordered products or services within a commercially reasonable time after the receipt of the order from the TIPS Member. If a delay in said delivery is anticipated, the Vendor shall notify TIPS Member as to why delivery is delayed and shall provide an estimated time for completion of the order. TIPS or the requesting entity may cancel the order if estimated delivery time is not acceptable or not as agreed by the parties.

  • CONTRACT XXXXXXXX Contractor and the distributors/resellers designated by the Contractor, if any, shall provide complete and accurate billing invoices to each Authorized User in order to receive payment. Xxxxxxxx for Authorized Users must contain all information required by the Contract and the State Comptroller. The State Comptroller shall render payment for Authorized User purchases, and such payment shall be made in accordance with ordinary State procedures and practices. Payment of Contract purchases made by Authorized Users, other than Agencies, shall be billed directly by Contractor on invoices/vouchers, together with complete and accurate supporting documentation as required by the Authorized User. Submission of an invoice and payment thereof shall not preclude the Commissioner from reimbursement or demanding a price adjustment in any case where the Product delivered is found to deviate from the terms and conditions of the Contract or where the billing was inaccurate. Contractor shall provide, upon request of the Commissioner, any and all information necessary to verify the accuracy of the xxxxxxxx. Such information shall be provided in the format requested by the Commissioner and in a media commercially available from the Contractor. The Commissioner may direct the Contractor to provide the information to the State Comptroller or to any Authorized User of the Contract.

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.

  • Equipment Procurement If responsibility for construction of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities or System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades is to be borne by the Connecting Transmission Owner, then the Connecting Transmission Owner shall commence design of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities or System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades and procure necessary equipment as soon as practicable after all of the following conditions are satisfied, unless the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner otherwise agree in writing:

  • Closeout The Subrecipient’s obligation to the City shall not end until all closeout requirements are completed. Activities during the close-out period shall include, but are not limited to, making final payments, submitting final reimbursement request and final activity/accomplishment report to the City, disposing of project assets (including the return of all equipment, and receivable accounts to the City), and determining the custodianship of records. Grant closeout is not considered final until the City is fully satisfied that project objectives have been met, at which point the City will issue a close-out/grant finalization letter to the Subrecipient.

  • Network Upgrades The Transmission Owner shall design, procure, construct, install, and own the Network Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. If the Transmission Owner and the Interconnection Customer agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct Network Upgrades that are located on land owned by the Interconnection Customer. Unless the Transmission Owner elects to pay for Network Upgrades, the actual cost of the Network Upgrades, including overheads, shall be borne initially by the Interconnection Customer.

  • PROCUREMENT CARD The State has entered into an agreement for purchasing card services. The Purchasing Card enables Authorized Users to make authorized purchases directly from a Contractor without processing Purchase Orders or Purchase Authorizations. Purchasing Cards are issued to selected employees authorized to purchase for the Authorized User and having direct contact with Contractors. Cardholders can make purchases directly from any Contractor that accepts the Purchasing Card. The Contractor shall not process a transaction for payment through the credit card clearinghouse until the purchased Products have been shipped or services performed. Unless the cardholder requests correction or replacement of a defective or faulty Product in accordance with other Contract requirements, the Contractor shall immediately credit a cardholder’s account for Products returned as defective or faulty.

  • Backlog Set forth on Schedule 2.13 is the backlog of orders that the Company is to ship or contract work to be performed as of the date hereof (the "Backlog"). The Company either possesses sufficient inventory of parts, materials and personnel to produce the same within their scheduled delivery dates or such parts or materials have lead times such that the Company can acquire such parts and materials in time to produce and ship or perform such backlog in accordance with the scheduled performance dates.