Project Facilities Sample Clauses

Project Facilities. 2.2.1 The Concessionaire shall develop the Project comprising of the Project Facilities as described in detail in Schedule 3 (“Project Facilities”) which include Mandatory Development Obligations and Optional Project Facilities.
Project Facilities. The Project includes an advance recycled water treatment plant, which is located at the SMWD’s Finisterra Recycled Water pump Station site. The plant with a design capacity of 600 AFY includes micro screens, microfiltration or ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation, and chemical pH adjustment to reduce nitrogen loading to the lake. No storage feature is included in the plant because it is designed to provide peak summer demand to the lake. The brine from the plant is discharged either into an existing 12-inch sewer line, through a dedicated brine line that conveys the brine downstream of the plant, or a brine concentrator that reduces the water content of the brine.
Project Facilities. 1. The Concessionaire shall be responsible for providing at least the following facilities and specialty services in the Hospital: {Project facilities applicable to Bhadrak}
Project Facilities. The concessionaire shall construct the project facilities prescribed in Schedule-C; briefly described below to form part of college campus Project. The project facilities shall include:  Toilet block (XXXXXX)  Tree plantation / Arboriculture  Water supply.  One number hard top of four xxxxxxx Vehicle to Authority during the Development and Construction Period.  Drinking Water [as per norms laid by Health department]  Security of site : round the clock The facilities and amenities will be comparable to global standards. It is extremely important that the facilities erected are architecturally beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, functionally efficient and operationally convenient as well as safe, in accordance to schedule-D.
Project Facilities. ‌ The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) has a number of facilities that can be made available to the research projects. The number of facilities is limited, however, so each facility must be booked in advance by the project. The first project to book a facility gains the right to its use. For some facilities a fee will be charged. A preliminary invoice will be issued at the time of booking. If the preliminary invoice is not paid within the specified time (current month plus 10 days), the booking will be cancelled without notice. A final invoice or credit note will be issued after completion of the use of the facility. The project facilities include the following: • Work space (shared office space at GINR, including PC with Internet and printer access) • Laboratories (lab xxxx etc. must be supplied by the project) • Accommodations • Small boats with or without xxxxxxx as arranged • Large boats, including xxxxxxx • Snowmobiles • Cars Current terms, conditions, and prices are available on request from the centre’s logistics department. All special equipment – CTDs, ADCPs, GPS devices, etc. – and consumables necessary for the completion of the project should, as a rule, be provided by individual projects. It will be possible, however, to borrow equipment by arrangement with the centre coordinator, provided that it is available at GCRC and is not being used for other purposes.
Project Facilities. The facility to be developed by the concessionaire is to set up a Paunch Waste treatment facility comprising of a biomethanation plant having a capacity of processing 70 TPD of Paunch Waste (“Project”) being generated at the Ghazipur Xxxxxxxxx House.
Project Facilities. The project facilities or amenities at the Bus Terminal premises shall consist of, but not limited to, the following: Sr. No. Facilities Minimum Requirement BUS TERMINAL REQUIREMENTS 1 Bus Circulation and Parking of Buses ( at Ground Floor) Boarding Bays 50 Bays Ideal Bays/ Maintenance Bays 28 Bays 2 Bus Terminal Building
Project Facilities. 2.2.1 The Concessionaire shall develop the Project comprising of the Project Facilities as described in detail in Schedule 3 (“Project Facilities”).