Project Designer Sample Clauses

Project Designer. Designer shall name a specific individual to act as Project Designer, subject to the approval of City. Designer hereby designates Derek McKee, RLA (License No. CA 4148) to act as the Project Designer/Principal in Charge, for the Project. The Project Designer shall: (1) maintain oversight of the Services; (2) have full authority to represent and act on behalf of the Designer for all purposes under this Agreement; (3) supervise and direct the Services using his or her best skill and attention; (4) be responsible for the means, methods, techniques, sequences and procedures used for the Services; (5) adequately coordinate all portions of the Services; and (6) act as principal contact with City and all contractors, consultants, engineers and inspectors on the Project. Any change in the Project Designer shall be subject to the City’s prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The new Project Designer shall be of at least equal competence as the prior Project Designer. In the event that City and Designer cannot agree as to the substitution of a new Project Designer, City shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement for cause.
Project Designer. Mr. Stockwell’s project experience includes nearly all aspects of the municipal engineering field. As the designated City Engineer for various municipalities over the term of his career, Mr. Stockwell has been very involved in municipal policy and standards as related to the construction of public works including sanitary sewer, storm sewer and drainage, water systems, and streets. His experience includes feasibility planning, cost estimating, project management, design, construction staking, and construction administration.
Project Designer i) Role and responsibilities of a project designer. (ii) Development and implementation of an occupant protection plan for large scale abatement projects. (iii) Lead-based paint abatement and lead-based paint hazard reduction methods, including restricted practices for large-scale abatement projects. (iv) Interior dust abatement/cleanup or lead hazard control and reduction methods for large-scale abatement projects. (v) Clearance standards and testing for large scale abatement projects. (vi) Integration of lead-based paint abatement methods with modernization and rehabilitation projects for large scale abatement projects.
Project Designer. Designer shall name a specific individual to act as Project Designer, subject to the approval of City. Designer hereby designates [INSERT NAME OF INDIVIDUAL DESIGNER] (License No. [INSERT NUMBER]) to act as the Project Designer for the Project. The Project Designer shall: (1) maintain oversight of the Services; (2) have full authority to represent and act on behalf of the Designer for all purposes under this Agreement;
Project Designer. Using the sufficiency manual and VisiData, reviews the site and requests a pavement evaluation.
Project Designer. The person, firm or corporation retained by CITY to design and engineer the project, to draft specifications, plans and perform other project design functions. References in the Contract Documents to the Project Designer, Architect, Design Engineer or Engineer, all generally mean the Project Designer.

Related to Project Designer

  • Project Deliverables The Contractor shall provide each of the following deliverables in writing to the City for review and approval to achieve the project objectives.

  • Project Development a. Collaborate with COUNTY and project clients to identify requirements and develop a project Scope Statement.

  • Project Description The Interconnection Customer is constructing a 15 MW solar powered facility (“Small Generating Facility”) located in the town of Boonville in Lewis County, New York. The Small Generating Facility is to consist of six (6) Power Electronics FS2800CU15 2.5MW / 2.8MVA solar inverters, each connected to a 2.8MVA 34.5kV/645V pad mount transformer with integral disconnect and fuses. The transformers will be fed on a single 34.5kV circuit back to a collector substation (“North Country Solar Collector Station”) using a mix of overhead and underground feeder lines (“Collection Feeder Lines”). The proposed Point of Interconnection (“POI”) for the Small Generating Facility is the 46kV bus at the Connecting Transmission Owner’s existing Boonville Station. The Point of Change of Ownership (“PCO”) shall be at the line side connection of the generator disconnect switch located on the Interconnection Customer’s disconnect switch structure. The POI and PCO are detailed in Figure 1 in Attachment 3.

  • Construction Phase Services The Construction Phase shall be deemed to commence upon the date specified in a written Notice to Proceed issued by Owner after approval of the Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal and shall continue until Final Completion of all Work. Pre-Construction Phase Services may overlap Construction Phase Services. Contractor shall not incur any Subcontractor costs for construction of the Project prior to issuance by Owner of written authorization to commence such Work. Contractor shall perform the following Construction Phase Services:

  • PROJECT SERVICES Landlord shall furnish services as follows:

  • Development of the Project 4.1 TSP's obligations in development of the Project: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the TSP at its own cost and expense shall observe, comply with, perform, undertake and be responsible:

  • Project The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall cause the Project to be carried out by the Project Implementing Entity in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions and the Project Agreement. Without limitation upon the provisions of Section 3.01 of this Agreement, and except as the Recipient and the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.

  • Project Plan Development of Project Plan Upon the Authorized User’s request, the Contractor must develop a Project Plan. This Project Plan may include implementation personnel, installation timeframes, escalation procedures and an acceptance plan as appropriate for the services requested. Specific requirements of the plan will be defined in the RFQ. In response to the RFQ, the Contractor must agree to furnish all labor and supervision necessary to successfully perform services procured from this Lot. Project Plan Document The Contractor will provide to the Authorized User, a Project Plan that may contain the following items:  Name of the Project Manager, Contact Numbers and E-Mail Address;  Names of the Project Team Members, Contact Numbers and E-Mail Address;  A list of implementation milestones based on the Authorized User’s desired installation date;  A list of responsibilities of the Authorized User during system implementation;  A list of designated Contractor Authorized Personnel;  Escalation procedures including management personnel contact numbers;  Full and complete documentation of all implementation work;  Samples of knowledge transfer documentation; and  When applicable, a list of all materials and supplies required to complete the implementation described in the RFQ. Materials and Supplies Required to Complete Implementation In the event that there are items required to complete an Implementation, the Contractor may request the items be added to its Contract if the items meet the scope of the Contract. Negotiation of Final Project Plan If the Authorized User chooses to require a full Project Plan, the State further reserves the right for Authorized Users to negotiate the final Project Plan with the apparent RFQ awardee. Such negotiation must not substantively change the scope of the RFQ plan, but can alter timeframes or other incidental factors of the final Project Plan. Authorized User will provide the Contractor a minimum five business days’ notice of the final negotiation date. The Authorized User reserves the right to move to the next responsible and responsive bidder if Contractor negotiations are unsuccessful.