PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS. If Physician is a primary care physician, Physician shall coordinate the provision of Covered Services with other Participating Providers and monitor all Covered Services received by Covered Persons that Physician treats.
PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS. No primary care physician employed by the Company or the Partnership, on a full-time or part-time basis, has informed Company or Sellers of his or her intention to terminate such employment, and Sellers have no actual knowledge, directly or indirectly, that any such physician intends to terminate such employment.
PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS. In addition to those responsibilities of a PCP set forth in the agreement, all Providers who are PCP’s shall:
PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS. No primary care physician who provides medical care to 100 or more of Company's covered lives pursuant to the terms of a provider agreement by and between Company and such primary care physician ("Participating Provider") has informed Company or Seller of his or her intention to terminate the provider agreement, and Seller has no knowledge, directly or indirectly, that any Participating Provider intends to terminate such provider agreement. Further, Seller shall cooperate with Purchaser after the Closing to obtain reasonable amendments to each Participating Provider's provider agreement, including mutually agreeable language relating to the non-diversion and non-solicitation of Company's and Purchaser's members.


  • Primary Care Clinic Employees and each of their covered dependents must individually elect a primary care clinic within the network of providers offered by the plan administrator chosen by the employee. Employees and their dependents may elect to change clinics within their clinic’s Benefit Level as often as the plan administrator permits and as outlined above.

  • Hospital Any institution legally licensed as a medical or surgical facility in the country in which it is located, that is a) primarily engaged in providing diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for clinical and surgical diagnosis, treatment and care of injured and sick persons by or under the supervision of a staff of physicians; and b) not a place of rest, a place for the aged, a nursing or convalescent home or institution, or a long-term care facility. HOSPITAL SERVICES: Hospital staff, nurses, scrub nurses, standard private or semi-private room and board, and other medically necessary treatments or services ordered by a physician for the insured who is admitted to a hospital. These services also include local calls, TV, and newspapers. Private nurse and standard private room upgrade to a suite or junior suite are not included in hospital services.

  • Pharmacy Pharmacy hereby represents that neither Pharmacy, nor, to the best of Pharmacy’s knowledge, Pharmacist, Pharmacy’s employees, agents or independent contractors involved in the provision of services have been excluded from participation in any Federally-funded health care programs, including, but not limited to, Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Family Care and Medical Leave An unpaid Family Care and Medical Leave shall be granted, to the extent of and subject to the restrictions as set forth below, to an employee who has been employed for at least 12 months and who has served for 130 workdays during the 12 months immediately preceding the effective date of the leave. For purposes of this Section, furlough days and days worked during off-basis time shall count as "workdays". Family Care and Medical Leave absences of 20 consecutive working days or less can be granted by the immediate administrator or designee. Leaves of 20 or more consecutive working days can be granted only by submission of a formal leave application to the Personnel Commission.

  • Chiropractic Services This plan covers chiropractic visits up to the benefit limit shown in the Summary of Medical Benefits. The benefit limit applies to any visit for the purposes of chiropractic treatment or diagnosis.

  • Medical Examination Where the Employer requires an employee to submit to a medical examination or medical interview, it shall be at the Employer's expense and on the Employer's time, other than a medical examination required under Section 1.4 of Appendix 2.

  • Medical Care Leave Employees may be allowed to use weekly indemnity credits in order to engage in personal preventative medical health and dental care. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided adequate notice is given in advance. On request, employees will be required to provide proof of attendance for the preventative medical or dental care concerned.

  • Hospice g. Individuals whose permanent residence and principal work location are outside the State of Minnesota and outside of the service areas of the health plans participating in Advantage. If these individuals use the plan administrator’s national preferred provider organization in their area, services will be covered at Benefit Level Two. If a national preferred provider is not available in their area, services will be covered at Benefit Level Two through any other provider available in their area. If the national preferred provider organization is available but not used, benefits will be paid at the POS level described in paragraph “i” below. All terms and conditions outlined in the Summary of Benefits will apply.

  • HEALTH PROGRAM 3701 Health examinations required by the Employer shall be provided by the Employer and shall be at the expense of the Employer. 3702 Time off without loss of regular pay shall be allowed at a time determined by the Employer for such medical examinations and laboratory tests, provided that these are performed on the Employer’s premises, or at a facility designated by the Employer. 3703 With the approval of the Employer, a nurse may choose to be examined by a physician of her/his own choice, at her/his own expense, as long as the Employer receives a statement as to the fitness of the nurse from the physician. 3704 Time off for medical and dental examinations and/or treatments may be granted and such time off, including necessary travel time, shall be chargeable against accumulated income protection benefits.

  • Patient Care Without limiting any other provision hereof, the Participant and that Participant’s Authorized Users shall be solely responsible for all decisions and actions taken or not taken involving patient care, utilization management, and quality management for their respective patients and clients resulting from or in any way related to the use of the System or the Services or the data made available thereby. Neither the Participant nor any Authorized User shall have any recourse against, and shall waive, any claims against Redwood MedNet for any loss, damage, claim, or cost relating to or resulting from its own use or misuse of the System and/or the Services or the data made available thereby.