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Posts. The tracking system is secured to steel posts, also known as piles, which serve as the foundation. The piles are driven or screwed into the ground to a depth of approximately eight to 10 feet depending on site specific soil conditions.
Posts. Permanent mounting height of seven (7’) feet- Posts for all interim signs shall meet the requirements of Section 911 except that green or silver paint may be used in lieu of galvanization for steel posts or structural shape posts. Within the limits of a single project, all metal posts shall be the same color. Wood posts are not required to be pressure treated. Ground mounted sign(s) greater than nine
Posts. Nothing in this Convention shall affect the fiscal privileges for heads of diplomatic missions and consuls and diplomatic agents or consular officers under the general rules of international law or under the provisions of special agreements.
Posts. 5.1. The Influencer represents and warrants that each Post:
Posts. 2.1. Subject to the remainder of this agreement, the Owner may post any Post.
Posts. 2.1. YachtZap may reject or withdraw any Post, any time and for any reason, and without giving notice or explanation to the Client, and without incurring any liability on the part of YachtZap.
Posts. The Employer may place employees at posts in areas it deems appropriate for its business activities and at its sole discretion, provide alternate posting facilities for the purpose of providing restroom facilities. The Employer agrees to establish a joint Employer-Union System Status Planning Committees in each operation to review issues regarding posting facilities. At least one member of each committee shall be a union xxxxxxx.
Posts. The other party notice, pursuant to the provisions of this agreement, submitted in writing by registered mail or by e-mail, at the address indicated below: To - BGI. Investments (1961) Ltd.: [removed] IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed: /s/ Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Hirsnboim /s/ BGI Investments (1961) Ltd. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Hirsnboim BGI Investments (1961) Ltd. ____________________ BG Alpha Limited Partnership Appendix 1 a share purchase agreement Written instructions to the Trustee In honor to Xxxxx Xxxxxx
Posts. Phase I fee includes up to five (5) post-placement/adoption visits for one child; additional posts will be charged a fee of $350 per visit • A fee of $100 will be charged for each additional child per visit if posts are conducted concurrently $400 Upon placement if more than 5 posts are required and/or adoption of more than 1 child $100 Mileage: If Participants reside more than 100 miles from either Agency’s main office (60660) or its downstate workers, they will be charged for each mile beyond 100 miles traveled. This fee is based on the IRS rates. 62.5 cents per mile Prior to each home visit Expedited Fee (For emergencies only): Agency can expedite the Home Study process and visit to your home under extenuating circumstances only. Criminal clearances, references, medical releases, etc. may delay completion of the final Home Study, as our agency cannot expedite these items. $900 Upon submission of Agency Application Reactivation Fee Families on hold for more than 12 months will be required to pay a Reactivation Fee prior to resuming active status. The Reactivation Fee applies only to families who have completed the Initial Application Interview and were assigned a Home Study Worker. This fee applies to families who stop communicating with ACI, those who voluntarily go on hold, as well as families who give birth to a child or adopt independent of ACI home study services. $1,500 Upon reactivation of case Third Party Fees to Complete Home Study (Estimated fees that are not paid to Agency) Service Amount Due Illinois State and FBI Fingerprinting $57.45 each At Fingerprinting Site State Child Abuse Checks $0-$30 each Varies by State Submission of Child Abuse Checks Documents: (copies of birth certificates, marriage license, divorce decree, employment verifications, etc.) Varies Request for Document from Issuing Entity Medical Exam Co-pay At Medical Visit If adopting internationally, Participants will be responsible for payment of additional costs, expenses and fees payable predominately to the Primary Provider (PP). The below are estimates and the PP will be responsible for providing Participants estimates for the following fees including, but not limited to: Third Party Fees for International Adoption – Home Study Only For Participants NOT Using Agency as a Primary Provider Passport (For applicants without current US passport) $110 per person USCIS application All U.S. families must receive approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) befor...
Posts. Author is submitting various writings for the Company to consider posting to the Site from time to time (the “Work”), which may include articles, blogs and other content. Company hereby agrees to consider posting Author’s Work on the Site or on other sites affiliated with the Company, in exchange for the rights granted to the Company hereunder by Author. It is within the sole and absolute discretion of Company as to whether or not it uses or continues to post to a Web site any of the Work, and Company may remove the Author-posted Work from its Web site or other sites affiliated with the Company at any time for any reason without notice.