Surety Sample Clauses

Surety. The person, firm, or corporation that executes as surety Developer’s Performance Bond and Payment Bond, and must be a California admitted surety insurer as defined in the Code of Civil Procedure section 995.120.
Surety. As additional security for its obligations under this PPP Agreement, the Private Party shall procure that each of the Shareholders shall, on or before the Signature Date, execute the Suretyship in terms of which each of the Shareholders shall bind itself as surety for the Private Party and co-principal debtor in solidum with the Private Party to SANParks for the due and punctual performance by the Private Party of its obligations under this PPP Agreement.
Surety. The corporation, partnership, or individual, other than the Contractor, executing payment or performance bonds which are furnished to the Owner by the Contractor.
Surety. Bonding shall be provided as required by the Code and applicable ordinances and regulations. This Agreement shall not affect such requirements except as specifically provided herein, and to provide for joint and severable liability and to make clear that all requirements shall be binding on any mortgagees, successors or assigns. Irrevocable letters of credit in such form and issued by such institutions as may be acceptable by the City shall serve as appropriate surety against failure to perform.
Surety. In the event of the Lessee being a Company / Close Corporation, at the date of signature of this Offer to Lease then the Lessee warrants that its Directors / Shareholders / Members shall bind themselves as sureties and co- principal debtors in solidum with the Lessee for the due performance of the Lessee’s obligations, in terms of the Lessor’s standard Deed of Suretyship.
Surety. Prior to beginning construction of the Extensions, Developer shall furnish to the City a Performance Bond between Developer and the City, in the form approved by the City, in an amount equal to the estimated cost of the Extensions in existing public rights-of-way and any temporary erosion and sediment control. The performance bond shall assure and guarantee compliance with this Agreement, the satisfactory completion of all Extensions, payment of all fees required herein, restoration of any impacted pre-existing City facilities in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and shall hold the City harmless from any claims resulting therefrom. Developer may provide the City with a cash deposit in lieu of the performance bond required herein. No construction shall be commenced until the cash deposit is accepted by the City. This cash deposit shall be conditioned and held subject to the same terms as the Performance Bond, and will be refunded to Developer upon satisfactory completion of the Extensions and connection of the Extensions to the existing system; provided, that in the event pre-existing City facilities have not been repaired or restored as required by this Agreement, the City may, in addition to any other rights it may have, retain the total amount of the cash deposit as liquidated damages or such portion of said deposit as may be necessary to defray such costs.
Surety. The surety company or individual which is bound by the performance bond and payment bond with and for Contractor who is primarily liable, and which surety company or individual is responsible for Contractor's acceptable and timely performance and completion of the Work under this Agreement and for the payment of all debts pertaining thereto in accordance with Section 255.05, Florida Statutes.
Surety. The Charter School shall maintain a surety bond throughout the entirety of its charter term and six months following the conclusion of the charter term to assure the faithful performance of the duties of the school and its employees, including the fulfillment of Charter School’s obligations in closing the financial affairs in the event the school ceases operation. The bond shall be in an amount no less than $200,000.00 to be payable to the State of Georgia through the State Charter Schools Commission. The bond shall be furnished by a company authorized to do business in Georgia. The provisions of this subsection shall not be interpreted to preclude Charter School from obtaining liability insurance coverage or surety or fidelity bonds in addition to or in excess of the requirements of this subsection.
Surety. The Surety hereby, under renunciation of the benefits of divisionis seu excussionis with the full meaning and effect of which he declares himself to be fully acquainted, binds himself as surety and co-principal debtor in solidum with the Lessee in favour of the Lessor for the due and punctual performance of the Lessee's obligations to the Lessor in terms of this agreement. No variation or amendment or novation of this agreement shall prejudice the surety obligation hereby undertaken by the Surety, the object being that the Surety shall at all times be liable as surety and co-principal debtor even if this agreement is varied or amended or novated and even if the Lessee is granted an indulgence by the Lessor.
Surety. If the purchaser under this agreement is a trust, company or close corporation, or if the purchaser signs in the capacity of a trustee for a company or close corporation to be formed, then the signatory of this agreement agrees to be personally bound as surety and co-principal debtor with the purchaser for all the purchaser's obligations under the agreement.