Pictures Sample Clauses

Pictures. The following pictures are suggested to be taken, retained, and made available to Program staff for field quality inspection (FQI)) or otherpurposes.  Front of the house from street showing whole house (mandatory for report). The picture on the front of the CEA report must be of the actual home located at the address and not a generic template photo.  All equipment data plates (HVAC, water heating, etc.)  Pre- and post-monometer readings in cubic feet per minute (CFM) for ducts and air infiltration, taken side-by-side with top portion of project completion form w/address & name visible  Pictures of any major issues, e.g., water damage, mold, air leakage, duct leakage etc.  Pictures of proposed retrofit areas (attics, basements, HVAC equipment, DHW’s)
Pictures. You may hang pictures and place pictures hooks in the walls using the smallest nail that can be safely used. Never use tape or adhesive hangers; removing tape is much more damaging, and therefore more costly to repair, than nail holes.
Pictures. The undersigned hereby grants and shall allow RHA the right to use the picture of , alone or with others, to be taken and used for all forms of publicity, reproduction and promotion, including but not limited to motion pictures, television, still photographs or other display, to be used at such time(s) as RHA designates. Such pictures shall belong to and may be used by RHA solely for their promotional purposes.
Pictures. Beacon will deliver to Universal and Universal will accept up to twenty (20) theatrical motion pictures during the Term (individually "Picture" and collectively "Pictures"), but Universal will not be obligated to accept delivery of more than four (4) Pictures per year, and each Picture must conform to Universal's customary production specifications (including, without limitation, MPAA rating, running time, cover shots for television and other versions, compliance with laws, timely delivery and delivery requirements). With respect to running time requirements, each Picture must have a running time of not less than ninety (90) minutes and not more than one hundred twenty (120) minutes (exclusive of main and end titles); provided, however, that not more than once per year Universal will consider increasing the running time for a Picture directed by a director who has previously been accorded final cutting rights by a major studio, and on an occasional basis during the Term, Universal will consider Beacon's request to increase a Picture's running time due to the Picture's scope and/or subject matter. Universal will only be obligated to accept Pictures which commence principal photography during the Term; provided, however, that in no event will Universal be obligated to accept a Picture which is delivered more than one (1) year after the conclusion of the Term. Attached hereto as Exhibit "1" is a list of theatrical motion pictures (for which the distribution rights for the Territory [as defined below] are owned or controlled by a third party) which shall be deemed excluded from this agreement.
Pictures. By entering into the Agreement, the Participant acknowledges, on his/her behalf and on behalf of any person or persons who attend the Course pursuant to the Agreement, that pictures might be taken during the Course, in the sole discretion of Deployment Matters, for Deployment Matters’s sole use and benefit. Participant hereby agrees and consents to being shown in the pictures without any compensation, and without any further notice, consent or approval.
Pictures. Product shall consist of all television motion pictures and mini-series as defined herein (each a "Picture," collectively "Pictures") controlled by Distribution during the Term. A motion picture shall be product with a two-hour commercial broadcast time in a U.S. time slot. A mini-series shall be product with longer than a two-hour commercial broadcast time in a U.S. time slot. With respect to each Crown Media territory, a Picture will be deemed to be either: (a) a "Library Picture" if it completed or will complete principal photography any time prior to the launch in such Crown Media territory (as defined in Section 3(a) hereof) of the Channel (as defined in Section 3(a) hereof) or (b) a "New Picture" if it completed or will complete principal photography after the launch in such Crown Media territory (as defined in Section 3(a) hereof) of the Channel (as defined in Section 3(a) hereof) and before expiration of the Term as defined below.
Pictures. The pictures which are part of the Agreement (the "Pictures") include the titles attached hereto on Exhibits A through L, as well as any picture delivered to OFG within the Term of the Agreement, excluding only those pictures which OFG determines to sell all rights in the Territory to one buyer (an "All Rights Sale Exception") and those pictures which are "Excluded Pictures" as defined below. With respect to each All Rights Sales Exception only, BMG shall have a right of first negotiation. With respect to each Picture, OFG shall inform BMG of its release plans in the Territory, such release plans will generally fall into two categories. The first category shall be those Pictures which are expected to be released theatrically as the first window of exploitation in the U.S., including any Picture released theatrically by OFG doing business as First Look Pictures (a "Theatrical Release Picture"). The second category shall be those Pictures which are not expected to be released theatrically in the U.S. as the first window of exploitation (a "Non-Theatrical Release Picture"). With respect to each Picture, OFG and BMG shall negotiate in good faith in order to reach an agreed level of ^ and based upon the ^ as described below, the ^ which OFG shall earn ^. In the event, OFG and BMG cannot agree on the ^ after good faith negotiation, OFG shall be entitled to remove such picture from the terms of this Agreement (an "Excluded Picture"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, OFG agrees that, with respect to any Excluded Picture, OFG will provide to BMG the significant financial terms of any bona fide third party offer which OFG intends to accept, if the terms of any such third party offer (the "Qualifying Third Party Offer") includes a ^ of gross receipts to OFG which is not at least ^ more than the Guarantee (as defined below). BMG will then have the right (the ^ ) to offer distribution of the Excluded Picture on ^ and ^ as the Qualifying Third Party Offer. The ^ shall be exercised, if at all, by BMG giving OFG notice within three business days of its receipt of a summary of the Qualifying Third Party Offer. In the event BMG exercises its ^, OFG shall be obligated to accept the BMG offer made by way of the ^ . BMG and OFG warrant and agree to keep the terms of any Qualifying Third Party Offer and the ^ of this Agreement (as well as any other material business provision of this Agreement) completely and highly confidential. Additionally, with respect to any Excluded Picture...
Pictures. Pixar and Disney agree to develop, produce, finance and distribute five (5) computer-animated feature-length theatrical motion pictures ("Picture(s)") pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. Pixar and Disney hereby designate the picture currently entitled Bugs as the first Picture hereunder. 2.
Pictures. All pictures shown on MAISHI's Company Websites, B2B Platfroms, SNS Promotion Websites, Catalogues and all other Promotion Websites are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may also appear different to shown on the sites and catalogues. If orders are created based on pictures only, please be sure to contact MAISHI's sales team in advance. All pictures are copyrighted and reserved, users may obtain permission to use them on the condition of crediting the source of picture: MAISHI's Company Websites, B2B Platfroms, SNS Promotion Websites, Catalogues etc.
Pictures. After each set of 4 words you will be shown a picture. Some of these will be quite emotional and/or aversive. After seeing each picture, you will be asked to rate how the picture makes you feel using the left and right arrow key on the keyboard. You will be given 5 seconds to do this. You will see 2 sets of cartoon figures, each arranged as below. These cartoons show two kinds of feelings: Pleasant vs. Unpleasant Please choose the cartoon on the far left if the picture makes you feel very positive, for example, happy, pleased, or hopeful. Choose the far right if the picture makes you feel very negative, for example, unhappy, annoyed, or despairing. If you feel somewhere in between please select the figure in the middle. Excited vs. Calm For the second set of cartoons, please chose the cartoon on the far left if the picture makes you feel very alert, jittery or aroused and the far right if the picture makes you feel very calm, relaxed or dull. For either set of cartoons, if your feeling falls between 2 of the figures, then select the space inbetween. The cursor will not appear until you have pressed the arrow key and then it will appear in a random position. The program will record the position of the cursor at 5 seconds which will be taken as your response. If you do not manage to respond, please don’t worry, and just continue with the task. Now you will get an opportunity to practice the task. If you are unsure what to do in any of the tasks please ask. You can practice the task as many times as you like, until you are confident with the task, including the sensing/judging distinction.