Performance Units Sample Clauses

Performance Units. Subject to the limitations set forth in paragraph (c) hereof, the Committee may in its discretion grant Performance Units to any Eligible Person and shall evidence such grant in an Award Agreement that is delivered to the Participant which sets forth the terms and conditions of the Award.
Performance Units. The Committee may, in its sole discretion, grant to Employees, Nonemployee Directors, and/or Independent Contractors Performance Units as additional compensation or in lieu of other compensation for services to the Company. A Performance Unit is a hypothetical share or shares of Common Stock represented by a notional account which shall be established and maintained (or caused to be established or maintained) by the Company for such Participant who receives a grant of Performance Units. Performance Units shall be subject to such terms and conditions as the Committee, in its sole discretion, determines appropriate including, without limitation, determining the performance goal or goals which, depending on the extent to which such goals are met, will determine the number and/or value of the Performance Units that will be accrued with respect to the Participant who has been granted Performance Units. Performance goals may be based on, without limitation, Company-wide, divisional and/or individual performance, as the Committee, in its sole discretion, may determine, and may be based on the performance measures listed in Section 12.3 below.
Performance Units. Upon a Change in Control or upon termination of the Executive's employment without cause during the Change in Control Period or voluntary termination by the Executive of the Executive's employment for Good Reason during the Change in Control Period, all Performance Units allocated to the Executive under the LTIP shall be issued or provided in the form of Shares to the Executive.
Performance Units. Subject to the terms of the Plan, the Committee shall designate the participants to whom long-term performance units (“Performance Units”) are to be awarded and determine the number of units and the terms and conditions of each such award. Each Performance Unit award shall entitle the participant to a payment in cash upon the attainment of performance goals and other terms and conditions specified by the Committee. Notwithstanding the satisfaction of any performance goals, the amount to be paid under a Performance Unit award may be adjusted by the Committee on the basis of such further consideration as the Committee in its sole discretion shall determine. The Committee may, in its discretion, substitute actual shares of common stock for the cash payment otherwise required to be made to a participant pursuant to a Performance Unit award.
Performance Units. Unless otherwise provided in this Article III, the Performance Units shall vest on the 15th of each calendar month, in equal monthly increments, over the period beginning on the Grant Date and ending on December 31, 2009 (the “Performance Cycle”).
Performance Units. Each award of Performance Units which is outstanding immediately prior to the Time of Distribution and was granted after July 16, 2015 (each, an “Exempt PUA Award”) will be converted upon the Time of Distribution into an OpCo Performance Unit award. The number of Performance Units subject to each OpCo Performance Unit award will be equal to the number of Performance Units subject to the corresponding Performance Unit award outstanding immediately prior to the Time of Distribution. Each OpCo Performance Unit Award issued pursuant to this Section 5.3(a) shall be subject to the same terms and conditions regarding term, vesting (as may be equitably adjusted), and other provisions as set forth in the related Performance Unit award before the Time of Distribution.
Performance Units. One-hundred percent (100%) of the Tranche 1 Performance Units shall become Vested Units upon the consummation of a Change in Control if the Advent Group achieves a MOIC equal to at least two (2), subject to the Participant’s continued employment with the Partnership or one of its Subsidiaries through the date of such Change in Control. For the avoidance of doubt, the Tranche 1 Performance Units shall not vest if the Advent Group receives Advent Cash Amounts resulting in a MOIC of less than two (2).
Performance Units. 8.1. The Committee is hereby authorized to grant Performance Units to Senior Executives, provided that the number of Performance Units granted to a Senior Executive during a calendar year shall not exceed the Individual Limitation when aggregated with other grants or awards made to that Senior Executive during that calendar year.
Performance Units. Colleague hereby accepts the Performance Units and agrees with respect thereto as follows:
Performance Units. If the Performance Units are not vested as of the date of termination, the Performance Units will remain outstanding until the 180th day following the date of termination (not to exceed the fifth anniversary of the Closing), and if the Test Date occurs prior to the last day of such 180-day period and the Investors meet the applicable Cumulative Total Return goal as of the Test Date, the Executive will vest in a number of Performance Units at such time as each applicable Cumulative Total Return goal is met. All other Performance Units will be forfeited. In the event that (i) the Company consummates an initial public offering of its equity interests prior to the third anniversary of the Closing and (ii) the Executive’s employment with the Company is terminated without Cause after the third anniversary of the Closing, then the unvested Performance Units shall remain outstanding until the Test Date. If the Performance Units remain outstanding but not yet vested as of the fifth anniversary of the Closing, they shall be forfeited.