Percentage Sample Clauses

Percentage. All fiscal quarter ends prior to the end of 3FQ03 320% 3FQ03 400% plus New Debt Step Up 4FQ03 400% plus New Debt Step Up 1FQ04 400% plus New Debt Step Up 2FQ04 375% plus New Debt Step Up All fiscal quarter ends after the end of 2FQ04 320%
Percentage. Annex 1 to SUBSIDIARY GUARANTEE ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT, dated as of ____ __, ______ made by ______________________________, a ______________ corporation (the "Additional Guarantor"), in favor of the Purchasers pursuant to the Purchase Agreement referred to below. All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in such Purchase Agreement.
Percentage. Shared teaching is only possible on a fifty percent (50%) fifty percent (50%) basis. Certificate One of the shared teachers must have a permanent contract with the Board.
Percentage. For purposes of bumping, a unit member can only bump into an equal or lower percentage of the same class.
Percentage. For calendar year 2002, the standard operating percentage for costs not related to the sale of Insurance or Insurance Products is 11.5%. For each subsequent year, the parties will set a mutually agreed upon standard percentage based on the prior year's costs. At the end of each calendar year, to the extent that actual costs vary from true cost, the parties will reconcile expenses pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. EXHIBIT C
Percentage. AA-/Aa3 or above .0750% Category 2 ---------- A+/A1 .1225% Category 3 ---------- A/A2 .1700% Category 4 ---------- A-/A3 .4150% Category 5 ---------- BBB/Baa2 .6350% Category 6 ---------- BBB-/Baa3 or below .8350% For purposes of the foregoing, (i) if neither Moody's nor S&P shall have in effect a rating for any Index Debt (other than by reason of the circumstances referred to in the last sentence of this definition), then both such rating agencies shall be deemed to have established ratings for such Index Debt in Category 6; (ii) if only one of Moody's and S&P shall have in effect a rating for any Index Debt, then the Applicable Margin, to the extent determined by reference to such Index Debt, shall be determined on the basis of such rating; (iii) if the ratings established or deemed to have been established by Moody's or S&P for any Index Debt shall fall within different Categories, the Applicable Margin shall be based on the Category corresponding to the higher rating unless the ratings differ by two or more Categories, in which case the Applicable Margin will be based upon the Category one level above the Category corresponding to the lower rating; and (iv) if any rating established or deemed to have been established by Moody's or S&P shall be changed (other than as a result of a change in the rating system of Moody's or S&P), such change shall be effective as of the date on which it is first announced by the applicable rating agency. Each change in the Applicable Margin shall apply during the period commencing on the effective date of such change and ending on the date immediately preceding the effective date of the next such change. If the rating system of Moody's or S&P shall change, or if any such rating agency shall cease to be in the business of rating corporate debt obligations, Alcoa and the Lenders shall negotiate in good faith to amend the references to specific ratings in this definition to reflect such changed rating system or the non-availability of ratings from such rating agency, and pending the effectiveness of any such amendment, the ratings of such rating agency most recently in effect prior to such change or cessation shall be employed in determining the Applicable Margin.
Percentage. Tenant shall pay a rent increase of (choose number, 5, 10, 15 or 20) % of monthly rent due, to be applied to each month’s rent. << OR >>
Percentage. If my Primary Beneficiary(ies) is(are) deceased at my death, I designate the following as my Alternate Beneficiary(ies) under the terms of the above Plan. Alternate Beneficiary Beneficiary(ies) Address and Zip Code Birth Date Soc. Sec. No. Relationship
Percentage. In making such election to acquire Tendered Units, the Operating Partnership shall act in a fair, equitable and reasonable manner that neither prefers one group or class of Limited Partners over another nor discriminates against a group or class of Limited Partners. If the Operating Partnership elects to redeem any number of Tendered Units for REIT Shares, rather than cash, on the Specified Redemption Date, the Tendering Party shall sell such number of the Tendered Units to the GP Parent in exchange for a number of REIT Shares equal to the product of the REIT Shares Amount and the Applicable Percentage. The product of the Applicable Percentage and the REIT Shares Amount, if applicable, shall be delivered by the GP Parent as duly authorized, validly issued, fully paid and accessible REIT Shares free of any pledge, lien, encumbrance or restriction, other than the Ownership Limit (as calculated in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation) and other restrictions provided in the Article of Incorporation, the bylaws of the GP Parent, the Securities Act and relevant state securities or “blue sky” laws. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 8.5(a) and this Section 8.5(b), the Tendering Parties shall have no rights under this Agreement that would otherwise be prohibited under the Articles of Incorporation.
Percentage. The royalties payable to the Lessor under this Lease shall be on a well by well basis. As to each and every well completed as a producer of oil and/or gas on the Leased Premises or on lands pooled therewith, the royalties paid to Lessor shall be percent ( %) of all the oil, gas and casinghead gas and casinghead gasoline removed or recovered from the Leased Premises or, at Lessor’s option (which shall be presumed to be exercised unless Lessor advises Lessee to the contrary prior to any applicable production month) the Gross Proceeds (as hereinafter defined in paragraph (d)) of the total gross production attributable to the applicable well.