Payable Sample Clauses

Payable. At the time each Standby Credit is issued or increased and at the time the expiration date of any Standby Credit is extended. Amendment Fees: (Minimum $130) $130 for each amendment, unless the amendment is an increase in the Standby Credit amount or an extension of the expiration date, in which case the Commission Fee above will substitute for any Amendment Fee. Payable: At the time each amendment is issued. Negotiation/Payment/Examination Fees: (Minimum $250) 1/4 of 1% of the face amount of each drawing under each Standby Credit.
Payable. 8.1 LD for Shortfall Supply/Receive of Waste
Payable. Any payment received as Workers’ Compensation Benefits for absence for which the employee is paid or payable will be returned to the District so long as the employee receives full salary. Sick leave days shall be reinstated on a pro-rated basis using the ratio between the per diem advanced salary payment reimbursement provided by Workers’ Compensation and the per diem salary of the employee.
Payable. At the time any draft or other documents are negotiated, paid or examined. · Standby Credits:
Payable. Once earned, Broker's Fee will be payable, either during the term of this Listing or after its termination, at the earlier of any one of the following events: (i) the closing and funding of any sale or exchange of the Property; (ii) Seller's refusal to sell the Property in breach of this agreement; (iii) Seller's breach of this Listing; or (iv) at such time as otherwise set forth in this Listing. Broker's Fee will not be payable if a sale of the Property does not close or fund as a result of (i) Seller's failure, without fault of Seller, to deliver a title policy to a buyer; (ii) loss of ownership due to foreclosure or other legal proceeding; or (iii) Seller's failure to restore the Property, as a result of casualty loss, to its previous condition by the closing date set forth in a contract for the sale of the Property.
Payable. The payment of the use and occupancy charge, in the event of such Tenant holdover, shall not be deemed or construed to create a further relationship of Landlord and Tenant hereunder. Such sum shall not derogate from or diminish the additional damages resulting from Tenant's holdover as hereinabove provided. All Minimum Annual Rent and Additional Rent adjustments and executory covenants as in the Lease provided shall survive the Lease termination and surrender of the Demised Premises in accordance with their terms.
Payable. Borrower may borrow, repay and reborrow all or part of the Clean Advance Line in accordance with the terms of the Clean Advance Note (as such term is defined hereinbelow). The Clean Advance Line shall be evidenced by a promissory note (the "Clean Advance Note") on the standard form used by Bank to evidence its commercial loans. Bank shall enter each amount borrowed and repaid in Bank's records and such entries shall be deemed to be the amount of the Clean Advance Line outstanding. Omission by Bank to make any such entries shall not discharge Borrower of its obligation to repay amounts borrowed in full with interest.