Passes Sample Clauses

Passes. Section 1. Employees shall be issued annual passes authorizing free passage for such employee, the spouse, and dependents, as well as for such employee’s motor vehicle and recreation vehicle, including a trailer, on all vessels of the Employer.
Passes. Passes will be awarded only to those who make up the teams. The competitor is solely responsible for his companions.
Passes. The Host shall provide tournament passes for all tournament staff, officials and media covering the event. Hosts are only required to provide a maximum of four (4) passes for the participating team officials. MH will provide event passes for corporate sponsors, MH officials and MH volunteers.
Passes. No Exhibitor will be admitted to the Exhibition without producing to the gate officials the Exhibitor’s pass issued to him by the Organisers, who reserve the right, at their discretion, to withdraw the pass issued to any person if complaints have been received concerning that person’s conduct.
Passes. 11.1 Transportation shall be granted in accordance with the standard regulations of the Railway.
Passes. On the condition that Syufy Enterprises, LP is affiliated with Landlord, Tenant shall provide Landlord throughout the Term of the Lease (including any extension periods) with one hundred twenty-five (125) annual passes, each good for admission by bearer, plus a guest each year. The passes shall carry no surcharge or fee and shall not otherwise impose restrictions beyond those required by the film distribution companies. The passes shall provide admission to any of Tenant’s and Tenant’s affiliates’ theaters in the United States.
Passes. Each teacher shall receive a complimentary pass to all school sponsored events.
Passes. 11.1 Employees covered by this Agreement, and those dependent upon them for support, will be given free passenger rail transportation. This does not refer to special free transportation which may be issued to employees in train service on account of the necessary requirements of that service.
Passes. Landlord reserves the right to exclude from the Building at all time, other than the reasonable hours of the generally recognized business day as determined by Landlord, all persons who do not present a pass or other identification acceptable to Landlord.
Passes. Passes--or other suitable script--shall be issued to all active and retired employees and their spouse or domestic partner and dependents for use for their personal transportation. Such passes or script shall be reissued at regular intervals as prescribed in the work rules.