Parallel Sample Clauses

Parallel. In order to reserve to the Distributor’s pipeline(s) at least 20 feet of the Easement width, any and all utilities that parallel the Facilities shall not be permitted within 10 feet of the Facilities without prior written permission of the Distributor.
Parallel no power export: The Member operates a DG Facility connected in any way to the Cooperative System but with no intention to export power.
Parallel power generated to be both consumed and exported: The Member operates a DG Facility connected in any way to the Cooperative System designed primarily to serve the Member’s own load but with the intention to export excess power.
Parallel. Students work part-time (20 hrs./wk.) while attending school full-time for 3 consecutive semesters.
Parallel. Any and all utilities that parallel the Facilities shall not be located closer than 10 feet of the Facilities without prior, written permission of the Distributor.
Parallel. Interconnecting and operating “in parallel" with LADWP’s Electric System for longer than one second.
Parallel administration will not be established. The authority shall rest with the government of Pakistan. For solution of the problems, the Political Administration would be approached and that the Administration in collaboration with the Utmanzai Tribe would settle all problems in accordance with the provisions of the FCR (Frontier Crimes Regulation).
Parallel. Addressing Video (PAV) ------------------------------- Parallel Addressing Video is a technology that enables the user to select and call up video on a remote computer over a network without prior knowledge of the remote computer configuration. The current design is for use with removable media such as CD-ROM or DVD discs. The technology allows a hyperlink to be placed within a web page that upon selection (a click of the mouse) sends a small file to the remote computer. The associated software uses information contained in this small file to identify the "address" on the disc. The "address" is broken down into a specific disc volume label and the specific name of the file contained on it. It can identify the volume label, and, if not present, will prompt the user to insert the disc into any available drive. From the point of insertion, the disc can then be located and the media file found. This technology can also play audio files.
Parallel. Lines (Marking) Ltd reserves the right to alter, suspend or discontinue any part (or the whole of) the Website including, but not limited to, any products and/or services available. These terms and conditions shall continue to apply to any modified version of the Website unless it is expressly stated otherwise. Limitation of liability
Parallel teaching model - At Enlace, K-5 classrooms are taught by two licensed teachers who parallel teach in small groups. Having licensed and quality instructors in a small group setting are an added advantage to our instructional model. • What is the biggest opportunity for you in the coming months? Our current opportunity in the coming months is around socio-emotional learning. Having recognized that a vast population of our students experience trauma which can have a negative impact on their ability to be successful in our school, we are implementing a SEL (Socio-Emotional Learning) curriculum school-wide to help address our students needs, made possible through an awarded Xxxx xxxxx. We are hoping that with additional resources, including the training of our staff on the use of the curriculum, we can support the whole child educational experience at Enlace. • What highlight would you like to share with the board? This year, our school based decisions are focused around rigor, relevance, and relationships: ● Rigor: We will provide high quality instruction to our students through the use of research-based curriculum and instructional best practices. ● Relevance: This year, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a new course for all students at Enlace. Recent research shows that minorities are vastly underrepresented in STEM fields, so we are giving access to that at our school through this program in the hopes of opening new opportunities for the community that we serve. ● Relationships: Our relationships with our families are pivotal to our success. Through our Family Service Program, our families have donated over 821 hours this year since August. Our Latino Literacy Project has recently expanded to include our 2nd cohort of parents learning the English-language, including parents teaching parents! School name: Global Prep Academy @ Riverside 44 Prepared/presented by: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Innovation School since school-year: 2016-2017 Grades Served: PreK-6 (K-3 is GPA charter, PreK and 4-6 IPS corporation) Enrollment • ADM (Average Daily Membership) for 2016 school year - 494 • Projected enrollment for 2017 school year- 525 • 2017 ADM number - 509 • Brief explanation for dramatic gains/losses: Since we came to Riverside 44, there has been an increase in enrollment 26% of students currently enrolled do not live in the Riverside boundary. 15% of our students outside of the boundary are also outside of the IPS district and have elected to come to...