Parallel Sample Clauses

Parallel. In order to reserve to the Distributor’s pipeline(s) at least 20 feet of the Easement width, any and all utilities that parallel the Facilities shall not be permitted within 10 feet of the Facilities without prior written permission of the Distributor.
Parallel power generated to be both consumed and exported: The Member operates a DG Facility connected in any way to the Cooperative System designed primarily to serve the Member’s own load but with the intention to export excess power.
Parallel no power export: The Member operates a DG Facility connected in any way to the Cooperative System but with no intention to export power.
Parallel. Any and all utilities that parallel the Facilities shall not be located closer than 10 feet of the Facilities without prior, written permission of the Distributor.
Parallel. Students work part-time (20 hrs./wk.) while attending school full-time for 3 consecutive semesters.
Parallel. 1 ≤ u ≤ M do // Assign to CPN/2+1, . . . , CPN
Parallel. Info=Listing2.Blisting2 Where Info is set as parallel and where Blisting2 is an arrayed block up to 2,000 rows. Since a normal listing operation ranges from 800 to 1500 permits, the amount of tabs would be hard to visualize and cumbersome to the FR. See the graphic below.
Parallel. RLC CircuitN2 < N1 is called a step- Consider the parallel RLC circuit illustrated in Figure 12.6.1. The AC voltage source isV (t) = V0 sin ωt . Figure 12.6.1 Parallel RLC circuit. Unlike the series RLC circuit, the instantaneous voltages across all three circuit elements R, L, and C are the same, and each voltage is in phase with the current through the resistor. However, the currents through each element will be different. In analyzing this circuit, we make use of the results discussed in Sections 12.2 – 12.4. The current in the resistor is
Parallel. Figure 4.4 A point source reflected in two parallel surfaces again provides two images P, P' This is similar to the wedge situation with 2-point sources. The fringes are non-localizedfringes of equal inclination.
Parallel. Addressing Video (PAV) ------------------------------- Parallel Addressing Video is a technology that enables the user to select and call up video on a remote computer over a network without prior knowledge of the remote computer configuration. The current design is for use with removable media such as CD-ROM or DVD discs. The technology allows a hyperlink to be placed within a web page that upon selection (a click of the mouse) sends a small file to the remote computer. The associated software uses information contained in this small file to identify the "address" on the disc. The "address" is broken down into a specific disc volume label and the specific name of the file contained on it. It can identify the volume label, and, if not present, will prompt the user to insert the disc into any available drive. From the point of insertion, the disc can then be located and the media file found. This technology can also play audio files.