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Overall. Double Drum Drawworks, with a 41,500-lb. main drum single line pull on a bare drum in 1st gear. Innovative drive design eliminates all live chains, reduces moving parts, and reduces weight. All Taylor drawworks meet or exceed API recommendation for design criteria and are engineered to meet a minimum 4:1 safety factor. All drawworks bearings, seals and chains are off-the-shelf items and may be purchased directly from the factory or from parts distributors worldwide.
Overall. The carrier is a heavy-duty 5-axle oilfield carrier with two front steering axles, two rear-driving axles, and one tag axle. All frame members coped and welded for superior strength and durability. The carrier is designed for maximum maneuverability, road clearance and turning radius. Location of axles specially engineered to correctly distribute weight in proportion to front and rear axles.
Overall. A telescoping mast with open face mast design, manufactured to API 4-F specifications. The open face design utilizes structural steel construction, which allows for maximum block clearance. Mast includes a ladder from rig floor to crown and a block cradle.
Overall. Newcastle graduates have an outstanding employment record with 93.7% of our 2013 UK/EU graduates progressing to employment or further study within six months of graduating. With an emphasis on developing employability skills, our excellent reputation with employers, and access to a multi-award winning Careers Service, our graduates are in a strong position in the world of work. Our students are offered a wide range of options to help them gain skills and experiences and we are always seeking to develop and expand the opportunities for them to undertake work experience.
Overall. The Conceptual Development Master Plan shall integrate pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic circulation systems within the Property and with the adjacent properties or rights of ways. All uses shall have access to a roadway or driveway, but are not required to front on a dedicated road. The City shall be granted access to all roadways to ensure that public safety is maintained.
Overall. How did this course compare with other courses you have had at the College?
Overall. I rate this faculty member.      
Overall. Supplier shall implement instructions from Customer to carry out the Assembly of the Infeed (PN600396-1) and the Outfeed (PN600397-1) sections of the CTX9000 including all necessary labor, facilities and infrastructure required to perform the Assembly.