Outlets Sample Clauses

Outlets. When the hours of work in an outlet are reduced the available hours of work shall be assigned amongst the full time employees in the outlet so that the normal hours of work of the full time employees with the most outlet seniority and who have the skill and ability to do the work involved will not be reduced until the hours of work of more junior employees have been reduced. A full time employee who would have his or her hours of work reduced whereby he or she would be regularly working not more than 24 hours per week in the job classification and outlet shall be entitled to bump a part time employee in the same job classification and outlet if the full time employee has the skill and ability to do the work of the part time employee in the outlet. Any part time employee bumped by the foregoing may bump a more junior part time employee in the job classification and outlet provided that he or she has the skill and ability to do the work involved.
Outlets. Duplex convenience wall outlets as shown on the floor plan attached hereto and made a part hereof.
Outlets. Existing electrical outlets to rennin at all partitions to remain. · Landlord will provide and install new duplex wall convenience outlets such that throughout the Demised Premises there is no less than one (1) outlet per 150 rentable square feet with one (1) circuit per six (6) outlets. No room to have less than one (1) receptacle.
Outlets a. If you intend to close an Outlet notified to us you agree to advise us in writing and provide no less than 60 daysnotice.
Outlets. In the office areas, duplex convenience outlets will be supplied at the rate of approximately one outlet for each 125 square feet.
Outlets. Landlord shall reuse existing outlets where possible. Landlord shall replace existing outlet covers with new white Decora. · Landlord shall install new duplex wall convenience outlets throughout the Premises at one (1) outlet per 150 rentable square feet with one (1) circuit per six (6) outlets. No room to have less than one (1) receptacle. · Landlord shall provide and install two (2) dedicated duplex outlets throughout the Premises. · All receptacles to be white decora.
Outlets. No subdivision shall be approved by the Planning Commission unless there is an adequate outlet for stormwater as determined by the City Engineer. Generally it will be necessary to pipe storm water to an adequate watercourse, stream or existing storm system which has the capacity to accommodate the flow, or to utilize acceptable on-site water retention methods adequate to minimize excessive off-site stormwater flows. Street rights-of-way shall generally be located and designed so that all storm sewers and other drainage facilities can be and are located within such street rights-of-way.
Outlets. BA-RI will make available to Cox, at the rates and charges in BA- RI=s applicable tariffs and at Cox=s request, 110 volt AC power provided through two quad outlets per 100 square feet of collocation space, located per Cox=s reasonable request. Each of the outlets in the quad shall be supported by a 20- ampere circuit breaker. Negative forty-eight (-48) volt DC power feed(s) at a current draw availability of up to 60 amperes will also be provided at a suitable point in the space. Different locations for the 110 V and -48 V power outlets may also be mutually agreed upon. In the alternative Cox will be allowed, within its collocation space, to place rectifier equipment to provide its own –48 volt power. Cox may not place batteries within the collocation space.
Outlets. The seniority of an employee with regards to out in this article shall be by outlet. The Operational layoff, recall from layoff or any other provision set Category Bargaining Unit shall be divided into the following operations called outlets: CANEX Retail CANEX Expressmart Base Food Services Vimy Officers Mess