Operator Services Message Attempted Calls Sample Clauses

Operator Services Message Attempted Calls. Credit/Cancel Records
Operator Services Message Attempted Calls. Credit/Cancel Records

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  • Routing for Operator Services and Directory Assistance Traffic For a Verizon Telecommunications Service dial tone line purchased by PNG for resale pursuant to the Resale Attachment, upon request by PNG, Verizon will establish an arrangement that will permit PNG to route the PNG Customer’s calls for operator and directory assistance services to a provider of operator and directory assistance services selected by PNG. Verizon will provide this routing arrangement in accordance with, but only to the extent required by, Applicable Law. Verizon will provide this routing arrangement pursuant to an appropriate written request submitted by PNG and a mutually agreed-upon schedule. This routing arrangement will be implemented at PNG's expense, with charges determined on an individual case basis. In addition to charges for initially establishing the routing arrangement, PNG will be responsible for ongoing monthly and/or usage charges for the routing arrangement. PNG shall arrange, at its own expense, the trunking and other facilities required to transport traffic to PNG’s selected provider of operator and directory assistance services.

  • Interconnection Customer Provided Services The services provided by Interconnection Customer under this LGIA are set forth in Article 9.6 and Article 13.5.1. Interconnection Customer shall be paid for such services in accordance with Article 11.6.

  • Operator Services 38.4.1. General Requirements

  • Interconnection Customer Compensation If the CAISO requests or directs the Interconnection Customer to provide a service pursuant to Articles 9.6.3 (Payment for Reactive Power) or 13.5.1 of this LGIA, the CAISO shall compensate the Interconnection Customer in accordance with the CAISO Tariff.

  • Scope of Interconnection Service 1.3.1 The NYISO will provide Energy Resource Interconnection Service to Interconnection Customer at the Point of Interconnection.

  • Branding for Operator Call Processing and Directory Assistance 8.4.1 BellSouth's branding feature provides a definable announcement to My-Tel end users using Directory Assistance (DA)/ Operator Call Processing (OCP) prior to placing such end users in queue or connecting them to an available operator or automated operator system. This feature allows My-Tel's name on whose behalf BellSouth is providing Directory Assistance and/or Operator Call Processing. Rates for the branding features are set forth in Exhibit E of this Attachment.

  • Processing Grievances The Association Representative involved and the grieving supervisor shall not leave work or disrupt departmental routine to discuss grievances without first requesting permission from his/her immediate superior, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Association Representative and the grieving supervisor shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time during working hours while on the Appointing Authority's premises when a grievance is investigated or presented in Steps 1 and 2.

  • Contractor Services It is understood that the City enters into this Agreement based on the special abilities of the Contractor and that this Agreement shall be considered an agreement for personal services. Accordingly, the Contractor shall neither assign any responsibilities nor delegate any duties arising under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the City.

  • Elevator Service If the Building is equipped with elevators, Landlord, during Normal Business Hours of Building, shall furnish elevator service to Tenant to be used in common with others. At least one elevator shall remain in service during all other hours. Landlord may designate a specific elevator for use as a service elevator.

  • Authorized User Overview and Mini-Bid Process Project Based IT Consulting Services Contracts enable Authorized Users to use a competitive Mini-bid Process to acquire Services on an as-needed basis, for qualified IT Projects. Project Based IT Consulting Services may include, but will not be limited to projects requiring: analysis, data classification, design, development, testing, quality assurance, security and associated training for Information Technology based applications. See section 1.3 Out of Scope Work for a listing of projects expressly excluded from the scope of this Contract. An Authorized User Agreement for Project Based IT Consulting Services will be governed first by the terms and conditions specified in the OGS Centralized Contract and second by terms and conditions added to the Authorized User Statement of Work. Additional terms and conditions shall not conflict with or modify the terms and conditions of the OGS Centralized Contract. NYS Executive Agencies must adhere to all internal processes and approvals including, as required, approval from NYS Office of Information Technology Services. Other Authorized Users must adhere to their own internal processes and approvals. In accordance with Appendix B, section 28, Modification of Contract Terms, an Authorized User may add additional required terms and conditions to this Mini-Bid and resultant Authorized User Agreement only if such terms and conditions (1) are more favorable to the Authorized User and (2) do not conflict with or supersede the OGS Centralized Contract terms and conditions. Examples of additional terms and conditions include: • Expedited delivery timeframe; • Additional incentives, such as discount for expedited payment/Procurement Card use; and • Any additional requirements imposed by the funding source or Federal law.