Occupant Sample Clauses

Occupant. Any person who occupies the Subject Property as his or her Primary Residence but who has no ownership interest in the Subject Property.
Occupant. The term “Occupant” shall mean and include any Owner and the family members, guests, tenants, agents, servants, employees and invitees of any Owner and their respective family members, guests, tenants, agents, servants, employees, invitees and any other person who occupies or uses any Lot within the Property. All actions or omission of any Occupant is and shall be deemed the action or omission of the Owner of such Lot.
Occupant. “Occupant” means Owners and any person or entity entitled by ownership, leasehold, or other legal relationship to the right to occupy any portion of the Property.
Occupant. Any prior owner of the Project, or any portion thereof, or any prior, present or intended tenant, subtenant or other person or entity having possession of the Project or any portion thereof.
Occupant. “Occupant” shall mean any Person from time to time legally entitled to the use or occupancy of any portion of a Lot (or the Improvements thereon) under any lease, sublease, easement, license, concession or other similar agreement.
Occupant. Name Home address City State Zip Code Home telephone Cell Email Driver’s License #/State of Issuance Name Address City/State/Zip Alternative Phone#
Occupant. 1.1 Occupant Name: Occupant Address: Referred to as the “Occupant” in this document.
Occupant. For homebuyer activities, one unit must be owner occupied. If there are tenant occupied units, enter 1 for tenant or 9 for vacant.
Occupant. “Occupant” shall mean and refer to any Person in possession of a Lot, regardless of whether said Person is an Owner.
Occupant. The term “Occupant” refers to any Person from time to time entitled to the use and occupancy of all or any portion of the Leasehold Property under any lease or similar arrangement, including without limitation, Mission and Nexus.