Occupant Sample Clauses

Occupant. Any person who occupies the Subject Property as his or her Primary Residence but who has no ownership interest in the Subject Property.
Occupant. The term “Occupant” shall mean and include any Owner, the family members, guests, tenants, agents, servants, employees, and invitees of any Owner and their respective family members, guests, tenants, agents, servants, employees, invitees, and any other person who occupies or uses any Dwelling within the Development. All actions or omissions of any Occupant is and shall be deemed the action or omission of the Owner of such Dwelling.
Occupant. “Occupant” means Owners and any person or entity entitled by ownership, leasehold, or other legal relationship to the right to occupy any portion of the Property.
Occupant. Tenant may use the Property as a private dwelling only. If Tenant fails to occupy and take possession of the Property within five (5) days of the Commencement Date, Tenant will be in default. The only persons Tenant may permit to reside in the Property during the term of this Lease will be (include names of all occupants):
Occupant. Any prior owner of the Project, or any portion thereof, or any prior, present or intended tenant, subtenant or other person or entity having possession of the Project or any portion thereof.
Occupant. The Bedroom will be occupied only by TENANT and (list all other occupants not signing this LEASE or another LEASE within the Bedroom): No one else may occupy the Bedroom. Persons not listed above must not stay in the Bedroom for more than two consecutive days without LANDLORD’S prior written consent, and no more than four days in any one calendar month. TENANT hereby agrees that LANDLORD may share TENANT’S name and contact information with the other tenants in the UNIT, if applicable. If TENANT allows another person to occupy any unleased bedroom in the UNIT, TENANT will be responsible for the RENT for that bedroom. TENANT will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the unleased bedroom to its original condition. LANDLORD has the right, when any bedroom within the UNIT is unleased, to place a new tenant in the unleased bedroom unless TENANT and all other tenants in the UNIT, if applicable, agree to pay LANDLORD, as part of TENANT’S RENT, the RENT and other charges that would be charged for such bedroom if leased.
Occupant. 1.1 Occupant Name: Occupant Address: Referred to as the “Occupant” in this document.